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  1. Not a live fish but this was my first try at making an eel shaped cake for my eldest son's 8th birthday today. I think it turned out alright and everything made from scratch
  2. 78 degree temp, no direct sunlight, 9 hours of light, sponge filter and hang on the back filter with charcoal insert, 7.4 ph, 0 ammonia, less than .25 ppm nitrite, 20-40 nitrate medium lvls for kh and gh. I do a 30% water change twice a month. There are 4 endlers, 4 female panda guppies, less than 20 2 week old fry, 1 emerald cory(the others unfortunately have passed months ago), 1 betta, 5 kuhli loaches, some pest snails, some ramshorn snails, and some cherry shrimp. The black beard algae is finally going away and the hair algae comes and goes, the diatomaceous algae gets left as food for the snails. The whiteish greenish film is quite new and slightly alarming cause it wasn't there a few days ago.
  3. What is this stuff just above the ramshorn snail? It's just to the left of the bettas tail. I'm guessing that it is some kind of algae but it wasn't their a couple of days ago
  4. Well I was able to save almost all of the shrimp and fish. They are a lot hardier than I thought they were. But they seem to be looking good and back to themselves after having the crap scared out them and poisoned by my 2nd youngest
  5. All of this minus the gas tank and hammer was in there
  6. So I was wondering why my 2 year old was being so quiet when he's only quiet while sleeping. I found him at my wife's desk where I keep my 10 gallon baby fry/blue velvet tank and he had dumped multiple pieces of notepad papers, separated and dumped multiple sharpies and pens, my wife's cordless mouse and pad. Some of the sharpies were glitter sharpies and let's just say i freaked out. The water is extremely glittery, sharpies and pens are starting to leach. I really hope that I can save the majority of shrimp and fry. I will update tomorrow when I have calmed down and found a home for any and all survivors.
  7. I have in my 29 peppered corydoras, neon and ember tetras, a lot of cherry shrimp( they have had multiple babies), I got 2 free mystery snails and they bred a lot and a pair of panda guppies and she has had 4 spawns so a lot of guppies as well. They all get along well except most of the baby fry dont make it now. I'm going to be able to sell about 30 panda guppies within two weeks to lighten up the bio load and make a little bit of money for fish food.
  8. 9 hours, a mix of white and green. The tank has been set up since January. I initially added my fish mid February and I added 4 more fish about 2 weeks ago.
  9. I have the same problem. I have a lot of plants with gravel as my substrate. It's not near a window and my lighting is set on a timer. I have reduced the amount of feeding. My ph is 7.4, nitrite is less than .25ppm, nitrate is 20 or less ppm, gh and kh are a tiny bit above mid level and I do about a 20%water change every week. I prime, add biological booster, stability and fertilizer with each change. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have 3 different species of fish that eat algae. Please help. It's a 55 gallon cool water aquarium with the average temperature around 72 degrees.
  10. Ya I'd probably get a 6" connection tube and I would use 100% silicone to seal it, let it cure for a week before adding the plants and water.
  11. Ethan, very true I would have to add at least 6 corydoras
  12. There will be plants, driftwood, sand and gravel, sponge filters.
  13. Would Bolivian rams get along with honey gouramis, angelfish, lyretail mollies, L128 blue phantom plecos and vampire shrimp? I'm thinking about combining 2 55 gallon tanks with a 4" pipe. I was just wondering if anyone thinks this is a good or bad idea. Don't be mean, blunt is ok but I'm just trying to gather ideas for my future big and hopefully last tank(s).
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