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  1. Yeah, very strange, I guess I just got a bad batch the first time. It’s all good now. I really appreciate the easy customer service and all the help. Thanks!
  2. More of a side by side comparison, new on the left.
  3. I got a new test kit in today. Tested out of tap. The old test kit(bottom) shows around 6.8 while the new one (top) shows around 7.6. Also the new one does register a little chlorine (it doesn’t seem to show one camera for some reason) while the old one shows none. The tests do look slightly different in person I guess I have bad lighting or something. Also I tested with the api test kit and the new one is much closer to what it says than the old one. Very happy with the test kit. @Corythought you would be interested.
  4. They are smaller than the rabbit snails I’ve seen.
  5. So I ordered some snails that were labeled as Malasian trumpet snails off eBay and these arrived. I have never seen malasian trumpet snails that look like this, they are bigger than the average mts and they are a lot thicker than mts of similar lengths. Any idea what exactly they are?
  6. Ok here is the test comparison against ro water. Api is reading 7-7.2ish and coop is 6.4-6.8. So I guess a chemical in my tap isn’t to blame and I just got a rare, faulty coop test kit. I’ll give them another shot and see if I can get one reshipped to me.
  7. Something like a thermometer that I could put in a brine shrimp Hatcher and it tell me exactly how many baby brine there are and what percentage of the eggs hatched.
  8. Neocardina shrimp should be fine at 8.0 in my opinion and the important thing with them is just stability, it doesn't really matter where their ph is as long as it is stable and they get calcium they should be happy. But if you want to lower ph I would suggest adding some type of leaf or wood or your liking.
  9. @Cory I did some more testing, this time with bottle water I wanted to see if the problem was something in my tap water. They are still opposites so that eliminates the possibility that my tap water was messing it up, unless the bottled water has the same chemical that is in my tap that would be messing up the test, which I think is unlikely. Next I’m going to buy ro water and see how they compare with that. Edit: I just noticed that the test strips are just registering the lowest on everything
  10. I can. I tried keeping it emerged for about a week but it didn’t really seem to effect it. It’s funny that you say you didn’t start getting staghorn algae until you started using easy green. I too just started using easy green, huh
  11. Thanks. The problem area is in my moss bridge, will this treatment hurt the moss?
  12. How long do you think that would take?
  13. Ok. What about in smaller tanks with shrimp?
  14. What are some ways you all kill staghorn algae?
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