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  1. Wish I had some tips for you…but I’m in the same boat. My Aqueon 125g also scratches so easily. I can’t seem to scratch my 75g (Marineland) if I try.
  2. Sounds awesome! Glad your LFS helped you out. Look forward to seeing your future setup!
  3. Wonder if the box was dropped, given the horizontal mount of the impeller into the motor assembly-that may of snapped the impeller shaft? Anyhow, that is the attitude to have and your scape on your 210g looks great! What are you stocking it with?
  4. Ah man, would definiately check the motor assembly/impeller. You have to drain the canister. 4 Phillip screws to remove the motor and twist and pull housing to remove impeller. I would watch a video on servicing the FX6 for a better description on removing and reinstalling the impeller.
  5. +1 on the line of sight blocks, I gave up on replacing Jungle Val and use large artificial plants to also help with that. I use a hospital tank or a large breeder box often (5 Mbuna tanks here) to separate fish as needed.
  6. While 55% crude protein is somewhat high for Mbuna, I have used some Cichlid flake for my Mbuna fry with nearly the same protein level. I have always fed fry a variety of flake foods and would suggest adding Xtreme Spirulina Flake (crushing it up for the fry). Also, my adults all love the Repashy Soilent Green and I feed that once a week as a treat.
  7. You are correct - those are the same canister filters sold as Aquatop, SunSun, and Polar Aurora. They are offered in a 265, 375, and 525 GPH units and with or without 9V UV bulbs. Inclusion of media is another option. It pays to read the reviews off Amazon, as the SunSuns have thousands of reviews. I have purchased 2 of the Polar Aurora (525 GPH with UV) and have been happy with them. They are relatively quiet, easy to maintain, and have cheap replacement parts (bought an impeller and UV bulbs). I would also suggest buying a food grade silicone oring grease to apply to the gaskets.
  8. Put fish in a new(used, free Craigslist tank)20 gal long tank. Thanks again to the wife for allowing it in our bedroom (tank #5). Going to be a fry holding tank for now...
  9. This combo (Mixed Malawi - Peacocks, Mbunas, and Haps) can be difficult to pull off. I think you got some bad advice regarding stocking. A 40 gallon tank is small for the Peacocks and Haps. Also, the smaller African Cichlids are difficult to sex (certain species) and can lead to increased aggression and/or fish loss. However, you could pull of a Mbuna colony or possibly mixed Mbuna tank (smaller, lesser aggressive species). Even with this approach be prepared to possibly move fish or occasional fish loss. I would suggest maybe switching to a mixed Mbuna setup as the Yellow Labs and your decor/caves are a great start. Could add some Rusty (Iodotropheus sprengerae) or Cobalt Blue Zebra (Maylandia callainos). I’ve learn a lot about aggression through my own trials/tribulations but also from YouTube African Cichlid keepers (Ben O’chart and Tazawa Tanks).
  10. Agree, above details needed👆🏼 After keeping Mbuna for a number of years, I’ve lost some fish. I have one (Chipokae) that cannot be in a tank with another fish...
  11. I made a DIY air lift vacuum with leftover/free supplies - canister tubing, airline tubing, zip tie, pantyhose. Simple to use with an air pump, works well with sand substrate.
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