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  1. Today must have been the day for water change disasters. Thankfully mine was a NEAR disaster. I have a 5, 40, and 75. I siphon/pump all water into a large, commercial grade trash can, then wheel it to my front door and tip it over. Today, for some reason, the wheeled base came loose as I was going over the first threshold. Water sloshed all over, but cleanup of my wood floors was minimal. Took forever to empty by hand until I could lift it onto the base again though. I couldn’t slide/drag it without scratching the floor.
  2. @sudofish mine too! Especially my African cichlids. You’d think I was chumming sharks! I have snails in all three tanks and use algae wafers. I have seen the snails in the betta tank devour them... it was actually quite interesting to watch. Beyond that, I think my fish eat them up before the snails even know they exist.
  3. @H.K.Luterman that is one unusual fish. Thanks for sharing I looked at some loaches, but I’ll be honest... they’re kind of cute when they’re small but the larger ones creeped me out a bit. I have similar issues with plecos 🤷🏻‍♀️ I decided on some Albino Corys. Their color on my black substrate, along with their size, is what sold me. thanks all for the suggestions!
  4. @HH Morant an interesting looking fish. I don’t know if I’d want to go quite that large though. Maybe for tank #4 😉
  5. @Nirvanaquatics I have black diamond sand substrate. Sorry I forgot to add that info. Thanks for the link... I’m a visual person, so the photos are great. @Patrick_G I’ll do a little research on loaches. Thanks!
  6. I have a planted, 40 gal (cube), with a variety of tetras. Lemon, Columbian blue, VonRio, & embers. I also have snails that are doing a great job keeping things clean, so I’m not worried about a “cleanup crew” per se. Just thinking about something to add some color/activity at the very bottom. Suggestions?
  7. This might be easier to answer via a poll? Not sure how to set that up though... Anyway... I’m a 44 year old woman who set up her first 40 gal in August 2020. Not necessarily due to Covid - my BIL gave me the tank a year prior (he upgraded and has 10-12? tanks, maybe more) and I finally moved to a house where I could set it up. Fast forward to now and I also have a betta tank and a 75 gal African cichlid tank. My other half let me get rid of the couch to make room for that one 😊 He’s tolerant, supportive, and likes to watch them - but the work (and expense) is all mine.
  8. @Cory I’ve always been impressed with how quickly my orders are shipped & delivered. What amazed me is placing an order after 8pm on a Saturday and it still was packaged/ready to ship on Sunday... all on a holiday weekend! I assumed some of you might actually take some time off? Guess I was wrong 😉 thanks for all you and your team do!
  9. Beautiful setup, both inside and out. Over the weekend, I ordered a pogostemon stellatus octopus to add to my first planted tank. I hope mine does half as well as yours!
  10. I’ve no experience with gouramis, nor do I have a female betta. But, I do have Columbian Blue tetras with my VonRios and ember tetras and enjoy the color contrast.
  11. Wow! I placed an order late last evening, not expecting it to be packaged/shipped until Tuesday due to the holiday weekend and it’s already ready to go today. Of course... USPS likely won’t do anything with it at this point, but WOW! Looking forward to my new plants & supplies 😊
  12. At first I thought the photo was “little smokies”... I must need breakfast. Lol The trays in my canister filter need to have an audible and physical “click” as I restack them in order for them to line up correctly. If mine are off, even a smidge, the lid won’t clamp down and seal.
  13. This topic is a little depressing. 😉 After looking at my credit card charges since starting tank #1 back in August 2020, I was already feeling mildy guilty about the $$$ I’ve put into them... more so now that I have 3. Thinking about the increase in the utility bill just makes me feel more guilty. LOL
  14. No, I haven’t, but I do have a Coop pre-filter sponge on the intake, too. I don’t know the ppi of the sponge inside the filter off the top of my head. For both, when they start looking gunked up, I just give them a good “shake & squeeze” in the bucket when I’m doing a water change.
  15. I have this filter setup as well. However, I filled the space to the left (in your photo) of the cartridge with sponge so the water flows thru the coarse sponge first, then the cartridge for polishing. Also, I no longer buy the disposable cartridges. When the ones I had were gross, I cut the media off of the plastic frame and now use that to hold whatever cut-to-fit floss, carbon infused media, or other filter media as needed. I use plain dental floss to “sew” it to the frame so it stays put.
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