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Found 14 results

  1. I know mulm and algae can look unsightly, but overall they make the biology of the aquarium better by harboring bacteria and helping with the overall 'metabolism' of the tank.
  2. Plants keep get mulm build up any ideas how to control it?
  3. This is my brand new 11.3g AIO cube, set up for a little over two days now. This is the first evidence I've seen of any sort of biofilm or bacteria and I'm curious if someone more knowledgeable than me could tell me more about what I'm looking at. There are a few snails in here for establishing purposes, and I've been feeding them small bits of repashy omnivore. I squeezed a cycled sponge in the tank and the plants were from an established system, so it should be at least seeded.
  4. I have this stuff, that i think might be algae, on many of my plants. The main issue is that it holds onto all the grey detritus, or is the collection of it in my tank. The water is super clear, but when i try to clean the stuff, all the much goes everywhere. When i get the muck off, the fuzzy things are almost clear. Is anyone familiar with this?
  5. I have a tank that has a ton of mulm build up on the top level of sand (i dont gravel vacuum as the tank has rooted plants and grasses that run everywhere). I usually dont mind the mulm (as it used to be hidden) but I just rescaped the tank and the mulm has gone everywhere. Is there a gravel vacuum or some product/idea that would let me cycle the mulm off the top layer of sand and water (as the filter does) and strain the mulm out of the water and return the water back to the tank as I vacuum the mulm out? Or since the substrate of sand is only an inch deep should I just add more sand over the mulm to hide it? I guess I could take a fine mesh/strainer and hold it over the tank as I use a siphon pump to cycle the water and catch the mulm in the strainer. But is there any product like this that may be easier to use/ not make a mess when I inevitably shoot water all over the place. I would rather not pump a ton of water out and then add new water in as I tend to have a mass shrimp die off whenever I do a traditional water change instead of just topping the evaporation off and re-mineralizing the water. The tank is heavily planted in most areas with root plants and now a massive bundle of low growing wisteria java fern being the center piece and duck weed at the top so nitrate isnt an issue >5 ppm and the tank reads 0 for ammonia and nitrite along with co2 being pumped into the tank. As for filtration I run two sponge filters (a coarse coop one and a finer one ,this one stays off during the day for co2 to run) along with a power head with a coarse sponge on it to cycle the water. The inhabitants of the tank do not kick the mulm up so it stays put on the substrate. Shrimp/snails/ two peapuffers/neon tetras and guppies.
  6. Any clue as to what the tannish-brown layer just beneath the surface is? When I gravel vac, a lot of tan-brown debris can be sucked up. The substrate was formed from only Eco-complete substrate about 3 months ago. I planted root tabs only at the beginning of the plant in November. I've been inconsistent with liquid fertilizers as when I was adding weekly it seemed to cause more algae growth All the stem plants I put in the tank seem to develop thinned out, translucent rotting bases that eventually become a white string. . . . Scarlet temple, Bacopa caroliniana, Ludwiggia natans. . . all with rotting bases. I am battling staghorn and hair algae as you can see in some of the photos, but it is SLOWLY improving with liquid carbon. But everytime I gravel vac, there's a significant amount of brown debris. Is that brown stuff a contributor to lack of stem plant flourishing? What is it? HELP?
  7. Hi. I have a sand substrate and a lot of rocks in my Tanganyikan 55 gallon tank. I'm looking for recommendations for a gravel vacuum or similar which has a thin enough end to reach into spaces between rocks. Thanks in advance.
  8. My water went from crystal clear to looking 'dusty', I think my filter needs cleaning! The big piece of driftwood in my tank has a film of mulm on it now. I know this is good for plants, so I'm thinking of just leaving it, but my plants aren't near my wood, so I'm torn. I also have an Apisto cave that my male used to guard, but ever since it's gotten covered in algae he doesn't go near it. Similarly, the female doesn't hide in there anymore. Water parameters are fine, but this slight change in behavior makes me curious. Should I bother cleaning it? It's a little unsightly but it ultimately isn't doing any harm, at least harm that I can see.
  9. I was cleaning my 10 gallon where I have a small hap growing out with 4 dwarf chain loaches to put size on him so being doing water changes every two days and feeding more but first time I actually cleaned the substrate in that tank it’s been running for 2 to 3 months so had some left over in the tank floating around just installed a tidal 35 will it pick it up or am I better off removing more water if the fish won’t be ok will all that floating in the tank ?
  10. Is there another way to remove fish waste from the aquarium without doing a water change because my fish are literal waste factorys even though i feed one day yes one day no
  11. Great article from the COOP today. What is Mulm or Detritus in Aquariums? WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM Is there a brown or black substance that seems to collect like dust bunnies all over the floor of your fish tank? This dirt-like material goes by many names – such as mulm, detritus, and debris – and it’s a naturally occurring... I personally love mulm. I keep a tub of it always and use it for setting up all new fry tanks.
  12. I have always assumed mulm was some sort of combination of living and dead bacteria. I was always happy to see it because I assumed the mulm is processing fish waste from something more toxic to something less toxic. But that is a least 2 assumptions so far. I haven't googled this yet so I am throwing the question out to the forum. What is mulm?
  13. @Cory @Dean’s Fishroom @Bentley Pascoe what’s ur opinion on this? what’s everyone’s opinion? I read a lot of people say it’s good for the tank and seen other say it’s bad want to start a good topic on it ? Why do y’all love it or hate it? Shrimp and certain species love it and thrive on it correct?
  14. I'm Chris, a long time fish keeper here in Virginia! I'm currently keeping a few thousand gallons of cichlids, puffers, and dozens and dozens of tetra, rasbora, barb, and livebearer species. I really enjoy the biotope approach, and I am also a self-confessed "Mulm-Master!" (Inside joke on the Coop!) Nothing beats the look of hundreds of tiny fish in a huge natural tank!......except of course one huge fish in a huge natural tank! Thanks for Corey and the team for doing everything right. The COOP is a wonderful example of the best in people!
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