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  1. I’m new to using forums and posted this last evening, but realized today it ended up as a reply to another topic... still learning more than just fish keeping 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have a “new” African cichlid tank... set up in August. I’m new to the hobby, but felt like I got thru the initial cycling, etc without getting too frustrated. I expected some fish loss as I learned, But... I’m thinking of throwing in the towel. Somewhere along the line I guess I ended up with a bully. After a large handful of obvious and/or suspected murders, I pulled the killer and replaced the lost fish. The “bully cycle” started again shortly after. More observation led me to believe I may have traded out the wrong fish. I put the new “problem fish” into a basket rigged into the aquarium for a couple of weeks as I decided how to proceed. Still lost 1, maybe 2, during that time but thought I’d see it the “time out” helped. I released that fish and the murders picked up again, so now he’s gone, too. Unfortunately, I’ve lost 2 more since then. One might have been a freak accident due to a falling rock and getting stuck between decor and the glass, but the other was completely out of the blue today. Water tests always come out good. No signs of health issues... the one that I found dead today seemed perfectly happy this morning. He’s my 3rd death in exactly 3 weeks... I was advised to keep 16-20 fish in my aquarium. I’m now down to 12, but I’m hesitant to buy more since, overall, I’ve lost more fish than I’d like to admit. Partially from the learning curve, partially from whatever is killing them. Any ideas? Or should I have thrown in the towel a long time ago? I’d like to keep it going, but not if I’m going to go broke replacing dead fish. It’s not like these are 50 cents a piece
  2. let me start by saying I am fairly new to the hobby. a little over a year ago I got a 10 gal. with a betta and a couple snails. a few months later I bought a 30 gal. bow tank with some glow fish, a Betta, 6 Neon Tetras, and a few snails. I have been doing really well with those 2 tanks so now I am ready to graduate again. As the title says, I have decided I want to do a Cichlid Community tank. as of now , I already bought a 75gal Aqueon tank. Also, I bought a Fluval FX4 for my filter. I had just ordered 60 pounds of CaribSea Aquatics eco-Complete African Cichlids black sand. I am still looking for a heater. I was considering a fluval 300w e series. all ariticals I have read on them seem great but I am having trouble finding one. it seems a lot of places don't carry the E series. now,I'm wondering why? Are they not as good as they first appeared? OK... so my first main question is... should I buy a rain bar? I do plan on using all live plants. My next question I would like to have Cory McElroy answer if h happens to see this.... as I said I want Africans. The thig is I want to do it in a community tank. Im thinking a Plecco to help with Maitainence. I would also like to have atleast 2 red tail sharks, a couple rainbow fish or a small school of Tiger barbs (maybe 6 or 7). then the Cichlids I was thinking about were the electric yellow and electric blue. how many of each color cichlid should I get in a set up as I described.
  3. Looking to start up my first Cichlid Tank soon. Its a 90 Gallon with Sump. Planning to set it up with a lot of rock work and a gravel island in the center heavily planted with Jungle Val for a line of sight block. The rest of the substrate will be a combination of pool filter and black diamond sand mixed. Not sure what would be best for color, personality, and limited aggression. I was thinking small M/F groups of yellow labs, pseudotropheus acei, and pseudotropheus saulosi. I was going to get them all as juveniles from local breeders to help with aggression but not sure what numbers I should focus on and if this group will work or if I should look at other fish groupings. Just looking for advice from Cichlid people out here for a novice with no cichlid experience other than angelfish and multis.
  4. I am wanting to set up a 10 x 12 shed to breed peacock cichlids. I've seen a ton of people who do 10 fish colonies in 29 gallons and was planning on doing 20 fish colonies in 40 breeders. Or 30 fish colonies in 75 gallons. 1 male to 9 females. What I'm having trouble deciding is what I will need for grow outs. I plan on doing a flow through system so water quality will remain pristine. I will put flow through enough water daily to keep ppm below 20 in all tanks. Would 20 gallon to the 2-3 inch range then separate all males and move them to 40 gallons to sell and grow to maturity be reasonable if im flowing as much water as needed to keep nitrates low. Also how many fry per 20 and how many juvenile per 40? I'm trying to figure out how my racks will be set up and what my lay out will be. And how many colonies I can set up and have enough room for grow outs. Thank you for any advice even if you have experience and wish to give advice on topics I didn't bring up. Ive had a ton of fun with my current small breeding setup and would like to try to break even and support my hobby by going a little bigger.
  5. So pretty excited with all of this we have about 40 eggs in our ziss tumbler from two different momma ones red top hongi x ob mbuna and the other eggs are from a ob x ob. the alibino dragon blood is holding and the fry will be hybrid dads a red shoulder we also have a ruby red and her fry will be hybrid also with the same red shoulder and finally the cobalt blue mbunas fry will also be a hybrid with a ice blue mbuna. I love hybrids lol. ( I don’t plan on selling the fry but the whole breeding process is fun as heck. But since I’m limited on tank space I will try and give most the fry away for free to my local fish store with full disclaimer that they are hybrids)
  6. Losing my long health aftican chiclids! Ordered med trio . Do I need Paraguard also ?
  7. Hi guys- I'm hoping somebody can help me out, my tank boss is has recently developed a small bump on the top of his head, right before the dorsal fin. It's pretty much the same color of the fish itself, though a bit white in some areas. It almost looks like a bump from when you hit your head. This is a 6"+ Red Shoulder (possibly hybrid) Peacock cichlid. I'm wondering if it's normal or something to be concerned about. Aggression? Bacterial infection? Fungus? Any thoughts??? Thanks in advance. Oh, initially thought it could be HITH but its 100% a mound, or protrusion and not an indentation to further suggest this.
  8. Hi guys- I'm relatively new to this forum and am just now finding the time to introduce myself. My family and I have recently moved away from keeping primarily African Cichlids to planted community tanks, in large part because of the community that Aquarium Co-Op has helped foster. With that being said, I am excited to learn from all of you, and hopefully be able to reciprocate in one way or another! Currently, we are keeping and breeding African Cichlids from Lake Malawai. One tank is of Peacocks and Haps and the other is of Mbuna. Additionally, we are keeping low tech planted tanks with community fish such as Rainbowfish, German Blue Rams, Angelfish, Peacock Gudgeons, Platies, Mollies, Guppies and Tetras, just to name a few. More recently, we set up three smaller breeding tanks, which we are just starting to plant up as well. I really enjoy taking pictures of our fish and plants, and I've attached a few of my favorites below!
  9. its 50 gallons with 13 fish, with an aquaclear 110. I find myself constantly putting an airstone in the aquarium because I can tell the fish are suffocating. I usually leave the airstone in there overnight and by morning they are fine. 2 days later they are stressed as heck, won't eat and gasping and yawning like they have no air. anyone know what up? thanks. ammonia nitrite:0 Nitrate 20 temp: 80 PH: 7.6
  10. Hello so I'm fairly new to the aquarium Hobby. Iv only bin in it sens January of this year mostly just have dun guppys shrimp panda Cory's I managed get them all to breed. Now I'm onto the African cichlids that I aim to breed for fun. there is 4 yellow labs all about 2" (2 have egg spots 2 don't ) I pretty sure they will need to grow out a bit before breeding size. 6 Demansoni all about 2" (pretty sure 3 males and 3 females ) there all in a 90 gallon with lots of fake plants lots and lots of rocks and caves. I feed boiled broccoli and spinach aswel as live baby brine and bug bits cichlid formula. The alfa the Demansoni owns the tank and is about 70% of the time is chasing the other the less dominant Demansoni now have cuts on their fins which looks like it's starting to get infected. The yellow labs usually are swimming all together with not much aggression. Kevin the comet goldfish got beat up the first day but is okay now (Ammonia 0 PPM nitrite zero PPM nitrate 5 PPM ph is at 8.4 ) added 220ml of salt and 20ml of pimafix. Starting the next day I changed 10% of the water everyday with salted water and 10ml of pimafix everyday to deal with the infections .it's bin about 10 days sens adding all the cichlids. I have a 30 gallon with nothing in it should I move some fish, wait it out ,get more fish, get rid of some fish or some of both.would changing the scape helpAny opinions or helped would be awesome thank you so much
  11. hi everybody. i consider myself a medium experienced fishkeepr and a novice to cichlids. I have a 55 gallon tank that was dormant for years. I'm cycling it and found Cory's videos. Now I'm gonna give the forum here a try b/c i want to talk fish all day every day .... Planning to go african cichlid. wife and kids want active, colorful. I've heard 3 colony 6-9 each. Can i get away with 4 colonies of 6 fish each? What say you about male/female ratio? I hear everyone say 2 male/4 female per species. Does that mean that everyone conceded that 4 of thei 6 fish won't have much color? Or is that more a peacock concern? is it worth going all male to try to get brightest most active fish? any suggestions for species mixes behind the well tried: yellow labs, red zebra, purple acei thanks all!
  12. 🤨Hi. What filter can I use the suggested Seachem 50gph or less water flow. I’m having trouble controlling nitrates ina 20 gallon housing 5 small African Ciclids. I’ve purchased denitrate from Seachem, but the aqua clears I filter the tank with have much higher gph. I’ve tried all the standard remedies and am setting up a bigger tank for them, but that’s a slow happening.
  13. I was really excited to get some of the easy planters and keep working on converting a few of my African cichlid tanks to planted tanks. Top tank is Pseudotropheus Malawis and the bottom is Neolamprologus Tanganykians. Added some easy planters and Valisineria for the mbuna. So far, Anubias, Hornwort, Java Fern and the Val do well in the hard water. The easy planters blend in well with my rockwork, and are very natural looking. My wife likes the middle one the most because it looks so real (it is real btw). Added some more Anubias for Brichardi. Have Pogo Octopus, Anubias, Amazon Swords and Crypts doing well. The Dwarf Hairgrass is not doing well and is my 3rd attempt, so I don't think it likes my water. I am enjoying adding in more plants and natural elements to the tanks, but I will still keep some with easy/artificial scapes like this one, as some cichlids redecorate the tanks so much it kills the plants. And I kinda like trying to do a few theme tanks. ^Pirate's Cove^
  14. I breed some peacock African cichlids and obviously there is less demand for the females. What do y’all do or recommend doing with the females?
  15. This forum is a great idea and I hope to make a lot of new fellow-fish-lover friends here. Some of you already know me from several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YT. Currently I'm addicted to African Cichlids. That might change after a relocation at the end of this year. I believe I share Cory's passion for creating a place where fish keepers at all levels can exchange ideas and learn from each other, without the anxiety of possibly being made to feel stupid. Having places like this will ensure that our beloved hobby continues to attract new people who then can learn and grow. Thanks for letting me in. Here are a few pictures. Take care and be well.
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