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Found 22 results

  1. My runt of the litter has a black Mohawk, think he'll be an ob or just going to have a black back on him??
  2. does anyone on here keep mbuna? i'm having some problems that i need some help with
  3. Just wanted to share how the little guys are coming along. Yellow lab mom and orange zebra dad
  4. Got back from working in west Texas and momma spit the babies ! Looks like at least 10 of em. Doing a water change. Scrubbing this tank. And have brine shrimp brewing. Let's see how this first batch goes
  5. Got back from working in west Texas and momma spit the babies ! Looks like at least 10 of em. Doing a water change. Scrubbing this tank. And have brine shrimp brewing. Let's see how this first batch goes
  6. I've got a yellow lab that's been holding since about the 5th . She's been relocated to a 20 gallon . Still haven't seen her release any fry yet. Anybody have experience with how long she'll take to let them go?? I've read 21-36 days but I'm getting anxious!
  7. I am thinking about setting up a Saulosi Mbuna tank, and am curious what aquarium plants are safe for them to eat. I have duckweed, Amazon frogbit, red root floaters, water wisteria, and Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus. Are these plants safe for Mbuna cichlids to eat? Are there any aquarium plants unsafe for Mbuna cichlids to eat?
  8. If anybody can lend some advice here it would be greatly appreciated. I have a 75 gallon tank with a few different types of mbuna. Moved to a new temporary house while mine is being built and the house has water softened by softening salt.( this can’t be avoided without adding a bypass before the softener). For the most part things have been fine. In other tanks my plans are growing and I have a school of 20 cardinals with some guppies in a 30 gallon as well as another 30 with babies from A few of the mbuna. I started to notice these black spots on many of the their faces head and belly areas. The water out of the tap is almost 0 gh but has 250 kh. I add 1 teaspoon of Epson salts for every five gallons of water and that brings me up to just over 100 gh. The tank has full gravel of crushed coral ph 8.6 gh 100 Kh 250 no Amonia no nitrite 10-15 nitrate temp is 80 I sent a pic of the whole tank since I don’t know species by name. I also get this dark algae all of my rocks and gravel if anybody knows what type of algae it is it would be helpful. I also included a close up of it.
  9. So I have a yellow lab that's holding and wanted to get her own tank setup so maybe I can get a few fry out of the deal.. found a 20 gallon for 30 bucks , stand without the top for 20. Used substrate, 50% water from original tank, sword In moss ball, vallisneria, small crypt, two struggling anubias and coco hut from the old tank. Dosed some ammonia fix, a little easy green and iron. Fluval nano 7000k light ( had to build a custom stand for it ,being made for a rimless tank it didn't fit on mine ) . An old hob filter ( being replaced or used along with a new ACO medium sponge filter ) Drilled 1/4 " holes in fake decor to give the fry some spots to hide. Now... let's see if I can get momma transfered in a few days and get some babies
  10. Im considering starting a Mbuna tank, Ive been reading up and see that it is recommended to keep them in the high 70's temp range. I live in Minnesota but keep my house about 70 degrees year around. Are the high 70's absolutely mandatory?
  11. My pseudotropheus saulosi has been holding for 18 days in a 10 gallon by herself. My lights on all my aquariums come on at 4pm and go off at 12am. My question is should i feed the fry at 4pm and 11pm like i do all the rest of my fish? Or do i need to feed them in the morning, noon, then night. Basically is it okay to fast them for 16 hours or do i need to feed them in the actual morning time. Also is it okay to feed mbuna fry baby brine shrimp for the first 2 to 3 weeks. I ask because baby brine shrimp is high in protein and i dont want to bloat them. Thanks for any help.
  12. Currently cycling a tank for Mbunas and was wanting to get opinions on what (if any) cleaner fish you've had success with mbunas. Water parameters Ph 8.2-8.4 Hardness 300
  13. Hi all, I’m wondering is this Mbuna suffering from fin rot, or is the result of aggression? I don’t witness too much aggression, and there are 2 other fish in the tank (out of about 20) with similar symptoms. Water conditions 40ppm nitrates 0 ammonia or nitrites. Ph is 7, temperature is 27 Celsius. About. 55 gallon tank. The debris is bubbles from the filter drawing in air 🙂 I’m in Ireland so meds are limited. Thanks all for any help 🙂
  14. We clear out duckweed each week from tanks. It’s great stuff... just covers so tightly, bio film builds up. We have fed it to goldfish in times past. Had an idea to try it out on African Cichlids (mbunas). Anyone on the forum ever tried this? Short video...
  15. I'm starting a 75 gallon mbuna tank. My ph is 8.0-8.2, gh 14-15, kh 8-9. Would adding crushed coral be a good or bad thing for the african cichlids? Or am i better off just leaving it alone? Thanks for any feedback.
  16. I started my first Mbuna tank. I've read the info about watching the amount of protein you feed them to avoid bloat. How do I pick a food? For example, when I look at the Xtreme site, it looks like the breakdown of protein, fat, etc is pretty much the same for all of the flake foods. The Krill Flake seems to have less protein than the Spirulina Flake? So, somebody smarter than me, help me out. What do I need to look for? Thanks everybody.
  17. My LFS is still selling 75 gallon tanks for $100, time to start planning my next system, a Mbuna tank. My primary focus when aquascaping a Mbuna tank will be to create as many 'caves' as possible. This is a highly territorial rock dwelling fish that wants a place to call home. In my previous tank, the Mbuna were quite happy on doing the work of digging out the gravel/sand to make a home, nothing else to do in a tank. So I want to create an environment where the Mbunas have many areas they can dig out the sand/gravel and create a home. How do this is quite simple, first I will place a piece of PVC pipe with a section cut off: Then place a large rock on top as shown below: Now the Mbunas can literal dig out under the rock creating a nice little home they can call their own. This design may require some walls to prevent the gravel/sand from pouring in, you can do this by using the pipe sections cut off: another option is some screen material: Here are a couple quick prototype (I used an old drawer), the first shows the rocks sloping upward. Filled with some crush coral (most likely I will use sand). Here is one with no sloop: And finally, filled with crush coral: Now this is still a work in progress but to build a wall, add pipes of increasing height: Now add some rocks: Gorilla (polyurethane) glue From the PlantedTank forum, I found this quote from a company rep: This makes sense, polyurethane glues will cure by a chemical reaction, once complete the atoms are bonded together. My first interest in Gorilla glue for this project, cover your rocks with a substrate material such as sand to give your aquascape a consistent look. My original source for rocks was landscaping rocks at my former employer. Unfortunately they removed all the rocks. I will not pay $2/lb for rocks at my local fish store, that just too expensive. One rock source near me is a drainage culvert near my house. These are standard boring construction rocks with a dull gray color. To create a rock, put on some disposable glove, spray some water on the rock and cover it with the Gorilla glue. Toss the rock into a bucket of substrate and fully cover it, wait a few hours before removing. Gorilla will foam up while curing; the thicker application will foam up more. It will also remove any sharp jagged edges on the rocks. Below are some examples: The one on the left is a drainage culvert rock, the middle one is covered with pool filter sand, the one on the right used pool sand and a PetCo fine black gravel. With this method, you can make all your rocks look similar. A closeup of the middle rock: The darker area were created by not apply the any Gorilla glue, it's the gray from the rock. Lots of potential using this idea, more work to be done. Finally, the piece of pipe support the rocks covered with pool filter sand: Hopefully the pipes will blend it when the Mbuna dig up the sand. Well that's it for now, all opinions are welcomed.
  18. @Cory I have a standard 75gal tank with a fx4 for filtration. i want 10 demasoni,10 Yellow labs, and 10 Purple ACI, with 2 clown loachs. in what order should i add the fish? loach, yellow, purple, demasoni? also is the fx4 enough filtration? im considering adding another just for a inline heater anyway.
  19. So we woke up this to a good 50 Dalmatian Molly fry so that was nice.and also notice our ob mbuna and red top hongi holding also.going to move one mbuna to a 10 gallon probably this weekend so she can just chill and be stress free.but depending on the hongi we might strip her and tumble her eggs,because we’ve noticed she has sunken belly. Does any one have any advice on how we should go about making sure she’s okay and that her eggs hatch successfully?
  20. He still has stringy poo what else could it be I just dosed it with ich x and maracyn what else could it be ? Debating if adding some aquarium salt
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