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  1. Thanks! I’m going to grow them out and feed them to my fish. I’m still hoping I get that far considering I have to keep them alive for the next 2-3 weeks. And I know that “smell” that Cory mentions if you don’t keep the water clean! My next task will be to work on a water change tomorrow. I plan on using a flashlight to get them all in one area, then siphoning out some water and replacing with ready to go salt water.
  2. So I used both the brine shrimp net and the paper towel and they both worked nicely. Thanks for posting the videos and guidance, a couple weeks and they’ll be ready!
  3. 1st time working with brine shrimp. Got a great hatch with the Ziss hatchery. A little confused on what to do next. They are so tiny, can I strain them with a brine shrimp net to go in my grow out tank? How do I get them in there with out taking all the nasty Ziss water with them?
  4. So this just happened to me this week. I’m moving my betta into a larger 10 gallon tank because his 5 gallon spring a leak. The 5-gallon has been cycled for over a year and I’ve had 0 nitrates and 0 ammonia that entire time. Luckily I could lower the water enough to stop the leak. So while my new tank is cycling I began moving plants from the leaking tank into the new tank. When I did this, I pulled out some vallisneria that was doing extremely well and had roots everywhere so when I pulled it up, a LOT of detritus stirred up with it. The next day the leaky tank had a major bacteria bloom. A day after that I noticed my betta was not behaving “normal” and tested the tank. Ammonia was present and it was >0.25. Im still dealing with the ammonia 3 days later, but my point is that I had the exact same problem you experienced when I stirred up my gravel. Somehow it affected my good bacteria. Didn’t know that could happen.
  5. I Put a sponge filter in a cycled, mature tank to get it started so that I can move it to a new tank and get the cycle in the new tank moving along quicker. About How long should I leave the filter in the cycled tank before I move it to the new tank?
  6. Nerm bird. May have to buy another subscription. Cleo ❤️ Aquarium Co-op and Is a huge Cory fan.
  7. I’ve been fighting it too. First, I upped my daily Excel dosage by 50% for one week. Then, for plants I couldn’t take out of the tank, I shut off the water movement, then I used a dropper to put Excel directly on the algae. For plants I could remove, I pulled off what I could without damaging the plant. Then soaked them in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for 5 minutes, rinsed it off and put them back in the tank. Here’s a photo of one of the plants I could take out. You can see the BBA turning reddish which I think means it’s dying.
  8. 3 clown loaches will look great in your 29 gallon community tank. Wait until I have to tell my husband, “Honey! We’re gonna need a bigger tank!” I’ve already named them and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 😳
  9. Could you pull out a smaller plant and somehow treat it safely with Excel out of the tank? For example a small Anubias attached to a stone. I’ve done this with hydrogen peroxide to kill off BBA and it worked for awhile.
  10. I like AquaClear. However, recently, a 6-month old AquaClear 50 starting having a problem. When I unplug it and change out media, the filter would not start. I had to spin the impeller around manually, then plug it in and 99% of the time it will begin working. Otherwise, I have to repeat the process.
  11. As a beginner, I’m going to contribute as much as I can with my limited experience. I appreciate reading all the questions and responses and I am learning. I hope to become a valuable contributor one day! I’m so appreciate of this forum and the values of C.A.R.E.
  12. I’ve completed two rounds of treatment for columnaris. Brutus is looking much better. And Currently during methylene blue baths daily. I don’t see any whitish Patches anymore but I see what I think is raw pinkish skin. My question is: do I just give time for these areas to heal (I have e-mycin in tank) watching for bacterial problems or could I still have a columnaris problem? How do I know when I can stop treatment? I’ve searched everywhere but can’t to seem to find any information on this. He eats, plays and displays no symptoms except for the visual signs.
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