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  1. I have tested it both With API and strips, I don’t know why my API test shows that high level of ammonia. Didn’t do any water change. Any suggestions on what to do?
  2. I have a question about the Aquarium Co-Op ammonia test strips that I am embarrassed to ask. I know it states in the directions that the test strip should be read immediately, but it seems the color will change after a few seconds of being out of the water. Should I consider the reading I have of .5 ppm right out of the water as correct, or the reading 5 seconds later of 1 ppm? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  3. Amonia(.5) and nitrate(almost 40) started to rise yesterday and did a 5 gallon water change today I finished the water change with 15 gallons added prime and added amonia and nitrate removers to the canister filter it's a saltwater carnivore tank I had more snails hermits and some macro algae coming tomorrow the levels were going back down nitrate is down to 20 amonia is .25 but not anywhere near what I want what else can I do
  4. I set up a new 29 ...scrubbed it with Dawn and thoroughly rinsed it. Filled it with tap water filtered through 2 carbon pre-filters. Put on an established penguin 330 hang on back with high quaulity bio media (no cartridges). Also put in a bubble up filter with sponge and micron pad. Been running 10 days with no fish, plants, or anything. Water, bubble up filter and the penguin intake are the only things in the tank. Now for the last 3 days I'm getting an ammonia test showing between 1 and 2 ppm. All my other tanks read less than .5 ppm. Why am I getting ammonia in that tank?
  5. Major ammonia issue. A week ago, Wednesday, a kid I was babysitting overnight tossed about 1/4 cup of baby brine shrimp (which may of been dead as I was planning on tossing them) into 2 of my tanks. I found out Thursday when it spiked presumably from die off. 1 tank has 7 juvenile Lemon BNs & 5 Ember tetras The 2nd tank has 2 juvenile L333 2.5", 5 young phantom tetra, 2 German rams and 3 rescued oto. Since then both tanks got a 50% wc initially and have been doing 20-30% almost daily plus Prime daily. I've also added Pristine or Fritz bacteria on wc . I'm not seeing much of a difference yet. Ammonia still around 2-4 in both tanks.. I've removed rocks vacuuming under them, tap rinsed my sponges & intake on the HOBs. Added a 2nd sponge into the Bn tank too. Sunday, I noticed ich spots on 2 bn and an ember. I've focused on the ich issue in that tank entirely and continued daily wc. Luckily the other tank is ich free and also has had daily 25% changes. Other levels nitrite 0, nitrate 5, Ph 6.6 I'm mentally exhausted on what else to do. (On the bright side ich is clearing up.)
  6. Hello! I posted a few days ago about my new betta tank, and everyone was very helpful, so thanks again! Today I have a question about ammonia levels (I am a super newbie). Is it possible to have a false ammonia reading? Here is the context behind the question: I have a 5 gallon filtered tank with one betta. I tested my water yesterday, and ended up with 0.25 ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite and 10-20 ppm nitrate. I did a 25% water change and vacuumed the waste out of the substrate. Today, about 24 hours after the water change, I tested again. Results were ammonia 0.25 ppm, nitrite 0 ppm and nitrate 10 ppm. Should I do another 25% water change? I thought the nitrates fed the plants, in simple terms, so if i do and the nitrates end up at 0, will that have a negative effect on my plants? I have dwarf hair grass, Monte Carlo, salvinia minima and an Amazon sword. The day before the last water change, my readings were 0 ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrite and 20 ppm nitrate. I am using the API master test kit, and I do know the nitrate test is extremely finicky so I also have some test strips, but I have not used them recently because I tend to set them down and then walk away and forget to read them 😅 Any input would be much appreciated, thanks!
  7. I think I have had this second and smaller tank running for four weeks now. I have many snails in this tank. I think I have only seen two empty shells. I have lots (and I mean lots) bladder snails (mostly babies but plenty of adults), I think one ramshorn, and three nerites. How is it possible to have absolutely no trace of ammonia in my water? There doesn't appear to be any nitrites either. There is plenty of algae to go around and I have sprinkled a little food in the tank here and there. I have plants in there too. What gives?
  8. DebD

    What now ?

    As some of you may know my tank was besieged with huge ammonia spike issues after a child dumped a lot of dead baby brine shrimp into my tank. This was followed by an outbreak of ich that hit 3/7 bristlenose and 2 ember tetras. I know y'all heard this before but at the time and because of availability I chose this treatment. https://plecoplanet.com/health/ick-parasite-treatment-for-plecos/ using salt and Ridich plus. Addressing the illness came first and I have been dosing Prime daily for the ammonia issue. Today is day 10 of treatment. I began 20% wc every other day 3 days ago while continuing Ridich plus. I had seen progress/elimination of spots on the embers and at least 1 or 2 of the plecos a few days ago. Today I found this, which makes me wonder if there is now secondary issues going on. Ammonia is still not under control. It appears my system may have crashed as well. KH/Gh ' 3-4 Ph 6.2 Ammo 4 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0-5 What next ? There is still medication & a concentration of salt in the tank although I've done 2 20% wc including and Ammonia still isn't budging. I had also lowered temp from 83 to 81 the last 24 hrs What now ? Change treatment and how w salt and meds in tank etc? Help please. Edit. Just found a 2nd one starting to decompose behind/under sponge filter. A 3rd longfin is looking weak. Quarantine tank is full atm waiting all this out the last 2 wks. But at this point....I'm at a loss.
  9. I was going to get started on doing my crystal red shrimp tank but I wanted to know if fluval stratum leaches out ammonia. Also, what is your experience with the substrate overall? Does it really change the ph and what are your tips for using it?
  10. I have a well established 35Gal tank that I've converted over to live plants. Fish and plants seem to be happy, but wanted to start tracking water parameters. Have 3 inches of inert pea sized river gravel, and have been using EG and root tabs. Water parameters with Tetra easy strips are reading: Nitrate Nitrite GH Total Chlorine KH PH 20 0.5 150 0 40 7.8 80 0 150 0 120 6.8 The top row of numbers is my tap water, 2nd row from tank. I've done two 25% water changes since 4 days ago and Nitrates still at 80ppm. Have stopped dosing with EG until the nitrates are consumed.. Any other water parameters above I should be concerned with? I'm nervous about the tap water having 20ppm on the nitrates and have thought about installing RO/DI. Thoughts?? I clean the HOB filter media sponges and water polishing cloth as to not build up organic waste. Dechlorinate with API Proper PH 7.0 on weekly 25% water changes
  11. Hey guys! So I’ve had my 20 gal long tank since Feb. 7 of this year and everything was cycling well with some semi-established media. Then on March 1 I found a decaying cockroach in one of my tank decorations. Since removing the roach and decoration I have done two massive water changes and subsequent ones as needed to lower the off the charts ammonia. However, even when I get it down to 0 ppm it climbs back up on its own. Before all of this I already had some Nitrites and Nitrates and then the cycle stalled. Two days ago my Nitrites finally converted into Nitrates but the ammonia is not budging. Thank you for any help. If you need more info from me let me know.
  12. I’m kinda new to the hobby. I was the person that went out and got fish and threw them in my tank. Luckily killing very few fishies! However, this time I’m educating myself, thank you Aquarium Coop YouTube videos, and I have questions. I got my test kit and these are my readings. 2ppm ammonia. 8.2 ph, 0 nitrites and nitrates. No fish, but I did add food to “ghost feed”. After doing further research, I learned that my a penguin 100 probably isn’t filtering my 29 gallon adequately. So I’ve ordered a prefilter, and a medium or large sponge filter from you. And a Java fern. I don’t want to burn up my Java in ammonia. But I’m concerned what to do. I don’t believe I have cycled completely yet. My tank has been set up about 2 weeks.
  13. Semi new here but I have two aquariums going. A 55 and a 10 both finished cycling mid December. 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and 30 nitrate. That is until about 2 weeks ago. No symptoms from fish whatsoever(guppies, hillstream loach, panda Cory's, ottos, danios) my ammonia readings have been so high it turns the vial blue. Ph is 8.0. Could my test kit have gone bad? My tap tests 0 ammonia so I don't feel like that's the case. Prime hasn't been introduced in a few days to control the test as much as possible. I tried 4ml of tap and 1 ml of tank water and it still turned blue. And this is from both tanks! Neither tank shows any symptoms no rotting plant material. Any tips or answer by chance? TIA
  14. Hi everyone! We thought our new tank was cycled. In any case, here we are! LOL... One fish was added on 3/8. The water was cloudy, so we changed 20% of the water on 3/14. (Adding our Aqueon water conditioner, API StressZyme+, and API Aquarium Salt) We definitely know now we were overfeeding our juvenile American Cichlid, which did not help!! 😛 Water hazy again, so tested parameters. Ammonia is at 1.0, with zero Nitrates and zero Nitrates. PH looks between 7.0 and 7.2 Naturally, we don't mind doing whatever it takes, but we would hate to mess up the process by prematurely doing another water change. Should we go ahead and do another water change since there is Ammonia at but no Nitrates or Nitrites?
  15. I set up my 20 gallon long one week ago. I put in seven plants, a sponge filter from my other tank, and have been putting Stability every day. Tested the water today and ammonia is at 4 and nitrite is at 1-2. Plants are super happy with new leaves and runners. It's obviously not ready for fish, but I found a bladder snail today in there and there is plenty for it to eat with biofilm and possible algae. Question 1: Should I do a water change at this point to get ammonia and nitrite down? Things are high because the gravel I used came from an old tank that had lots of algea. It had been sitting dry for 6 years but I couldn't get every little piece out before putting it in the tank. Question 2: I was going to get a nerite snail. I'm assuming they aren't as hardy as the bladder snails? Question 3: How long do I have before I have a crazy number of bladder snails? Debating taking it out now before things get out of hand, but I really want the help cleaning things up before I could get the nerite snail.
  16. Hey all 😊 I just set up my 29 gallon tank on the 9th (so 5 days ago) This is tank #8 lol I know all about the nitrogen cycle etc But..here is what I DONT get --- So my tap water pH is less than 6. I use crushed coral in my substrate and some on my hob(s) to keep my tanks pH at 7.4-7.8 (depending on the tank). THIS tank however, I used 3/4 cup of aragonite sand (which is mixed with an inert petco brand small grained gravel and 1cm river pebbles - I was out of the crushed coral and wanted to at least try this) It def worked lol (the 29 gallon pH is 7.8) BUT. HERE'S THE THING - Aside from some driftwood, small bits of moss, 2 amazon swords and 2 apongeton plants that I took from another tank - everything else in the tank is new. And I have YET to add an ammonia source.. But the ammonia is reading 0.50-1.0, and the nitrite is reading 0.25-0.50??? Did the aragonite cause this??? (Pic of the tank 😊)
  17. My tank isn't very old. I'm on my 3rd week of water testing, and did a partial water change last week. The last 2 tests I've seen something peculiar : ammonia is 0.25, nitrite is 0, and nitrate is about 5ppm. It read the same last week except nitrate seemed closer to 10ppm. My understanding of the Nitrogen cycle is that ammonia would be consumed and nitrites are formed. Nitrites are consumed and nitrates are formed. So I should normally see ammonia and nitrite at 0, and some value of nitrate (assuming no plants). If there's a small amount of ammonia, but no nitrite, is it that there wasn't enough bacteria to consume to ammonia, but plenty to consume to nitrite? I used API Quick Start before I added the fish. Not sure if that's telling of what's happening. Or maybe this is normal?
  18. Hello I have a question my brother who lives very far away from me has started a 30 gallon aquarium and has been trying to cycle his tank for two weeks. His ph is 6 his ammonia is 1.5 nitrite is .5 and nitrate it's 20 ppm. He was getting his water tested and was told that he could put fish in his tank because his ph is so low that it automatically nullifies the ammonia in his tank making it safe for fish. I explained to him that every thing I have ever read has stated no ammonia no nitrites and no nitrates above 20 ppm. Is thier really a difference in ph or is the fish seller trying to get over tia
  19. So since the TexasSnowmageddon, my city is dosing ammonia it seems. I'm regularly getting 1ppm from the tap. I've set up a 32gal can with aerators and some Fluval Ammonia Remover to see if that could possibly drop the ppm prior to water changes. Has any one else tried this method? Will the ammonia burn off just from aeration? I could always not deal with this and use Prime during the waterchange to nullify the ammonia as my 72g planted tank can eat off 1ppm NH3/4 in about 24hrs. Anyone got any ideas to prep water and remove ammonia?
  20. Hi All,I have 1-2ppm ammonia in my tap water and I use the python for my water changes so the water goes directly in my tank. As it's going in I add seachem prime right away, will the ammonia still harm the fish, or will prime lock up the ammonia before? I've never had any issues with ammonia spikes and the parameters are always good later in the day or the following day. I'm just wondering if that 1-2ppm of ammonia could stress the fish out before prime locks it up and it's processed by the filter. If anyone else has ammonia in their tap water, what do you do for your water changes? And if anyone has any suggestions that would be great, thank you!
  21. I am new to having fish and have learned a lot in past few weeks about what it takes to care for them. I have been watching a lot of the video's which are a big help, Thank you. My question is, I had already bought the fish the day I got the tank and had no clue about cycling a tank till after I got them in there. So I went to the store and got Seachem Prime to keep in the water to bind the ammonia until the tank becomes cycled. I have added a few plants and check the water everyday. I change the water every other day about 50%. I have a lot of decoration in the tank also for Beneficial Bacteria to grow on. I added the Beneficial Bacteria Balls in there to help speed up the process. So far I haven't noticed any in there from the test. Its been about 3 weeks. I noticed today that my fish have Ich starting. I ordered the Ich-x from Aquarium Co-Op to help get rid of Ich. I read that I cant put it in the tank with the Prime. My question is what should I do? If I quite using Prime and the ammonia spikes my fish will die. I have Mollies, Tetras, and Mystery Snails in the 20 gallon tank.
  22. Hi ~ I decided to purchase the API GH & KH kit to ensure that my readings are accurate. I am a bit concerned by the following difference between this test kit and the Tetra Easy strips readings (which I struggle with sometimes) KH (7 drops) = 7 degrees or 125.3 ppm GH (12 drops) 12 degrees or 214.8 PPM (YIKES) *** Should I be worried about this? if so what do I do? I have a wonder shell in the aquarium, should I remove it? My PH is between 7.3 -7.4 ppm My Ammonia suddenly went up from yesterday to 0.25-0.30 ppm so I am going to do a water change to deal with that.
  23. I've been thinking about this a lot and would love either anecdotal feedback or scientific evidence, the latter being preferred of course... Everyone is always talking about a cleanup crew, be it corydoras, plecos, snails, shrimp, etc. The idea being that when you feed your "main" fish, the leftovers that they don't get will be picked by the scavengers, leading to a cleaner tank. Of course some critters clean up better than others, and some also leave waste better than others, but in as general terms as possible are cleanup crews really worth it? Another way of asking this: Is the ammonia (and other byproducts) from fish poop/waste less than the ammonia from the food needed to feed those scavengers? Or, if you didn't have snails/shrimp (that you often have to feed extra to anyway, but I digress), would the tank really be dirtier than if you just fed a little less/had a little leftover food buildup? (By dirtier I mean needing more frequent water changes due to nitrate buildup etc.) I think this not a simple question with a simple answer and I know I didn't cover all the nuances here, but hopefully we can have a little discussion!
  24. So i got a new bigger tank (14g) and set it up and let it sit with some plants for about 4 days (not for any particular reason) before moving 3 guppies in. i figured plants, 14g, 3 guppies water's good. the next day I dipped a test strip in because "why not" and I saw 1ppm nitrate, very odd with new water, so i checked ammonia and had 0.5-1.0 ammonia too. The rate i'm feeding my fish (10-20mg/day) it would take weeks to get 1ppm ammonia from feeding with 0 cycle. So where's the ammonia coming from? here's the details: tap water: 0/0/0 nitrogens. pretty soft, I add a bit of equilibrium to get gh 5-6. I started the tank with new hardscape and petco gravel substrate but moved a java fern in from the old tank and a 6" "log" with anubias nana petitte from the old tank. I also took the 3 week old sponge filter from the old HOB and put it in the new HOB with about 2 golf balls worth of substrate in a nylon stocking. I also added a bottle of Tetra safe start after I noticed the ammonia. In addition to the plants above I added 2 plants from tissue culture bacopa and monte carlo. and one val from co-op. The val came in a bit banged up but it seems pretty delicate to handle. The new growth on the val looks great but the old leaves are starting to yellow and brown. For ferts I started with 6-ish root tabs under the rooting plants and a single squirt of easy green at the very beginning none since. After finding the ammonia i've been doing 20-30% water changes daily and I added one of those ammonia removing sponges that seems to have done nothing. I'm still up to 0.5-1ppm ammonia right now. Could it be the val thats releasing all that ammonia? should I just proactively tirm all the old growth? Are there any other sources I'm not thinking of?
  25. Hello my name is Tracy. I have a 10 Gallon tank with an ammonia spike. I am doing 50% water changes and feeding less. If I add plants will that help? And how do I get the bacteria to multiply? thanks for your help
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