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Found 7 results

  1. My tank has high nitrite levels and approximately 20 ppm nitrate. I have 0 ammonia so idk what to do. Should I continue doing water changes slightly every day to level out the nitrite level?
  2. Hello everyone, I am very new to fish keeping and I recently cycled my 20 gallon tank about a week ago. on December 24th I added a few live plants and the next day my tests are showing 0.50 ammonia and 0.25 nitrite. I am wondering if me stirring up all the gravel and substrate in my tank caused the bacteria to go out of wack as my tank is now cloudy. If anyone has any ideas on what the cause could be that would be great!!
  3. I have nitrite that is 3.0!!!! Hiw do I loer it without chemicals. I run 2 power filters andnlive plants with water changes 2 a week. Its an understocked goldfish tank and I cant lower the nitrite. Because of thus my fish have caught stress ich twice. I need some help now!
  4. My first attempt at making green water started about 19 days ago. I put in an old decaying catappa leaf and a few squirts of easy green. I've left the light on almost 24/7 and the water did start to turn green about 3 days ago. The whole purpose of culturing the green water was because I wanted it to feed to various fry. Something in my gut told me to test the water before I fed them. I used a test strip to test the water and the nitrites where very high. A solid dark pink, indicating 10ppm. It can't be safe to feed to my fish correct? Should I wait and let it balance out longer? How does one know when exactly green water is safe to feed to your young fry?
  5. Hi. Now that my tank is cycled a few times and readings have been stable for more than 2 months, I wanted to establish a routine with maintenance. I am trying the empirical method using API MASTER TEST KIT. I feed my fish alternate days. Its a 30G with 2 HG, 4 Cory, 3 Ottos with Hob filter and an airstone. I have 1 Compacta Amazon, 1 Frazeri Anubias, 1 Anubias Congensis, 1 water sprite, Around quarter surface full Frogbit. Roughly here is my findings so far. 1. I change water once a week on Saturday upto 30-40%. 2. Saturday- Day of water change- Ph-7.2 A- 0 Ni- 0 Na-5ppm 3. Add Aquarium Co-op Easy Green fert Tuesday- 2 pumps only 4. Wednesday - Ph-7.2 A-0.25-0.5 Ni- 0.25-0.5 Na- 5-10ppm. I cannot explain any other change in water apart from addition of fert. Is this normal? Do ferts cause high Am and Ni? Or did I just happen to catch my tank in middle of cycle? My fish are active and normal as far as i can tell.
  6. I have had my tank for 1 month. I was gifted a Betta prematurely from a friend right when I got this tank. I actually got this ten because she gifted it and I knew my 40 wasn't ready yet, only being three days into the cycle from new. I have 5 ghost shrimp, 2 mystery snails, 1 nerite, and my male betta. I have a Fluval 3.0 light. I have a moderately planted tank with Valisineria, Dwarf Saggitaria, Moneywort, Octopus, Anubias nana, one Red Melon Sword and one Amazon Sword. I was struggling big time with ammonia and did more water changes than I care to remember or can count. I recently bought a Tidal 35 filter to replace the cheap little filter that came with the ten. (tetra whisper). I have both filters in there right now, so that the bacteria can grow on the new one, and the old filter can still give bacteria, even though I hate the filter. (carbon sleeve thing). Here are my water parameters. PH 7.6 Ammonia 0 (This makes me want to dance!!) Nitrite 2.0 😞 Nitrate 5.0 I didn't test the KH,GH, or Phosphate because once I saw the Nitrites I knew I would have to do a water change or something anyway. In my Tidal 35 I have the sponge and media that came with it as well as a polishing sponge and some crushed coral for my snails, (I have very soft water, my 40 gallon says my hardness in it is now 5) What can I do to help the nitrites go down that I am not already doing? I've included a picture of my tank. Thank you everyone Tianna
  7. Hello, My name is Hunter in from Phoenix AZ. I have been in the hobby for almost a month now trying to cycle my fish tank so that I can get some beautiful African Cichlids. I have a 210 tank and my numbers are Ammonia is around a 1.0 Nitrites are 0 and Nitrates are rising. (I tested yesterday afternoon Nitrates were around 5.0ppm) 09/26/2020 I do have a friend in the Hobby that has a sponge filter I was about to barrow for “instant cycling” (if that is truly true) when I did my test for fun about 4 hours after I put the sponge in my levels were ammonia 1.0 Nitrites 1.0 and Nitrates 0 My friend didn’t believe those numbers so about 15 after that we tested nitrites again and they were 0 Do Nitrites truly disappear that quickly? Does this mean my tank had Cycled? If so how do I lower my ammonia levels? Thanks, Hunter
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