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  1. Background: This morning I discovered that my daughter's 10g plated tank was leaking, and not just a little bit. We removed all the fish, and then my husband proceeded to dump them into my 20g planted tank. I tested and changed water (30%) in the 20g tank yesterday. This morning, before transfer, water parameters were 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 20 Nitrates. In addition to the fish, I moved three of the plants from the 10g to the 20g. The plan is to get a new tank but the setup and cycling won't happen overnight. All of the filter media and hardscape are currently sitting in a bucket of tank water. Here are my concerns: My 20g planted has only been cycled for a few weeks. Even a mature tank that small would take a hit from adding so many new fish at once. I added a dose of Stability and a dose of Prime as a precaution. Is there anything else I can/should do to minimize the inevitable ammonia/nitrite spike? I am worried about the otos. Platies also like to peck at algae so now there are 5 otos and more competition for food. I add zucchini and green beans a couple times a week but the platies like the veggies too. The platies also eat all of the Repashy Soilent Green so the otos never get any. (platies are the golden retrievers of the fish world). Any advice for getting enough food for the otos without ending up with chubby platies? Fish transferred: 4 adult platy -Rocket, Diamond, Chicken, Sparkles 2 juvenile platy - Cheetah, Dart 2 fry - so small they are still clear 2 otocinclus - Schmendrick and Dr. Marsh Fish already in 20g tank: 1 adult platy - Baby Shark 6 juvenile platy - Spot, Glitter, Clementine, The Silver Surfer, Kirk, Spock, Red Shirt 3 otocinclus - Tony, Ray, and John Wick (the clean-up crew)
  2. I just finished cycling a little over a week ago (at least I thought I did) as I was able to dose my tank with 2ppms of ammonia and 24 hours later ammonia and nitrites were 0. Since then I’ve been dosing 2ppms of ammonia daily and ammonia and nitrites are always at 0 the next day. Suddenly today I test the water and both ammonia and nitrites are at 0.5 ppms? I can’t think of anything that could have caused that? I don’t see any snails in the tanks, I haven’t dosed any anti bacterial medications or anything like that all I’ve been doing is dosing 2ppms of ammonia daily. Is there anything I might be missing? I do weekly water changes every Friday, and during my last water change which was 5 days ago I trimmed and removed some dying plant leaves. Thats the only change I could possibly think of but every day since then the tank was able to process 2ppms of ammonia until now so I don’t think that affected it. Does this mean my tank isn’t cycled? Did beneficial bacteria just die off? Also I’m not sure if this is relevant but my ph was also 7.6 today, which I thought was strange because when I test ph before my weekly water change it’s usually 6.4 - 6.6, I was going to add crushed coral to raise my kh and hopefully my ph too but now my ph is 7.6 and I’m just confused. Any possible explanations or advice would be appreciated 🙂
  3. I have a planted tank I’ve been cycling for 14 days now and I’ve seen only one .25 nitrite spike after Dosing with stability then it was gone in the morning. My plants are growing great but I’m wondering if somethings happening and they’re eating all the ammonia as it’s made an bacteria can’t get it fast enough to cycle. I’ve cycled with Fritz zone 700, koi tank filter squeeze and left food and raw chicken in. Now doing a fish in with stability and prime. plants Lobelia Cardinalis x3 Narrow leaf Chain Sword x2 Spiralis x2 Java moss x2 Anacharis x2 Normal Amazon Sword Flame Amazon Sword Red Melon Sword Bronze Wendtii Green Wendtii Red Wendtii pothos leaf in a soap dish under the HOB Water Ammonia - 2 Nitrite - 0 Nitrates - 5 pH - 6.6 (steady) KH- 2 GH - 6-7 Fish Cardinal tetras - 18 Harlequin Rasbora - 6 Pygmy Corridors - 8 Khuli Loaches - 6 Hillstream Loach - 1 Betta male - 1 Snails
  4. Maybe someone can help me here. I have a black moor that was upside down this morning when I woke I tested the water there is nitrites in the water I did a 30% change. He lives with a dojo and hillstream loaches in a 40 breeder that has been set up since November last year. If it was caused by the nitrites what do I do? They all eat repashy,duckweed,bug bites, cichlid excel, brine shrimp and blood worms sometimes. I do weekly water changes on this tank every Thursday. I have no idea what caused this! The only filter that I clean weekly is the intake sponge the rest get cleaned when I see a change in flow which is about every 2 months or so and I never do more than one in a water change. How can I help my fat Albert.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a 29-gallon tank that is 5 weeks old. I have quite a few fish in it, which maybe was a mistake of being newer to fishkeeping. My initial nitrogen cycle is currently taking place, and my nitrite seems to be spiking (around 5.0ppm). Ammonia is fairly low (between 0-0.25ppm). Nitrates are around 5.0ppm. Should I do a water change or no? And if so, how much and how frequently? I would appreciate any advice as I don’t want to lose any more fish! Thanks! -Erik
  6. Our tank is having a nitrite spike right now so we are treating with prime and doing water changes. What I am confused by is that after we do a 50% water change, they SAY it should lower your nitrite levels by 50% but we see no change at all. Is there something I am missing here? Levels look exactly the same before and after
  7. Hi all, I’ve had my tank for a few months now, generally with no ammonia or nitrites anymore. just recently have had a large spike in my nitrites since the past couple days (~3-5 ppm with api kit), but zero ammonia. Is this pretty common to happen that the nitrite metabolizing bacteria can crash even though the ammonia metabolizing bacteria are fine? Any tips?
  8. Hello all, I got a new plant and root tabs yesterday. I put them in the tank but did not realize that the root tabs float. A couple followed my tweezers up to the ecocomplete surface , swelled to be visible and popped. I noted two for sure that popped. Yesterday I did a 20% water change and rinsed my filter sponge in nonchlorinated water because I had a bit of melted plants in it. I also planted a monte carlo yesterday too. Today my nitrites are at like 2.0 ppm!! I have not had nitrites for like 2.5 weeks. I just did a 38% water change and added some more bacteria. What could have happened?
  9. I’ve never understood what nitrates and nitrites are I’ve just known what is good or bad so what are they and(because it’s always nice to know what others think) what is a good level of both I know nitrites should be 0 but what is good for nitrates
  10. Hello folks, first time poster here. I'm a first time fish keeper with a 3.5 week old tank (wow, I thought it had been more like 5 weeks!). We started with 20 gallon and microbe lift special blend and some live plants from local big brand pet store and added 10 neon tetras, 3 Cory Doras and a snail 1 week in. (The associates at one local big brand pet store have thrown some shade at the other big brand for letting me take home more than 3 fish at once, oops.) We shortly lost 1 neon tetra to the filter I had installed incorrectly missing the pipe/guard thing. Added some mail order aquarium coop plants at about 2 weeks. Also installed an aquarium co-op sponge filter, I'm just leaving the other filter in for now, so tank has 2 filters. The original grass seems to be growing but the 2 original anubias didn't make it. The aquarium co-op plants seem to be doing okay, I think I'm seeing the little sprouts on the ferns but also some brown growth of some sort and no growth on the other Co-op plants. I had what I think was an ammonia spike (nitrites also high) about 1 week ago. Did 50% water change but still high. Per local pet store added salt and zirconia crystals and went from 2 or 3 times per day feeding to once per day. I also changed the filter bag thing and hanging filter sponge at this time. Ammonia has since dropped to ideal/safe levels but nitrite has been off the chart since Saturday. I got some Seachem Prime and added 3ml on Sunday. Levels have not gone down. Added 9ml more on Weds. Threw in the last 20ml of microbe lift today (it's usually added on the weekend) after some internet research, nitrite levels a few hours later still at or above highest readable level. Help please!
  11. What a tank is cycling will nitrite levels go up? tested my tank today and levels were at .50ppm nitrate is at 5.0ppm is the tank cycling and should I change water...
  12. I'm trying to get a new tank started. Have had water in it for 6 weeks, with plants. 1 Java Fern, 3 Amazon Swords, 2 Pogostem, and 2 anubus for same the time. The Ammonia spiked 3 weeks ago and have come down to zero. Was dosing 2 pumps of easy green and a total5 root tabs are in tank. Algee was going nuts and since tank was Sable and full of algee I put in 1 Otto and he's going to town. About 3 days after that nitrite has been above .5ppm and higher. I have changed 10 gallons a day of a 29 gallon tank 6 days strait, gravel vacuum, going to put a fluval lite in tomorrow when mail comes tomorow hopeing that kicks plant into high drive. Tested tap water and thats a nice blue so that would be 0 nitrites. Also put a dose of fritz 7 week ago. There's no food going in and 1 Otto should not spike nitrite. What am I doing wrong??
  13. Hi everyone! We thought our new tank was cycled. In any case, here we are! LOL... One fish was added on 3/8. The water was cloudy, so we changed 20% of the water on 3/14. (Adding our Aqueon water conditioner, API StressZyme+, and API Aquarium Salt) We definitely know now we were overfeeding our juvenile American Cichlid, which did not help!! 😛 Water hazy again, so tested parameters. Ammonia is at 1.0, with zero Nitrates and zero Nitrates. PH looks between 7.0 and 7.2 Naturally, we don't mind doing whatever it takes, but we would hate to mess up the process by prematurely doing another water change. Should we go ahead and do another water change since there is Ammonia at but no Nitrates or Nitrites?
  14. My tank isn't very old. I'm on my 3rd week of water testing, and did a partial water change last week. The last 2 tests I've seen something peculiar : ammonia is 0.25, nitrite is 0, and nitrate is about 5ppm. It read the same last week except nitrate seemed closer to 10ppm. My understanding of the Nitrogen cycle is that ammonia would be consumed and nitrites are formed. Nitrites are consumed and nitrates are formed. So I should normally see ammonia and nitrite at 0, and some value of nitrate (assuming no plants). If there's a small amount of ammonia, but no nitrite, is it that there wasn't enough bacteria to consume to ammonia, but plenty to consume to nitrite? I used API Quick Start before I added the fish. Not sure if that's telling of what's happening. Or maybe this is normal?
  15. Four days ago I added 5 chili rasboras and an amano shrimp to my 5 gallon planted tank which has an hob filter. My water parameters had been at ph 7.2 ammonia .25 (api test) nitrite 0 and nitrate 5 for a month before I added the fish. I am new to the hobby so I be overreacting (feel free to tell me if I am) but when I tested my water today I found that my nitrite had jumped to .25 and my nitrate had gone up to 10 ppm. I did a water change to get the nitrites down. Was this an overreaction and really just my tank leveling out with the new fish?
  16. I just added Ich-x and Maracyn to my tank to treat my fish. I did a 75% water change before adding it. After about 30 minutes I decided to check the water and the Nitrite levels are super high. Is the medicine causing it to look that way or is there really that much in there? It should be fine since I did 75% water change, right? What should I do?
  17. Hey everyone, I need some help. I'm trying to cycle my tank which I've had for a bit over a month.It's a planted 20Gal, with a gourami,two angels, 6 guppies, 3platties, 2 tetras and 1 rubber mouth pleco. so far my ammonia and nitrate parameters have been good ( 0 for ammonia, highest I've ever had on nitrates is 40) , but my nitrites are driving me crazy. they are consistently above 0.5, 1.0, and sometimes even 2.0. The only way to reduce them is to either add prime or do a water change, and even that is not a permanent solution. my nitrates do increase a bit between days which drives me to think some of the nitrites are becoming nitrates, but I don't understand why they won't drop closer to 0. I've been having this problem for about two weeks now. I did a 30%, then 25 % water change three days later, but my nitrites were still closer to 2.I did a 75% water change3 days aga which dropped my nitrites closer to 0.5, but they are climbing back again closer to 1. What would you guys recommend ? I've been adding stability , pristine and prime daily for 9 days but it doesn't seem to be working. Through all of this the fish are acting fine, I haven't noticed any behavior except for nibbling on the plants, mostly because I haven't fed them for 5 days now ( advice from my local fish store to help combat the nitrites) . PS: my tap water shows 0 nitrites.
  18. I just received my Easy Green this afternoon and immediately put the recommended dosing amount into my 3 gallon planted tank. It's been cycled for a few months but I still test for nitrites and nitrates every day using the Seachem test kit. The readings were normal yesterday (both 0) when I also did a large water change. Just now, about 4 hours after first putting in Easy Green, I tested nitrites and the test signaled on the high end of the test strip (if not beyond). I immediately did a 75% water change just in case and tested again. The nitrites were at zero. Curious, I googled if fertilizers might have caused this but nothing definitive came up. So I did my own test. I used 2 test wells to test the water again, but touched a q-tip dipped in Easy Green into one of the wells then added aquarium water to both wells; the control well only had aquarium water. As soon as I added the Nitrite Reagent, the Easy Green well went off the charts but the control well stayed at 0. Has anyone noticed this? What test can I use to monitor nitrites/nitrates while also using Easy Green? Or will using Easy Green always trigger the test due to the water soluble Nitrogen?
  19. My nitrites are finally at zero and so it my ammonia it looks like, my nitrates look a little low, not sure why they were at about 20ppm the other day. I have live plants in my tank. Does this mean I can move my angelfish!!?? so nervous 😅
  20. I have good test strip results in every other test but my nitrites are too high. The test strip readout says "Stressed". I have 50 neon tetras, 4 sel.(sp?) cory, 6 kuhlie loaches, 4 nerite snails and a clown loach in a planted tank. How do I get the nitrite down so I am not stressing my tank?
  21. Most of the time when I test my nitrites, the first one looks like the bottom tube and the second time looks like the top tube. These tests were done literally one right after the other. I fill a beaker with aquarium water, then use a 3ml plastic dropper to fill my API test tubes. Then I shake the indicator solution, dispense 5 drops, cap and invert the tube for 5-10 seconds. Then I do it a second time. I rinse the tubes, shake them out, and let them dry until the next day. Test kit is not expired; I bought it brand new in August and just opened it in December. Why is it like this? It does this almost every time I test. I sometimes test 3 times. The latter two tests show up light blue, no trace of purple. So what’s going on? The only other test that gives me problems is the API nitrate test; it consistently reads higher than my Salifert nitrate test. If it’s relevant, the pH is 6.0 lately. I’m not sure why...I don’t have any fish in it and I do 10-50% water changes every few days. Just plants and snails. I have ADA Tropica and it was dropping my pH to 6.2-6.4 but lately more like 6.0. I am not sure which test to believe. The tank has been running for almost 2 months. Ammonia always tests 0 (since just over 3 weeks ago I guess). I’m just wondering what could be causing this...never had it happen that I can remember Thanks for your help!
  22. My tank has high nitrite levels and approximately 20 ppm nitrate. I have 0 ammonia so idk what to do. Should I continue doing water changes slightly every day to level out the nitrite level?
  23. Hello everyone, I am very new to fish keeping and I recently cycled my 20 gallon tank about a week ago. on December 24th I added a few live plants and the next day my tests are showing 0.50 ammonia and 0.25 nitrite. I am wondering if me stirring up all the gravel and substrate in my tank caused the bacteria to go out of wack as my tank is now cloudy. If anyone has any ideas on what the cause could be that would be great!!
  24. I have nitrite that is 3.0!!!! Hiw do I loer it without chemicals. I run 2 power filters andnlive plants with water changes 2 a week. Its an understocked goldfish tank and I cant lower the nitrite. Because of thus my fish have caught stress ich twice. I need some help now!
  25. My first attempt at making green water started about 19 days ago. I put in an old decaying catappa leaf and a few squirts of easy green. I've left the light on almost 24/7 and the water did start to turn green about 3 days ago. The whole purpose of culturing the green water was because I wanted it to feed to various fry. Something in my gut told me to test the water before I fed them. I used a test strip to test the water and the nitrites where very high. A solid dark pink, indicating 10ppm. It can't be safe to feed to my fish correct? Should I wait and let it balance out longer? How does one know when exactly green water is safe to feed to your young fry?
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