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  1. Yes sir I also have MTS. 1 - 5 gallon holding a platinum beta 1 - 20 gal live planted with a dwarf blue gourami 1 - 55 gal fresh water with a mix of fish included a common pleco that is about 14 inches and I am starting up a 65 gallon saltwater ATM.
  2. These are all very good suggestions (More tetras, rainbows, rasboras, etc). If I may add, I would think out looking at some swordtails, they can add a variety to the tank and they do not get very big. I guess it all depends on if you want small fish to add or something of size. GL too many good choices out there to decide.
  3. Nice tank how long have you had that up and running? Did you start with dry or wet rock? I’m trying to start up a 65gal saltwater aquarium and thinking about leaning toward dry rock. Any suggestions would be great I believe Patrick was asking about stocking a saltwater aquarium.
  4. Those cherry shrimp stand out nicely in that tank!
  5. Hello from Southern Maryland. My name is Jesse I recently decided to get back into the hobby when a friend of mine was offloading his 55 gallon aquarium. So I setup that aquarium in my basement with the fish he had, since then I have made a new home for a pleco that was outgrowing a 20 gallon tank from someone I know. The pleco can be seen in the 55 gal aquarium in his jacuzzi. Now i have taken control over 2 other aquariums a 5 gal that my wife had, which houses a platinum beta. A 20 gallon aquarium that I have started that is a planted tank (I have a plant in the front of that tank that was a bulb that i cannot identify. Hopefully someone can identify for me.) The 20 gal has a few fish in it mainly a powder blue dwarf gourami. Looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone here. I have included a few tank pictures.
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