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  1. Hey guys over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a few of my tetras developing these black spots. It is only on a few and has not spread to any fish other than the 4 that originally had them. pH-7.2 Nitrates-20 Hardnes-75 Nitrite-0 Ammonia-0 KH/Buffer-80 Water Temperature 76-80
  2. Hey guys first I apologize for the low quality picture but I could not find a better one right now. I know this is a generic question but what center piece fish could I put in my 120 gallon. Right now it has 20-30 bronze cories that are reproducing, 9 different kinds of rainbows all around 4 inches +, a rhino pleco, and a pearl gurami that is gonna be moved to a 55 soon. I used to have an 16 year old kissing gourami that lived with everything from neon tetras to angelfish but he passed away a few months ago and I was thinking of maybe getting 2-3 more but I've heard that they can get mean. Any other ideas would be appreciated. I have also thought about blue acara but they may eat the cories or even 3-5 angel fish but idk how many I could add and I definitely don't have space if they start breeding and fighting for space.
  3. Yea I did think about it but my roommate did that with his aquarium over winter break and he came back with half of the aquarium water gone and his whole tank started recycling and killed most of his fish.
  4. I would be driving myself but i think like most people have mentioned a betta would be easiest.
  5. Hey guys so I am looking to stock my 10 gallon with fish that would be easy to take home with me (3 hr drive) when I go home for long breaks like summer or winter break. I have thought about shrimp but figured trying to catch them all when I need to go home would be a pain . I also thought of King Betta or normal betta but was wondering what other fish option there are.
  6. Thanks for the response can I also get a quick quote about why you like fish keeping? Also any interests or hobbies? (these are supposed to "prove" I talked to people rather than just made up people) If you also feel comfortable to give me a name as well, i understand if you dont want too.
  7. Hey guys I have an school project where I need to ask people six questions I came up with about aquarium filters and I figured Id ask them here. Thanks for you help if you do answer them. Do the looks of Hang on Back, Canister filters, or sponge filters bother you, if so why? What function would you want to add to Hang on back or Canister filters? How often and why do you clean your hang on Back or Canister filter? How do you clean your Canister or Hang on Back filter? (is their something specific that bothers you about this process) What types of filter media do you put in your Hang on Back or canister filter, why? In what ways do you modify your Hang on Back or Canister Filter?
  8. I am looking to add some more fish to my 55 gallon. Right now it has 20 neon tetras, a pearl gourami, a bristle nose pleco, and a bunch of cories. I am looking for something else to add, maybe another schooling fish but am open to anything.
  9. I am looking for an aquarium for my apartment that limits tanks to 20 gallons. I have been looking at the fluval flex because it has a wide base which allows more aqua scaping options. What are peoples reviews on this aquarium I keep reading they have thin glass which scares me a little.
  10. I have a 55 gallon and I am thinking of setting up a CO2 system and was wondering what are good setups for a newbie who knows very little about solenoids and all that.
  11. @TheDukeAnumber1 It is for my Engineering Design class. Id love to hear what you have to say I'm trying to get viewpoints from people with little experience to people with a ton of experience.
  12. Please delete if not allowed. Hey guys I have a college engineering class where I need to interview 5 people whether it be through this or a phone/zoom or other call and talk about their use with Hang-On-Back or Canister filters for a presentation. I'll post what I need below from you guys and if you can help thank you so much. Requirements: 1. I will have to use your name as well as some interests or hobbies of yours in order to prove I interviewed a real person. 2. I need a quote about why you enjoy aquariums 3. Answer 7 questions I'll post the questions here but please message me privately so I can better record my interviews. A. How many aquariums do you have and if only 1 will you get another? If you have more than one, why do you? B. What types of fish do you keep (fresh or salt) and why did you pick those specific kinds? C. What kind of filter do you use and why did you pick it? External I.E - Hang on Back , Canister Internal I.E - Sponge D. What do you consider and external aquarium filters biggest strength and weakness? E. When cleaning the external filters what is easy for you to do and what is frustrating? F. What factor/ functionality can be improved in the operation of the external filters? G. How long you have been in the hobby for? 4. I would prefer it to be a phone call because that is what are rubric says to do but I understand some people do not like calling strangers so I am perfectly fine with you private messaging me and answering the questions. 5. For some replies I may ask you more questions about that specific reply. Again if you can help thank you so much.
  13. Hey Guys I have a 55 gallon with some red flame swords, crypt wendtti reds and a few other red plants but I am never able to get they to stay red they always go back to more of a green. I am using a fluval 3.0 s my lighting as well as use Easy Iron and easy green and even with changing doses and stuff I can't get the red. Any advice would be appreciated?
  14. Hey guys what would you add to a 55 gallon aquarium with 8 neon dwarf rainbow fish and a albino pleco?
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