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  1. If you're breeding anything you can use it for fry. The shrimp idea is cool too.
  2. Hi my name is Amy, and I too, have a problem. Only 2 tanks currently but on the way to many more once we move in about a year. Your pond/tub looks so cool! I have been in GA and it would have been so nice to know about back when the pandemic started so it could have been my project. I assume they are low maintenance but is there anything you'd say is vital to having it outside?
  3. I added my Fire Red Cherry Shrimp this afternoon! Got them from my local fish store AND they were on SALE. I paid $50ish for 10 +1 free shrimp and a package of shrimp king complete. They were $3.99ea. They were $5.99ea last time I looked back in the beginning of October. Definitely working on that algae problem but I think the shrimp will be well fed for quite a while on it. I cut back lights to 6 hours a day and fertilizer once a week. Maybe less if it gets worse. I drip acclimated them after I added shrimp salts to get the TDS, pH, GH and KH as close to the water they came in. It worked out very well. They're all eating and looking happy. Creme Brulee and the guppy are back in their 20 gallon and the betta is being a bit reclusive but that's about normal for him anyway. I'll be keeping a close eye on them the next several days just to be sure they're adjusting back to their tank well.
  4. My pet peeve is when someone buys fish THEN does research on it. Or when they are too lazy to test their water or follow advice that they asked for. You know these people the "that's too much work" or "it's just a fish" type of people. It drives me crazy. I used to work at PetSmart and as much as I loved it I hated it in equal measure because of lazy or irresponsible people.
  5. I would bring it home. Worst case you move it a couple times but get the peace of mind knowing everything is good with the tank AND get to enjoy it while you're home.
  6. I was just looking at the tank and I realized that I already need an update picture! It has been 12 days since the original post. I have grown some algae in the past many days and I have cut back on fertilizer. I'm going to try one dose a week and I have ordered a timer for my lights. I also gave up on the cycling "experience" and switched sponges with my established tank 10 hours ago. It's now ammonia free like magic. I don't know how I ever lived without sponge filters. My friend is deciding on shrimp because I was only allowed to get the tank if I sold it before we move so she's picking shrimp colors so she has a say in what she has later on. I'm going to do a water change and scrub some of the algae off and do another test to see where the pH ends up since the substrate is keeping it around 6.0. She really wants neocaridina shrimp so I have all the stuff to make the water ideal for them. I'm still trying to convince her to switch to caridina shrimp because we would not have to do anything to the water except dechlorinate. Her tap water is about a ph of 6.6 so there wouldn't be too much trouble there and the water here is very soft.
  7. Oh man. I'm in GA. If I weren't moving in less than a year to the DC area I would be all over the sales right now. I'm having a hard enough time staying off facebook marketplace lol I even had to fight my husband to fight to set up a 10 gallon that I agreed to sell before we move before I even got it. Next year my goal is to be like you. Driving off with 3 brand new tanks to play with. Preferably a 75, and a few 20 longs and a maybe a 40 breeder. It's a shame I only have a 20 hex and a 10 right now. Obviously my new house goal is to have a fish room. Lol
  8. I'm working on my planted shrimp tank right now. I still don't have shrimp because it's still cycling but it's a lot of fun so far. My goals also include a fish and plant room. Basically I want a jungle with fish tanks. We are moving soon so hopefully we will be able to afford my dream room lol If your betta allows you could definitely add a few african dwarf frogs to your tank. My betta gets along with my frogs very well. Then you can call it the start of the animal room.
  9. My crytocoryne wendtii green melted completely except for the roots which still felt firm. I left the roots planted and it's pushing up new leaves after a few weeks. Idk about your Anubias maybe get some shrimp to snack on the biofilm? I feel like the one in my tank is doing the same thing right now. It looks like it's breaking off and getting filmy just above the root. I plan to leave it in the tank just in case it decides to get all new leaves or something but I'm just going to wait and see. My last tiny Anubias died very slowly lol this one is Anubias Coffeefolia ***Edit to say that all the leaves have totally fallen off this plant this afternoon. I left the roots in and we will see what happens.
  10. There is such a thing as too many plants but you're nowhere near that for sure. Your tank is lovely btw.
  11. The only thing I can think of is that if all the conditions are generally similar but some plants thrive in some and die in others there must be another variable involved. Natural sunlight, spacing between plants, aeration in the particular tank, or do the other plants in the tank utilize the same resources? There is probably a reason I just don't know what it could be but maybe get a list going of differences in your tanks and try to narrow it down? Good luck. Wish I could offer more advice.
  12. @Phill D I have definitely found that bettas have very unique personalities. I haven't had any be overtly aggressive to other community fish personally but I always keep an eye out on them when they're new to the tank. This particular one is SUPER shy and hidey. Here he is hiding in the "tree roots." I had one many years ago called Erlkonig (elf king in german) who would chase a laser pointer if he saw it. We were playing with the cat and it hit the tank and we saw him react so we started playing with him too. He might have been aggressive but at that time I only had a 5 gallon tank and he lived with only a mystery snail.
  13. Thank you! I've gotten a bit obsessed lately. I spend the majority of my free time watching YouTube videos on fish and aquatic plants and aquascaping. I'm shocked at how quickly the plants are growing. I am using iron and plant fertilizer but it's still shocking to see the difference day to day. I will definitely be updating once it grows in!
  14. My substrate is Aquavitro Aquasolum black humate in the 10 gallon. I really wanted to do something good for the plants and shrimp. It's a buffering substrate so it lowered my pH to 6.0 or possibly lower than that. I haven't looked for a lower pH test yet. The fish aren't acting funny so I'm not overly worried about it. My 20 gallon has eco complete substrate. I have heard good things but have no personal experience so I decided to try something inert instead. I really need to look into root tabs but since my substrate is so new I'm pretty sure I have some time before the nutrients are low/gone and I'll have to actually use them.
  15. I will now that I'm learning that my tank can handle a bit more bio load that a gallon per inch. Especially since I'm running a H.O.B. and sponge filter in there and do my water changes regularly. I'm off work on Sunday and will get him a couple buddies. I obviously got the one without researching their social habits first. I won't be making that mistake again. I do give them algae wafers. Whenever one is gone I drop a new one in. I was thinking of getting sinking bottom feeder pellets too. Creme brulee doesn't seem to bother anyone. I even caught my shrimp grabbing his tail once. He did not appreciate it very much but didn't do anything about it and moved away.
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