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  1. It grew another leaf! That would be really nice because I have a 20 gallon with a firm bulb that just doesn't want to grow at all lol
  2. Sweet potatoes are also toxic to cats. Try a Hoya (wax plant) they look similar to pothos. Maybe a spider plant? I have lucky bamboo in my filter. That LOVES water and does very well.
  3. This is my 10 gallon red cherry shrimp tank. I got home from work tonight and I see this random leaf growing in my hair grass. It's pretty clearly a red tiger lotus leaf, but it's pretty far away from where the rest of the Lily pads are coming from. Is it just sending off a single shoot for a new leaf or will more leaves grow where the new one is? I recently added more root tabs because my rotala was getting roots up on the stems so I know they needed them. I only cut the Lily pads that start to look yellow or damaged. This plant is an absolute fast growing monster. I clearly need to replant it in a larger tank but it's going to have to wait because we move in 30 days. 😕
  4. Another update. Today I trimmed and replanted a ton of cuttings that were starting to grow out of water and am moving the cuttings of rotala green to other tanks. I started with 10 shrimp or so and now they're all over the place. I'm really happy. I'm also moving shrimp to other tanks as well.
  5. It's one inch in the front and two inches in the back. I think I got an 8L bag and used most of it? I can't remember but the options were 4L and 8L.
  6. I had no intention of using anything but micronutrients in modest dosages to benefit the plants. No liquid carbon. I generally don't use anything I can't prove is safe with the critters I'm using it with either. Especially because ADFs can be so sensitive. Overdoing it with anything is generally bad.
  7. I had an argument with moderator on a fb group over this. Those nutrients are found naturally in the water but he swore up and down that I was killing my frogs by slowly poisoning then even though I was dosing correctly and using shrimp safe fertilizers. I understand why you would tell people new to aquariums to avoid using fertilizer and to test for deficiencies and specifically raise those nutrients. But he was swearing off all fertilizers. Then he started posting wild studies about massive concentrations of toxins due to agricultural runoff. After reviewing them I knew he was just posting and not understanding what he was posting. Eventually he kicked me from the group for questioning what he said and demanding evidence then rebuking his "evidence." They're the sort of group that does admin worship rather than reason and science. They refer to the files then the guy who posted the files says explicitly that "I'm not expert." Then the group still swears by his word and as someone who enjoys actual science it wasn't enough for me. I just needed to confirm that it doesn't kill frogs just by correct usage for peace of mind. This group also swore up and down that air stones caused gas bubble disease but everything I found on gas bubble disease indicated that gas exchange was necessary to remove the gases from the water and that's breaking the surface tension was essential to that as far as I'm concerned that sounds exactly like air stone. The admin kept saying that but never provided any evidence. All this being said I will not be rejoining the group there's nothing they're saying that I haven't already heard of and researched myself now.
  8. I have some African Dwarf frogs and have been on a support facebook group. There are a few things I need to run by the greater hive mind that is the internet. 1. Are plant fertilizers safe for ADFs? I would assume it is the same as shrimp and snails since they are sensitive to copper. But people in this group seem to be blindly following a single herpetologist member/admin and I haven't seen any evidence provided. 2. Unrelated, but I figured if you know about fertilizer you might also know about the other disputed, yet unresearched, airstones causing gas bubble disease. If you have any info I would love to hear it.
  9. As promised, an update of this 10 gallon tank! I decided to add my two Otocinclus to help control the algae and to let the Tiger Lotus lilypad and block out some of the light. The shrimp population is booming and the plants are growing well. I even had to trim my java moss, one single stalk of rotala and of course, the hornwort. My nitrates hover around 5ppm and at this rate I may never have to change the water. I still will to make sure there are enough minerals in the water but I do also add shrimp salts to make sure they're good since my water is soft.
  10. I'm definitely not overly surprised. I think is awesome that I can feed one easy item and everyone is happy! I'm glad to see that everyone is eating and getting enough. My shrimp population is booming the otos seem happy. This is my first planted tank and first shrimp tank. I will basically never have to do a water change based on the way it's going right now and it's been going since October. I'm very happy with the whole situation.
  11. I recently started this 10 gallon cherry shrimp tank back in October 2020. I was following the dosing instructions on the fertilizer bottle and getting a TON of algae growth. I taped up the lights to reduce lighting a bit and stopped dosing fertilizer for a few weeks and did hydrogen peroxide dips on a few of the badly effected plants. Most of the algae was gone but not all so I figured to add my 2 Otocinclus to the tank to fix up and maintain the remaining algae since they're considered shrimp safe. They appear to be shrimp safe as the shrimp don't appear bothered at all, especially because one comes to feed on the shrimp king complete food just about every time I feed them. I also added an algae wafer today and only shrimp are on it but the oto is on the shrimp food. Anyone else have any experience with this? Both Otocinclus seem more relaxed than they ever were in my 20 gallon with neons, a single guppy, and betta. The shrimp are breeding like crazy and by the end of the day there's no food left. I'm thinking this is a great arrangement but I want to make sure there's nothing too weird about it.
  12. The biggest ones are starting to develop legs. The less see through area on their tail are tiny legs forming. There are only these two big ones left. I have 3 little ones and one additional little one that escaped the breeder net and is living in the shrimp tank. I still put baby brine shrimp and first bites in there for him and so far he's doing okay as far as I can tell. Baby brine shrimp definitely goes over very well with them. I need to find a warmer spot to hatch the brine shrimp eggs because it takes like 48 hours and it's not ideal. I just don't want to buy more equipment so they're getting baby brine every other day. It stays alive at room temp so I just feed them multiple times a day when the brine shrimp hatches. The baby brine shrimp seems the ideal food. I really watch them go after it. I siphon out the bottom of the breeder box daily because a lot of food gets left there. I also overfeed. The big ones are double the size of the little ones now. The big ones above. The size difference between the big and the little below.
  13. I still have 12 little tadpoles. 4 were big enough to go in a nicer plastic breeder box. I'm setting up my shrimp hatchery right now so I can play with it over Christmas. Water sprite in the back from Aquarium Co-op!
  14. I feed frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms but recent research has pointed to mysis shrimp as a good option too. Sad news though. My female frog died this morning. Absolutely no visible cause of death. The water in the tank tested .75 NH3, 0 NO2, 40 NO3. I knew it wasn't cycled but I keep adding the beneficial bacteria and test it every few days to make sure it's not dangerous. The male frog and betta fish are doing well. I changed water just to make sure they were okay. I did see the frogs mating again last night. I hope the male didn't drown her. I have 5-10 tadpoles in the breeder box in the shrimp tank. They're constantly escaping but seem to be doing well.
  15. Someone had posted this on a facebook group for someone else maybe it will help you too. Breeding Log 1: H. boettgeri DAVIDCECERE.PIPIDAE.ORG
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