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Share Your Most Elusive Fish

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The sleepy fish thread got me thinking that it would be fun for everyone to post a pic of their most elusive fish in their tank(s).

mine are my Julii Cory Cats that almost always stay hidden. I see my plecos FAR more often than I see these guys.  The only time I get to really see them is if I sit a few feet away from the tank and don’t move. ANY movement and they scurry off to the back to hide. I was at my tank for 45 minutes and managed to only get one usable picture of a single fish lol.


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These new-to-me apistos are the most hidey fish I have right now, I think.  I've also got a bristlenose in my discus tank that is extremely good at hiding and even at the fully drained stage of a 90% water change after I added her, I could not find her.  I kept checking under the driftwood and behind the filter thinking she might have sucked onto the glass and stayed there above the water.  Finally on the 10th time I lifted up the driftwood she parachuted off and into the last inch of water. 😄  

That's just where she hangs out, so now I know where to find her so she's less elusive. 😄



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I had a black moor that hid.  So much so that my son named him Waldo, as in Where's Waldo?  Without attaching to the back of the wood, he was quite elusive.  He was that way for maybe two years.  And interestingly, I never saw him feed.  Pellets would be raining down around him, and he wouldn't eat.  Must have at some point because he's 12 now...

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Mine are my bumble bee catfish. They do not ever come out when there is light. Even a flashlight sends them running. I have swim through caves and tunnels positioned for them so I can see a silhouette. That’s how I know the are ok. 
They are fat and happy. I inspect every time I vacuum and remove their caves so they are forced to show themselves. 





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