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  1. Thanks for the tip! My tap water pH is right around 7 but I've been using RO water for my water changes. My aquarium pH seems to stay at 6.8 Should I just use my tap water and dose with conditioner? Thanks for the information! Both cats were adopted from a Humane Society so I'm not sure of breed but I'm guessing Siamese mix. I'm starting to see 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and >20ppm nitrates so I'm thinking it's cycled or pretty much there.
  2. Nice! I'm in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we love the ability to drive a few miles and be able to hike! I'll have to read more about what local plants I could potentially use. I've always liked those glass, closed terrariums purple make out of Mason jars and such.
  3. Thanks for your comment! I have not observed the DG going after the snail at all but I will keep an eye out for any missing appendages! I live in the mountains and have plenty of types of moss around, that's a great idea.
  4. Well it's been over a month since my last post and about two months since I've set up the aquarium. My API master test kit now registers nitrates so I have added some fish! The kids and wife are very excited to have some life in there now and everyone seems to be getting along and thriving. Anyways, on to the pictures!! I have a dwarf gourami named Bluto, (bonus points if you get the reference) five harlequin rasbora tetras, two otocinclus, and one mystery snail! The tetras and gourami get fluval bug bite fish food with frozen/thawed blood worms a few times a week. For the otocinclus, I will drop a piece of green bean, pea, cucumber, etc and take it out after a few days. Thanks for looking!
  5. He's quite the looker! I'm torn between bettas and dwarf gouramis but kind of leaning towards the gourami because I've never kept them before.
  6. Thanks for the insight and big thanks for your service! I just picked up two swords (I think lol) this morning and they're currently in the aquarium with the wool and everything to help with the bacteria collection. I'll plant them in the substrate later, unless they need to go in asap but from what I've read I can wait.
  7. @Patrick_Gthanks for sharing the link, I'll definitely be reading! @Guppysnail I'll be supporting my lfs, but I'll see if I can get some wool or something that has bacteria on it!
  8. @laritheloud@ChemBob @KentFishFanUK thank you all for the insightful comments! I will look into dosing higher amounts of ammonia. Should I keep using the seachem stability? I assume it'll help nonetheless. I have plenty of time to let this tank ride it out and develop before adding fish, although the kids are always asking when it'll be ready!😁 I plan on buying as many plants as I can fit in the 9 gallon, hopefully in the next day or so.
  9. Hey everyone! I joined up yesterday but I've been reading/watching YouTube for several months trying to absorb as much info as I can! I have basic knowledge of the nitrogen cycle and started by dropping pinches of food until I saw the bacteria bloom. My tank has been milky for well over a week now but after testing twice my parameters are 0 to .25 ammonia, 6.6 pH, both nitrites and nitrates 0. I went to my lfs to buy plants to help with the cycle and was advised to wait til the tank matures so ammonia won't hurt the plants. Also got a bottle of seachem stability that I've been dosing for about a week now. I'm assuming the stability is boosting the cycle because I have algae growth on the corners and on the front glass. Everyone says algae (although unpleasant looking) is a good indicator that the tank is indeed cycling. Do I need to do a water change? Can I clean the algae growth or do I leave ot?I have Fritz algae clean out but have not used it. Thanks for reading if you made it this far lol. Last few pictures are the most recent*
  10. I'm undecided on bottom dweller/feeders but leaning towards otos since I've only a 9 gallon. For mid area I was thinking neon tetras, maybe 7 or so. Then for "showcase" it's either dwarf gourami or a short finned betta! I have plenty of time to decide lol 😆
  11. Thanks for confirming that! Should I still drop food to increase the ammonia and continue using the seachem stability? It's getting pretty funky looking inside but I know not to mess with anything.
  12. Hello everyone, my name is Chris and I've just started my first aquarium! I've usually kept reptiles and amphibians in the past so I'm not a complete noob but am definitely a novice when it comes to fish! I have a Fluval Flex 9 gallon that has been running for little over a week. I initially started the nitrogen cycle by adding a pinch of fish food every day. I went to my lfs (small mom/pop) to get plants but was directed to wait until the ammonia levels are down. He recommended seachem stability so I have been dosing for almost 7 days now. I've done one water test with my API master test kit and the parameters are: pH 6.6, ammonia 0 - .25ppm, nitrites and nitrates both at 0ppm. My tank has fluorite for substrate, small mopani (?) for hardscape and a few trimmings of moss from my friend's established aquarium. It still has that cloudy look so I'm not sure where cycle currently is..? I do have algae growth on the glass so I'm assuming if stuff is growing then I'm on the right track. Other than the aquarium, I have a Kenyan Sand Boa in a bioactive 10 gallon, two fat cats, and two growing kids😎 Thanks for such a great community and I'm looking for to learning more!
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