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LFS visit: Aquarium Adventure


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I was recently home visiting family and of course had to visit the LFS! It reminded me that I’d taken lots of pictures back in August (last time I was visiting) but I’d never shared them here. So here are some pictures from warmer, sunnier times at Aquarium Adventure in Columbus, OH! (Okay it’s really in Hilliard but it services the Columbus area.)


This place is huge! Tall warehouse ceilings make it feel even bigger.

When you walk in, the welcoming committee is eager to greet you.

Lots of tanks for sale:


Many products as well…


And a great selection of hard scape!


They sell rigid aquarium tubing 😍😭


The fish are in the back in an area with a lower ceiling.


A fun little tide pool setup:


Their saltwater display tank had a breeding pair of something in it. They were working hard to protect their eggs from everyone! (The eggs are the pink things on the blue tree.)


Beautiful freshwater display tank with discus:


And a giant stingray because why not?


Little arrowanas:


What in the world??


Lots of pretty gold gouramis:


A very wiggly corner:


Lots and lots of plants! (Frags too but I’m a freshwater girl 😉)


And finally… the grumpiest looking goldfish ever!!!


I ended up bringing home two assassin snails. I couldn’t leave totally empty handed. 😄 

I think anyone on this side of Columbus is lucky to have such an awesome fish store. 😊

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That is an incredibly well stocked store. And huge to boot! I love it! Thank you for sharing.

@Levi_Aquatics that is pricy. My LFS sells "julii" corydoras for $12. I'm 90.9% sure they're actually three stripe corydoras on top of that.

I feel like anything over $10 for freshwater fish is an "expensive" fish. Then I wander over to the saltwater section and see the prices... I cannot believe what people pay for them. I'd never be able to go on vacation knowing I'm leaving possibly $1000's of fish at home. Those people are dedicated. Our LFS offers aquarium servicing, now I know why, and who uses it.


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On 1/17/2022 at 9:56 AM, Hobbit said:

I would say everything in that store is a little pricier than you’d expect. But my intention isn’t to talk good or bad about them (as per our forum rules)—just to give everyone some fun highlights of a cool place. 😊

What a fun place! Almost as good as a hardware store! Thank you for sharing, Hobbit! 😍

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Super cool store, less than 3hours away for me. Already been talking to my wife about finding a store like this and taking a day trip get some lunch or something. So maybe this would be perfect. Can you recommend good eats while we would be there in the area? 
My LFS. is great would love to see how this one compares. It’s bigger for sure. Thank you for sharing 👍

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Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you @Atitagain! That area has plenty of restaurants that look good from google reviews, but if you’re looking for a true foodie experience, you’ll have to go into the city a tad.

So if you’re up for driving 10-15 mins, my sister recommends an Indian restaurant called Aab as well as a great Japanese noodle shop called Tensuke Express (inside Tensuke market).

If you and your wife have different tastes in food, I’d highly recommend North Market for lunch. It’s about 20 mins from the fish store and it’s in the heart of the city, but there’s a parking lot and a garage right next to it. It’s one of those places with lots of indoor food stalls as well as little shops. There’s also a great coffee bar and our famous Columbus-founded Jenni’s Ice Cream. From what I remember, most of the restaurants only serve lunch and close up before dinner. If you’re looking for an experience as well as a place to eat, and you don’t mind a bit of a crowd, this is a good spot!

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