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  1. yeah people 86 those lids all the time. Just make sure you get some frameless aquarium lid supports in the right size to support a glass cover.
  2. Thats awesome! And your totally right, all that microfauna is so good for the fish. My tank is covewred in diatoms right now and i know my shrimp and snails are loving all the biofilms too. It's like one fo those vids with fis in the wild, lol
  3. I know we see a lot of gorgeous planted tanks here, fully aquascaped and coifed to perfection. But I'd love to see any natural dirty tanks. I just love looking in my aquarium and seeing algae, blackwater, and even *gasp!* particulates! Makes me feel like Im watching my own private documentary lol This is my 10 gal desk tank as of tonight. I love watching the fish swim in and out of the beams of light.
  4. we have ip68 rated phones now, a short dunk in an aquarium (freshwater at least) wouldnt hurt anything. my bigger concern would be the vast number of camera modules and having to account for those hardware differances in a single app.
  5. I love dirty jungle scapes, i find the fish are always happier than they would be in a sterile "perfect" scape, but at the end of the day we are keeping boxes of water in our homes so i think as long as the fish are happy and healthy, whatewver anyone wants to do is fine. As for missing fish, I once had a 10g community where the last fish finally died, so I was going to take it down and redo the whole thing. in the process I found a pair of otos I thought had died months prior ( i hadnt even been feeding them, so i have no idea how they survived) so I had to get a small tank set up for them and my remainiong betta from another small tank. They lived for another year or two if i remeber right.
  6. Thats awesome! Thank you for all these stats!
  7. I may try that, but according to this chart, i may only be able to max it to 8ppm, though I dont know if sea level has any affect on this, i will need to do more reasearch.
  8. My tank is also crazy heavily planted But like others have said, plants consume O2 at night instead of CO2. A titration test is a liquid test, there are differant types, I used the thai brand Monitor, but they make electronic meters as well but they starty at $100
  9. I had the same issue recently, everything was perfect, fish kept dying. It was an dissovled oxygen issue. There are a few ways to test it, but i used a titration test.
  10. After adding an airt stone last night, and testing my DO today, im possitive it was a DO issue. even with the air stone I only have around 5-6ppm of dissoolved oxygen, which is fine, but I was expecting it to be higher. Granted i live a mile above sea level so that may be why. Glad I was able to actually test it. I did notice that after adding the air stone my fish and shrimp are quite a bit more active, so I really do think that was the culprit. Thanks to everyone who helped!
  11. Im going to mess with it now that im off work, (update: lost a small fitting for the venturi so i just ordered a pump and air stone) and this is currently my only running tank, I sold the 5 i had when i moved across country in 2020. Sure no problem! I forgot to add the PH info but its been stable at 7.2 thats what im starting to think, i'll be adding an air stone asap, but on the bright side the ghost shrimp i got to be my guinea pigs are thriving, so im hesitant to believe its a water chemistry issue out side of the dissolved oxygen.
  12. My water has chlorimine and about 0.25ppm ammonia from the tap. I treat with enough prime to treat my water. Api tests for total ammonia not just free ammonia so the prime should take care of it.
  13. No ive never messed with CO2 and we dont use those kinds of air fresheners in our home because we have a bird.
  14. I did try attaching the venturi but for somereason it never took in any air. I must be missing something but i read the instructions and attached it correctly I will mess with it again and see if i can get it to work at all
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