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Just in time for Halloween: Favorite Retro Candy Thread!


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When I was a kid we used to ride our bikes to the local "little store" (maybe a mile from home). For Halloween they always stocked big boxes of wax candy-lips, teeth, you name it. They were unwrapped in big open boxes that you could pick through and cost like 1-10 cents each. They were so good-you could chew the wax like chewing gum when you were done wearing them......(and no one died even though hordes of kids probably touched each piece with their grubby little hands)

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I loved these little French hard candies that came in round tins.  I can't even remember what they were called.  When sitting though my sisters' ballet practice was particularly excruciating, but I held it together well, I could end up with one of these tins.  One of my favorite flavors was violet.  Yes, like the flower.  It's such a unique flavor that if you haven't had it, it can be hard to describe.  It's like trying to explain what pineapple tastes like to someone who has not tasted it.  There are still violet flavoured candies around, and I'll pick them up when I stumble across them.  Mostly, I've seen these in the past few years.


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