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  1. I'll check it out. I was looking forward to and disappointed in Halloween Kills and The Many Saints of Newark.
  2. @dasaltemelosguyI'm subbed to Elizabeth Zharoff. Great channel. And she's a cutie.
  3. I liked it. It's refreshing to find something decent to stream amid all the garbage being released lately. Other than red light I don't know that I could've survived any of them.
  4. You could also try plants weights. Put plant weights on and then surround plant with stones as suggested might work. I'm convinced the Corydora barbel damage thing is an internet myth that just won't die.
  5. Sorry I can't help but this is an interesting topic. I don't understand the trans-shipping process myself.
  6. Hmm I can't really think of a candy that I can't find anymore. As a kid I loved candy corn. I don't like it now but it still takes me back if I eat some. Nowadays my favorite Halloween candy or anytime candy is Reese's peanut butter cups.
  7. I don't really like country music but I've always made an exception for Waylon, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. I guess I just like the older stuff better maybe.
  8. Interesting. I love my EBA but every decision regarding the tank has to be made with him in mind. He can be a PITA. He's recently decided to start uprooting plants just because he can.
  9. I settled on Eheim jager heaters when I was setting everything up. I can't remember exactly why but I'm borderline OCD when it comes to researching every component that I use so there must've been a good reason lol.
  10. Wow you'd have to buy it at the price. If nothing else that's an easy ebay flip.
  11. When I looked at rainbows for my 40 breeder I settled on praecox as being the largest size I'd want in there. Rainbows really use the entire length of the tank zooming back and forth. Rams will be fine in the 40.
  12. I don't know if it's alleopathy related but in my 40 breeder which is semi-heavy planted I can't grow water sprite. It was doing so bad that I took it out and floated it in my betta tank as the only plant in there. It thrived in that tank.
  13. Very nice! My first tank was so close to being an Mbuna tank.
  14. That looks like the leopard frog pleco my sister used to have. But there's so many that look similar it's hard to be 100% from just that photo.
  15. Wouldn't that be awesome for hobbyists lol. Sure kid here's your Oscar for your 10 gallon. It's basically a custom fish that will mold itself to it's environment. Right. Mbuna don't speak Spanish.
  16. Agreed on the shrimp. Maybe Corydoras or the endless L number Plecos. And of course Bettas. There's always people looking for Bettas.
  17. I loved Offspring's first album. It was pretty unique at the time. I haven't really followed them that closely since. I never really liked "Pretty Fly for a White guy". Talented guys though.
  18. I think it's just a genetic deformity.
  19. Keeping up with plant health & algae. I've never really gotten my tank dialed in to the point where I don't have algae and the plants thrive. Almost wish I went with an African cichlid setup instead.
  20. RIP Jeff Labar. Underrated band and underrated guitarist.
  21. We can't always get the livestock we want. There's lots of fish I'd love to have but I just don't have the proper tank for them.
  22. It'll be fine. I just open the package and plop and drop immediately. I think with my betta I did float the bag for like 5 minutes but that's it. They don't get no acclimation here. It's worked so far.
  23. I don't like to put my hands in the aquarium if I have a cut. I have shoulder length chemical handler gloves for that purpose. I'm also a hand washer and 4 year olds like in the article are definitely not and they are always putting their hands in their mouth. It's easy to take those precautions so I don't know why you wouldn't. Then again I'm one of those crazy people who actually doesn't mind wearing a mask.
  24. My new additions are usually shy but I've never had that last 3 weeks.
  25. I give a calcium chip every few days. Mine really like blanched baby carrots as well.
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