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Plant that is safe for cats 🐈


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To keep nitrogen cycle under control  with fish that eat plants what can I use that will look good in the fish room and not harm animals?  I love orchids and pathos is dangerous for animals. What kind of Vine could I grow around my stand to make the room beautiful? Help me plan my new fish room. 

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On 8/29/2021 at 2:27 PM, Daniel said:

Even your aquarium plants are subject to predation from cats. My cats will pull them out of the aquarium.


The cat burglar strikes again! Caught in the act and documented - busted!😄

@Daniel I'm so glad mine is not interested in hopping on the aquarium lid, then again Bubu is now close to 14 years old. On a different note, how do you like the Kessils? Are you running them on the Spectral Controller X, or via the dongle?

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@Turtle most orchids are safe for cats, unless they've been sprayed with pesticides. All the usual plants I've seen placed on the rim of tanks with their roots in the water like pothos, peace lilies, and flamingo flower are poisonous to cats.

Here is a link my wife and I use regularly to determine if something could harm our feline salad afficionado:


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