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Hey my name is Kato!


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Hi there, I'm Kato! I'm a lot newer to the aquarium hobby, I only really started getting into it and doing a massive amount of research four months ago - when I decided with determination I was going to adopt my mom's Shubunkin goldfish and her two dojo loaches who did not have enough room in their old tank.

Fast forward four months later and I am now a giant fish lover with a 75 gallon for them, a 5.5 I've been setting up for about a month now with a ton of live plants (for chili rasboras! hopefully!! if I can find them!!), and a little 1 gallon fishless iwagumi scape I've been propogating cupfuls of salvinia minima in.

I'm a huge fan of Aquarium Co-Op, among like three or four other fishy youtubers, and I really want to share in this hobby with others!




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