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Other not fish pets

Taylor Blake

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I have 3 crested geckos (2 more on the way) and my girlfriend had a chinchilla! I want a lot more scaley  friends and my friend and I are starting a crested gecko breeding business together. I also have 2 cats back home with my parents 😅. I want to follow in steenfott aquatics footsteps and get a Tegu once we have a house, and I also want to get a few more isopod species as well beyond the dwarf whites that are in my bioactive vivarium.








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My theory all these years was that I had children and no need of pets. It wasn't unusual to get home from work to find 10-12 kids doing crafts, listening to music, playing video games. I would feed them, help with homework or life skills. 

Now I have 1 goldfish, 3 grandchildren, 4 honorary grandchildren (and 2 more on the way, and 10 nieces/ nephews. They all get spoiled! 

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