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  1. Moved to a new place and out the tap i have some weird reading? GH 300 ppm hard KH 0 ppm PH 6.4 or lower How do I get to a nice range...ive never really delt with hard acidic water before
  2. If you are using the zoo med canister filter for a turtle...save your money. The "bio" media is smooth and non porous like ehiem's stage one mechanical filtration; nor is there really any water flow through the bio area. Very hard and clunky to clean when it comes time as it doesn't have removable media baskets and no good way to prime the filiter. Its basically a glorified sponge filter but harder to use at a high price...it will work for fish but there are better options at a better price.
  3. Quick update: the system has been up and running none stop for almost a year
  4. Don't know for sure but was told...snails will detach and float down stream in search for greener pastures, so to speak...when I was breeding out ramshorns they would start to float whenever I dialed back food
  5. Sweet set up, I have a similar set up thats been running for almost a year stright now. I'm actually kinda surprised how stout those nano pumps are
  6. That tank has way to many turtles (4 under 6 inchs) for its size (75 gal) so weekly I'm mess with one of the filters...it has multiple and mostly I do a 95% water change (python water change system is worth its weight in gold) once a month. Turtles aren't as sensitive to water parameters as fish so large water changes do not seem to stress them as much...or really at all. There are "feeder guppies" breeding in that tank. They don't get fed any extra just the turtles leftovers. And they do a good job at turning big turtle poo into little fish poo and are hardy enough to handle water change. @Beardedbillygoat1975
  7. If you're trying to run poly fill and you're already running air to your tanks...a box filter is a stupid cheap option....unfortunately to get one that is of usable size you kinda have to DIY It messy cause I'm in the middle of maintenence. This is one made out of a coffee can and some pvc. If you drink decaff you'll have a green filter and you can cut the upright tube level with the top of the can for a better/hide-able look. Added small hole to lid using a soldering iron and used an exacto knife to trace/ cut a hole for upright tube, much easier to cut a 1 inch square and makes absolutely no difference on how well it works Used a 1 inch to ½ inch reducer coupling as a bell end so water can get around the air stone just drilled some holes in the side. Then a ½ inch pvc upright tube. Center the tube in the can and cover the bell with some lava rock. I like this stuff: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Mosser-Lee-1-5-Qt-Red-Lava-Rock-Soil-Cover-1140/204372347 Or any bio media Top with poly and you're good to go. Cheap and easy to make especially if you want to get a bunch of them going in multiple tanks
  8. Those are red eared sliders....your gonna need a small pond, they get big quick and uvb lighting above their basking area. Unfortunately the plants are doomed.
  9. I know I'm late to this party....that looks like the start of a rough shed on a young terrapin....check your basking temps and replace your UVB light....if you can try to move away from CFL bulbs (curly Q bulbs) as they don't throw uv as far as people think (think zoo med) or way to much uv as some of the Amazon brands have been proven to do....and try to get em under a T5 HO or a T8 bulb if you can...he'll drop those scutes in time. Terrapins don't shed near as often as other turtles and when they do it seems to take forever and their scutes can start to look narly when they do
  10. Professional grade meat thermometer....can go tank to tank getting readings in seconds...use an alcohol wipe between tanks for bio security...its actually pretty cool as the alcohol evaporates you can measure the affect of evaporative cooling.
  11. Shop Indoor Color Blind Glasses ENCHROMA.COM Enhanced color vision at home and work.
  12. Thank you, guy at my LFS said they were a breedig pair, just wanted to make sure lol
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