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Found 20 results

  1. @Torrey Hope this iis the right place to ask about tips with regards to planting a turtle tank, having a lot of issues with them digging the plants up, I do have some java fern on wood, but would like to try and make planted Val or something work. Any help would be amazing, thank you
  2. Setting up some of our old tanks again after taking all but the 55 gallon down about 2 years ago. I’m real happy I’m getting back to the things I love.
  3. I have been trying to help out with a turtle tank in one of our libraries. Yesterday, I donated a hang-on-back filter that came with a recent aquarium, and raised the water level to allow it to work, as well as the height of the sunning station. I built up the rock pile so the turtle could still rest out of water. This morning, I got a panicked voicemail from the librarian that the turtle was missing. He was later found in the next door maker space, and is back in the tank. I feel terrible, but relieved that he is ok. I don't have any plans to keep turtles myself, but I would appreciate any advice for how I could help out with this tank. Here are some photos from before this recent drama. Sam has one of those large Fluval internal filters, which I also cleaned yesterday, and I am thinking of donating my Eheim Classic 150 to this tank to help with filtering. I have been bringing in Duckweed, and will probably also bring in some Salvinia. Thanks (The thumbnail is a plastic turtle that I was pranked with by a colleague after telling the story.)
  4. I am attempting to figure out the feeding preferences of Ornate box turtles and was wondering if anyone with experience keeping them could provide examples of what they feed their own Box Turtles? Thanks.
  5. Caught Jimmy, the school's red eared slider seemingly harassing the nerite snails that have been cleaning his tank for probably close to 6 months with no issues. Is he just bored? Is he trying to eat them in spite of the fact that he is stupidly well fed? Link to video.
  6. Hi friends! I want to put some floating plants on my RES pond... Is easy green safe for the turtle? I know it shrimp, snail, and fish safe. Thank you!
  7. I currently have my 5" Painted Turtle in a 55 Gallon Tank. I just acquired a 40 Breeder with a drilled overflow into a 30 gallon sump. I was thinking of switching the turtle to that tank. I know the swimming volume goes down a little but but I think the 40B footprint would be better and the addition of a sump would be much better for water quality. I just wanted to reach out to see if this seemed like a good idea.
  8. Hi, I have a 6 month old painted turtle. Researching filtration needs for when he moves to a bigger tank. Thinking he will need a 55 gallon tank. How much filtration is recommended for a full size male painted turtle. He should get about 6 inches in shell length.
  9. I did a search and found that Easy Green was safe with ADF, but couldn't find out if it was safe to use with turtles. I thought I'd ask here to find out if anyone knew. Thanks.
  10. An opportunity for @Cory perhaps?
  11. I need suggestions for the best way to locate a new home for an 8" Red-eared slider turtle. My son HAD to have a turtle when he was young. Now he's 18 and I have somehow 'acquired' his turtle. Unfortunately, the turtle is close to outgrowing her current tank and, though I could afford a larger tank, I just don't have the room. All of the traditional sites I would normally try (Craigslist, Buy Nothing, Offer up) have prohibitions against live animals. I don't even know if it's allowed here. I'm not looking to sell the turtle, I just want to find a good home for her. Someone who likes turtles and has a large tank or pond. Any suggestions on how/where to seek a potential new home for her?
  12. Got a nice 60 gallon tank planted up with some good ol aquarium co-op plants all ready to grow... Until my wife DEMANDED turtles... They have uprooted my Scarlett temple, eaten one Valisnaria and toppled a rock on the other, uprooted a sprig of Pogostemon and ate my dwarf baby tears. They nipped a piece of my water sprite as well but didn't eat it and have left the amazon sword, crypt, and Anubias alone. Sprite and Anubias are in easy planters. Are there any other good plants I can put in with these aho... I mean turtles. Something fast growing that will stay ahead of their appetite (they won't eat when we try feeding them) that will thrive in high ph 8.2-8.4 hard water 300ppm.
  13. New turt mom and new to aquariums and all that goes with it ISO help! 75 gallon tank with fx4 filter, housing 1 RES 5-6 in shell length, 3 large gold fish and 2 rubies minnows. Plus have 1 large TopFin coral bubbler and green killing machine. What filter media should I be using and in what order? Do I need a prefilled on the intake. Water is good for 1 week post 50% water change then starts to turn color yellowish. TIA - Michelle
  14. Hello! serious newbie here I live in Baltimore, MD (USA) and have had a turtle tank for over a decade. It started as my husband's, but he became tired of it. I took over a few years ago, and now that I feel confident in the basics, I'm interested in expanding 🙃 At this point I only have the turtle ( female yellow belly slider) and about 10 goldies that started as feeders, but have survived (since she's old enough to prefer veggies mostly at this point). I know most turtle keepers avoid plants, since they get eaten or dug up. I'm wondering if I can just focus on the plants that enjoy being glued to rocks and/or ones that want a pot and/or the ones that get characterized as needed a lot of pruning. And that are safe for a turtle to eat! Maybe I could keep them in a cage of some kind while they get established? It's a 110 gallon tank, that's more deep than wide. I have a few old plastic plants in there, which she loves to play with, and I might leave some for that purpose. I'm also thinking about adding a bunch of small structures that could provide hiding space for shrimp, so I can add them to the system, as well. (IDK why it's upside down - I swear the photo doesn't look that way on any other media 🤦‍♀️) Basically, I just love plants (over 30 species of houseplants). I'm tempted by a second, small tank for a betta and maybe a few tetras that I could plant as well, but nine months into this pandemic and the subsequent shrinking of my world, I've learned to try and take new hobbies slowly, so I'd prefer to start with the tank I already have. I'm excited to have found this resource and look forward to learning from you all
  15. Hi! My name is Evan I’ve had my mud turtle for about 4 months now, and I was told that corydoras make good tank mates for slower turtles. I have 3 now and they are doing great. My mud turtle ignores them and everything is peaceful. I was just told that they are horrible for turtles because if they get eaten it will block thiamine. anyone else have corys and turtles together? Specifically mud? thanks
  16. I just got two pond turtles in a 55 gal tank with a fluval 206 and 307 running on it I was wondering if anyone has any fish stocking ideas that will work with turtles??
  17. We all love nature here enough to bring it into our homes. What other non- fishy pets do we all have? I have a cat,3 turtles, 7 salamanders, 3 rats, approximately 100 land snails,15 snakes right now but I breed them so at my high point in the year I will I have over 100 snakes, And a dog
  18. Hey all, not gonna bore you to much with fancy words and what not. Just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. (Sort of) This is an eheim pre-filter. If you cut the strainer off one of the intake tubes for an aquaclear 110 or 70; then wrap the top tube of the prefilter cage with Teflon tape. It will wedge nicely into the intake tube. unfortunately the sponge that comes with the eheim prefilter (white) greatly restrics the flow of an aquaclear when its brand new. You can see its a much finer sponge than the aquarium co op prefilter sponge. Because of this they need to be cleaned almost daily. but an aquarium coop med. Prefilter sponge fits the eheim pre-filter cage, almost. a 5 second trim later and presto. Fits like a glove. It takes 2 med sponges to fill the cage (the cage comes in two sections. But is so worth it. For those who may not know there is an ancient blood feud between turtles and sponges. A feud my turtles still honor to this day. So much so, I'm convinced that ritual prefilter/sponge filter sacrifice has become a rite of passage for the turtles living here. Which is why I'm super stoked about this mod. No more senseless sponge massacres and a working filter !!
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