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  1. Hello, I have a mystery illness in a betta fish. He was perfectly healthy up until now, I noticed the other day he got a few ripped fins but those have healed. He is now swimming like he can’t keep the back of his body horizontally, he seems fine otherwise. He swims up and then conforms to like a forward bend c shape and sinks. I’m worried even more now because the fry he fathered are now presenting the same symptoms and they are in different tanks. I have since separated two fry out of the bunch. The water is pristine, and I have ammonia checkers. Any ideas?
  2. @teenage fish they are called frogbit =]
  3. Hibi

    Other Pets

    Everyone meet Lexi, she’s very happy in her new box
  4. I redistributed some plants among my aquariums and have everyone a little cave, also a proper sponge filter thanks to Cory also rescued the little dumbo ear today, I knew no one would take her and I had a tank set up so 🙂
  5. I’m gonna get some more decorations like tiny lights and some snowmen for my fish room, but I have a lot of separated bettas so I gave them each their own “stocking” 🤣
  6. Like Christmas morning 


  7. Hello! ive never had livebearers before, I don’t know much about these particular endlers and I can’t find much specific information. I have 4 males and 5 maybe 6 females (they move too fast) which are pretty tiny still. They are in 7 gallons How big do they get? How do I know if one is carrying? What is the gestation period and how do I know if the girls are having any issues? I heard sometimes you have to gently massage them for excess eggs? Is that true? any advice on keeping these cuties healthy is appreciated!
  8. Bellies full of baby brine shrimp are so cute 🥰


  9. @Irene senpai noticed me *_* you're so wonderful I love your videos ❤️ I'm so excited too! mom is a marble and dad is an imbellis hybrid so we should be getting some interesting colors!
  10. I have 4 - 10 gallon tanks 1 - 29 gallon tall And 1 - 20 gallon long Looking to purchase set of aquarium lights all the same in different sizes that will all support plants, full spectrum, timed on/off not just moonlight option. Something with a reasonable price Any recommendations?
  11. Little ones are looking good! They are swimming around a lot and hunting for little worms mom getting Bbs ready for them
  12. fish room is finally looking presentable XD




  13. fish room update! finally got everything sorta settled and organized, this is a rack i got at home depot husky heavy duty 1000 lbs per shelf, the other is just a target (or better home and gardens?) cube organizer
  14. Yeah I can see why someone wouldn't breed them anymore but this was a complete accident XD I mean I kinda was looking to breed anyway (mostly for interesting mixes/colors that arent around yet) so I was starting to set up but I was not expecting this at all XD
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