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  1. So not to resurrect this or anything, but thought I'd share my final video presentation with you all. I initially hoped to keep a journal on the forum, but that just did not work out ahah! Life and school gets in the way sometimes 😛 In any case, it was a bit of a let down (and man, I'm not that great at running experiments) as I did not get to run the experiment as long as I had hoped, nor did I have conclusive results. I think in the end, my biggest downfall was tiny water volume and not enough time (plus stagnant water...that probably affected it as well lol). I did, however, learn what I would change for next time in order to actually make this more effective. And I learned that I should probably spend more time preparing and planning out experiments like this, but when you're a busy student, you do what you can! I'd love your constructive feedback, but please don't be too harsh as I'm an absolute noob when it comes to this type of stuff...I just try to sound smart lol. (idk if you can tell but I have no idea what I'm doing hahaha... yeesh I feel super self conscious about putting this out since I feel like it's kind of bad in the scientific method department but oh well. Y'all seem nice enough not to judge me 😅)
  2. Yes, yes, I know this says "share your macro PHOTOS" but these eesny teensy copepods move quickly on the glass, so I figured a video might be a lil better. Sorry for the shaky handheld, but it's kinda insane how small these guys are!
  3. Appreciating the uniqueness of snowflakes today. It's snowing in WA, so I stepped outside with my macro lens hoping to catch some! This is my first time ever trying to photograph snowflakes!
  4. The way that she zooms up to the water's surface reminds me of my axolotl Mochi! Although Dinky Do is considerably more graceful 😂 Absolutely lovely!
  5. @KoolFish97 email would be just fine! If you could just send a message to theturtlegirl01@gmail.com and put "aquarium science experiment" or something like that in the subject line, we can get in touch. That way you don't have to put your email out here 🙂 Using stems is a great idea... totally didn't think of that! So excited to get this rolling. I got my ammonium chloride in the mail yesterday and will be ordering the plants (and a fresh test kit) today. I'll start a new thread in photos/journals once I get all my materials. Hopefully you guys will have a fun time following along and can give me some good critical feedback 😉
  6. I'm thinking I'll end up getting my plants from the coop, since I don't have any LFSs near me...and it'll likely work out to be less for me. Although now that I think about the amount of plants that I need....😅 I'm not sure I thought this through all the way, but all in the name of science, right? I also realized I need to get moving on this experiment...I have about a month and a week. 😬 These quarters are so short! So based off of time constraints, what do you think I should go with? I was thinking something faster growing...like val or water sprite? And also, as far as amount? (obviously less would be cheaper, and if I plan to run multiple different tubs with the same amount of plants = more plants needed) (e.g. two bins with 1 plant, two bins with 2 plants – for a total of 6 plants to purchase...or if that doesn't create a significant enough difference to come to a conclusion, perhaps two bins with 2 plants and two bins with 4 plants – for a total of 12.) Opinions? Initially, I was going to go by weight, but that may be too difficult, so I'll just average out if I end up with bigger/smaller plants. (Or if someone has an excess of plants they'd care to ehm...donate for this experiment, that would be awesome 😂 I could even ship em back to you if you wanted em back. I could be a plant sitter! Just don't mind that they're being experimented on 😂) Also @KoolFish97 is there a way I can reach you privately so we can further talk about this, if you don't mind? If you're on Instagram, DM would work great (@theturtlegirl) I'd send you a PM but it doesn't seem to be enabled yet.
  7. I second the moment lens! I actually don't have the macro, but use the 58mm telephoto to get closer to subjects while keeping well within the minimum focus distance of the phone camera. Here's a few comparisons, with the phone staying the same distance away for the subject, the only change is the addition of the lens. It's not fish pictures because fish move too quickly and it wouldn't be consistent 😂 My phone is a Google Pixel 3. Left: No lens // Right: 58mm moment telephoto With the telephoto, there is also more lens compression and the background looks a little bit blurrier 😉
  8. So after weighing my options, I've decided to go with this! I'll probably start a topic in photos/journals to further explore this specific question, and outline and document the process. I think the first decision is to decide what plants and the amount of ammonia dosage. @KoolFish97 I'd love your help if you'd want to be involved!
  9. Thank you. Good to hear! Frankly, since my tanks are filled all the way up, I don't have issues with canisters. But internals are always a decent option if you have less water. Or something run by air...like the ziss bubble filters (although that's definitely more for biological filtration, which it sounds like you have a good amount of already? The other tactic to keep the water clean is by feeding outside the tank. Not sure if that's a possibility but it makes a world of difference.
  10. There have been several times where I thought my turtle ATE a fishy tankmate and I'd lament the loss for a considerable time. Then the next morning, the fish would be swimming around just fine – giving the turtle a bit of a stink eye. I have no idea if they're reliving the story of Jonah and the whale or are just great at 6 hour long hide-n-seek. (for the record, Jonah and the whale sounds a lot more interesting)
  11. Hey there! I've been lurking on the thread, seems like you've made a lot of progress. I have to say I quite like the anubias with the goldfish 😂 bu it's unfortunate that a lot of sliders insist on making them salad. Can Sam get completely dry on his basking area?
  12. Very nice work!! Fish are pretty tricky since they can move so suddenly... They always say the best camera is the one you have. Don't be intimidated by quality, it's just fun to learn and as you shoot more, the photos will just get better! 😄 I have many folders of blurry fish shots that I took with a camera when I first started, rarely getting anything sharp or in focus...so I'm very impressed with what you captured first time around! Glad that you jumped on board and looking forward to more photos from you. 🙂
  13. I may have to take you up on that! This week I'll be deciding what project to do, so I'll let you know!
  14. The age old "you can cook it for 5 minutes at 350° or 5 seconds at 3500°" 😛 But I actually do like this one and would be curious to see the effects. The shorter photoperiod might affect the fish too... (although if it were an experiment we probably wouldn't have fish to avoid that variable affecting growth. haha!)
  15. Heck yes to fun and simple!! Maybe I could do something similar with my turtle... although he can be a little dumb...so my hypothesis will be an easy one to make 😂 but the results would be interesting all the same! Plus I could probably make a video out of it...hmmmm
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