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5 Gallon Journal

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So I kinda rescaped my 5 gallon today. It had about 8 inches of JUST HORNWORT and I knew I had to make some changes. Here is my tank before I took the hornwort out. 

Note- I hadn’t taken picture of my tanks in a while so the hornwort was ALOT worse. image.jpeg.862c3d7104a00628892f6ffa85230d6a.jpeg


And here is my new scape and plants 

Please give me your thoughts on my tank and please give it a rating from 1 star to 5 stars and what I should do to make it better. 

  • Current fish and inverts
  • Five Golden White clouds
  • About 9 ghost shrimp (Probably more because there was is female with eggs. 
  • 4 Pygmy cories (I actually think 2 of the females have eggs because they are BIG)
  • And finally about 30 Ramshorn snails 


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You may first notice the males following around a plump female.  Then they will start scurrying around in a bunch and will often race up and around next to the glass.  You may, or may not see the female carrying eggs in her pelvic fins but will often see eggs magically appear sticking to the glass grouped in clumps.

If you want babies, it is best to remove the eggs to a fry tank or some sort of hatching enclosure.  Cories will sometimes eat their own eggs and other fish will certainly eat their eggs if given the chance.

Dean, Master Breeder, has a video where he shows how he gently rolls the sticky eggs onto his finger, then rolls them onto the side of a specimen container that he uses to hatch the eggs, then they go into a fry grow out container after they become free swimming.

Pics are of cory eggs scattered across the glass.  Maybe someone can link Dean’s video where he talks about breeding cories?  I’ll try to find it but that kind of thing is definitely not my strong suit.



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Haven't posted on this in awhile but wanted to give a update. My white cloud fry are getting pretty big and are getting closer to the age to sell. I'll try to post photos of them later!

Current stock:

10 juvenile white cloud fry

5 White cloud parents 

3 Red Rili shrimp 

3 Pygmy Cories (Sadly one of them died)

I know this is overstocked but the fish are thriving, I do a ton of water changes, and also I like to check the parameters often too. Happy Thanksgiving! 

The sword and the Java Fern needs a bit of love too but I'll work on that.

5 gallon.jpeg

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