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6 minutes ago, MickS77 said:

What are you controlling/monitoring with your Neptune? 

I am monitoring the pH and temperature and conductivity in the 40 gallon baby discus tank. I have second pH and temp probes and I rotate those among the other tanks that are within reach of the probe cables. I am not using it to controller anything currently other than heaters. A while back I used to use the Neptune to dose phosphoric acid into my 500 gallon freshwater tank when I was trying to get Heckel discus to breed. I kept the pH mid 4 and the Heckel's seemed to like it but I never had a pair lay eggs.

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On 7/14/2020 at 6:35 PM, Wel-Don Tanks said:

Did anyone else raid their local Petco yet for the sale?  I am adding 7 new tanks to the fish room this weekend.  And I picked up the final 20 long I needed to attempt to recreate Master Breeder Dean's fry system.  Going to be a good weekend!


I wanted to but i'm about to move and I have already hit my tank limit from my gf for our new apartment, so I'll be living vicariously through your y;outube until my first house 

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