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  1. 1 year 9 months (June 1, 2023) I missed posting on this forum the whole of 2023 but during this year, I moved the crypt tank from my fish room to my video editing room. I’m really liking how this tank is turning out. Low maintenance, easy to care for and quite pleasing to watch every night. There’s still some open space for planting and some areas where I’m waiting for the current crypts to grow in. Excuse me for being in the picture, I took this for a YouTube video thumbnail. I will try to upload more images this year and show you the progress of my long term tank.
  2. 5 months (February 23, 2022) Still messy and I haven’t planted all the plants in yet but we’re slowly getting there! Going to add fish next 🙂
  3. Florida Sunset crypt is one of my all time favorites. It’s the first type of crypt I ever heard about when I watched Steenfott aquatics many years ago. Ive seen Florida sunset on Japanese aquatic plant magazines but haven’t seen it available yet. Would buy it if I could.
  4. Thank you so much! I hope to reach and inspire many more people. Just sharing what I love and enjoy doing with this wonderful hobby 🙂 Thank you for the kind words 🙂 Really hoping I’m able to travel more in the near future and do more tour videos!
  5. Most of the rarer plants I recently put my hands on, I took a 250mile train ride to get. I discovered the store Aquafield Asakusa in Tokyo from searching online and they had some cool plants and fish. Locally, around my hometown theres not many aquarium stores. I have to drive at least 35mins to get to a nice aquascaping store. The other somewhat decent stores are further 😅
  6. AGW is an aquarium company in Japan. They temporarily stopped selling aquatic plants. I try to keep specific labels of my plants so I know where they come from. Spiralis Tiger basically looks liks spiralis red with black stripes. I’ll try to get better photos of the two in the future. But here’s a quick shot I took of my spiralis tiger. And yes, I hope I can grow this nurii out and try to specifically identify it. It’s currently still in the cup and was a bargain costing only $8
  7. 1.5 months (November 15, 2021) I took a trip to Tokyo and toured some fish stores. Brought back a bunch of plants (crypts, anubias, and lotus’s). I don’t intend to plant everything in this tank but until I get my other tanks up and running, these plants will be stored in this 4 footer.
  8. I’ve got crypt spiralis tiger and recently just added spiralis red from AGW. I’ve got the crypt green gecko thats green with a brownish/pinkish center. I really like this version and hope to propagate the 1 that I’ve currently got. Also just bought a tissue culture crypt nurii but I’m not sure which variant it is.. Flamingo is something I’m thinking about but not sure if I’d want to add the color pink into this tank 🙂
  9. 1 month (October 30,2021) This is the tank after 1 month. Some of the crypts melted which is expected. They’ll grow back with submersed leaves. I bought some Java Ferns (1x windelov, 1x philippine) and currently just storing them in this tank. Also planted in a crypt called Cryptocoryne sp. indonesia (denerle C350). I haven’t seen much information about this plant online but just thought it would be fun to try it out. Also added some floating plants to help lessen algae.
  10. I wanted to try documenting my 4ft, mainly Cryptocoryne aquarium here. This is going to be my first time trying a long term tank. This simply in my opinion just means to keep the tank going as it is without rescaping or resetting it for many years. No big changes to the tank basically. I hope to have the tank running at least 10 years, more if possible! Tank Set Up Date: September 30, 2021 Tank Dimensions: 48x18x18in Light: 2x Kotobuki Flat Led for 8hrs (basically the same as Finnex Stingrays) Filter: Eheim 2217 Canister with Substrat Pro - No sponges Co2: Neo Acrylic diffuser for 8hrs Substrate System: 3x 2Litre bags of Marfied Trophical Base. 2-3in of Ooiso Gravel. Current Plant List Crinum calamistratum Nymphaea micrantha Cryptocoryne wendtii brown Cryptocoryne wendtii mi oya Cryptocoryne wendtii green gecko Cryptocoryne wendtii kompakt Cryptocoryne bekettii petchii Cryptocoryne lucens Cryptocoryne crispatula balansae Cryptocoryne bullosa Cryptocoryne spiralis tiger and I think that’s all I have in there for now 😅 lots of crypts.. Hoping to add a few more plants as I go. And yes! This post is made 3 months after I set the tank up so I’ll slowly add and look for pictures that I took and upload them until we reach the present day. Let me know what you think, if there’s certain plants you’d add, or changes you’d make 🙂 oh and the fish going in would most likely be rainbows. This tank was hugely inspired after seeing @Cory’s tour of Gary Lange’s Fish Room.
  11. I’m currently trying out a planted tank with 0 hardscape featuring mostly cryptocoryne species with a crinum and lotus. I’m currently adding co2 to transition the crypts from emersed to submersed a little faster but hope to reduce the amount of co2 in the future. Really enjoying the tank so far. Oh and some of the plants are still in their cups but I’ll be taking them out and planting them into the gravel soon.
  12. Currently, I really am liking the Fluval bug bites. My angelfish seem to love them. I want to try out Tetra Color to try to enhance their red colors but Japan doesn’t seem to have it. I might try Tetra Discus instead.
  13. Thank you Zenzo, Ken and Patrick 😊 I will have a few videos of that tank on my YouTube channel in the next coming weeks
  14. Ours are in pots but I have no clue what substrate as I’ve never repotted one yet. We bought ours already in the pot so we just plop them in the pond. The substrate in the pot is some kind of hard muddy thing. Not exactly sure what.. If I were to repot mine in the future, I’d buy some water lily soil at the home/garden center and cap it off with akadama soil. You could also cap with gravel.
  15. Yup, we do all our mini ponds filterless. No fliters, no air stones, no heaters. Just some floating plants and a nice water lily if you can fit one in. Make sure you find a good spot for it but it’s not a huge deal if you don’t. We like to put ours where it gets direct sun for at least 7 hours a day as the lilies really appreciate that. Having floating plants create shaded areas for the fish to stay cool. During the winter, we’ll cover up our mini ponds with an acrylic sheet just to keep the heat in and it prevents the surface of the water from freezing over. We don’t feed the fish during the winter season.
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