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  1. As many have said these are mass produced aquariums. Just realize that many many people own these tanks and have zero issues with them holding water.
  2. @Jimmy Reese if you’re not having any problems with other fish I’d look at where you’re getting them from 1st and see if you can find them somewhere else.
  3. @Platosdogif you’re doing lower light plants the Stingray 2.0 will give you plenty of light. I have them on most of my tanks with the 20Ls being the exceptions. They’re too bright for these shallower tanks. On my 120 (2ft deep) I grow a mix of low and med light plants with good results. This is a mid priced light. If you’re budget is a little tighter Beamswork & JC&P are all good lights just make sure whatever model you chose is UL or similar certified. I use both of these lights on my 20Ls
  4. @King gold Start with fancy goldfish Comets, Sarasa, and Shubunkins they’re reasonably inexpensive, tough as nails, and breed easily once mature and very interactive. Good luck.
  5. Added a trio of Apistogramma hongsloi to the collection(from Red Fish Blue Fish). They're sitting in quarantine until I set up their new home. This is not my picture.
  6. Just added a 4” Blue Turquoise Heckel cross Discus to the mix.  






    1. James Black

      James Black

      gorgeous disucs!

  7. I wasn't going to pull these two out of the display tank since it's planted which makes it a pain in the butt to catch anything but they keep spawning. It's a good thing that PETCO has the $1 a gallon going on again. You've got your info down.
  8. I've got to pull a breeding pair of Discus out of the 120 Discus tank. I'm thinking 20 or 29 gallon.
  9. @Linda Scott that's what Silver Tip males do. The best thing to do is add more Silver Tips.
  10. All my tanks have gravel substrate. The Corys are all fat,healthy and spawning.
  11. Check antique or consignment shops for library/sofa tables.
  12. @Duke on my 40 breeder I have a Penguin 275 and a Ziss Bio Filter.I think they do their job very well.
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