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  1. Ive found aragonite works well to harden very soft water. Snails can now live in my tanks and not melt.
  2. I keep both A. Nijsseni & A. Hongsloi. Panda and False Bandit Corys will both work in a Apisto tank really well. The 30 gallon has plenty of height for Tetras, Pencilfish or Rasboras. Having other fish swimming in the upper parts of the tank gives the Apistos the courage to come out of hiding.
  3. I only do 1/2 batches in the Ziss. 1 tablespn salt, a pinch of Baking Soda and 1 teaspoon of BBS eggs. It feeds 8 tanks.
  4. I have a 120 planted Discus tank. I’m using a 48” Stingray 2.0 on a Wi-Fi timer with no CO2. Pogostemon Octopus, Dwarf Aquarium Lily, Dwarf Sagg, Valsinaria, Sword, Bacopa, Anubias, & Java Fern are all growing well in this tank.
  5. @Daniel to clean the tank we netted out all the fish put them in a pale of water, drained all the water from the tank, rinsed the gravel, cleaned out the filter and put in new charcoal & fiberglass then wiped the glass down with windex(inside and out) filled the tank back up, hooked everything back up let the water settle for a few minutes and then dumped the fish back in. Cycle smycle🤣😉
  6. @Daniel by my reckoning we were playing with glass boxes full of water & fish back in the preindustrial times before the internet & YouTube. How did we ever figure stuff out?
  7. I found 10 more Sterbai fry while cleaning out the ole Eheim and before anybody says it there IS a coarse sponge on the intake. Locally Sterbais run $8 each. The moral of todays story is before you dump things out check your trays and strain the water.
  8. The mid - late 60's. My first real aquarium (10 gallon) had a slate bottom and a chromed steel frame a box filter, a non submersible heater and the whole thing was lite up with 2 40 watt tubular (china cabinet)bulbs .
  9. From Amazonas Magazine - Check Your Moss Balls! Breaking news today and a developing story as the aquarium industry deals with the unintentional distribution of the highly invasive zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha. This species has apparently found its way into aquatic plant shipments as a hitchhiking contaminant on the ever-popular marimo moss balls, which are actaully one of three distinct growth forms of the green algae known to science as Aegagropila linnaei. https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2021/03/04/invasive-zebra-mussels-reported-in-marimo-moss-balls/
  10. @Colu they’ve been introduced and have naturalized throughout that region. @Fish Folk in my experience they do best in groups.
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