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Found 5 results

  1. I broke my rule of not ordering live fish in the dead of winter and sadly the fish did not make it. Well packed, water temp of 63 degrees when they arrived, which should be fine for endlers, so I'm not sure what went wrong. To my surprise, there were very much alive babies in one of the bags! I am drip acclimating them right now in hopes of saving them at least. They are quite active! Ammonia at 0ppm in their water, but nitrites very high. Advice? I was not prepared for babies here and live nowhere near a fish store to by anything in terms of live food, etc. I do have the AC easy fry food.
  2. Hello! I am happy to be here and I hope to learn how to care for fish properly. I will need LOTS of advice! I work in a nursing home and last week we had a party (Fall Festival) for the residents. Unbeknownst to me, one of the managers thought it would be cute to buy 20 baby goldfish, put them in tiny jelly jars and hand them out as prizes! They literally handed these little jars of fish to elderly dementia patients and said, "enjoy your new pet!" No plan for where to house them past the jelly jars. So, on Thursday (10/22) I was working with a resident in his room and noticed a tiny jar full of filthy water with a LIVE GOLDFISH wiggling around in it. That's when the resident told me he had been given the fish as a prize 1 WEEK prior, at the party! This poor little guy had been living in that tiny, filthy jar for A WEEK! I found out that the activity director had been feeding it a few flakes of fish food every day and that all the other fish died, of course. Well, I felt so bad for the little fish that I took the jar to a big box pet store after work and said, "HELP!" So they set me up with a small 3.5 gallon tank and some supplies and put my lone survivor, whom we named The Lone Ranger, into some clean tank water. Then I made the stupid mistake of buying a friend for The Lone Ranger, who I name Tonto. I know realize that a 3.5 gallon tank is insufficient for even 1 goldfish. I learned that little tidbit by watching You Tube videos which is how I found Aquarium Co-Op! I only hope my little guys survive the transfer to the new tank which I only prepared by putting some "instant" prep liquid in the water for a couple of hours prior to the transfer. So, if my little finned friends are still alive on Monday, I will let you know. I ordered some Fritz Complete and Fritz Clarifier and a gravel vacuum kit. I also ordered some test strips from you guys. Sorry my picture isn't great but if you can see the pale fish in the upper left, that's The Lone Ranger and the black and orange spotted one is Tonto. I look forward to MUCH support from all of you on the forum. I have never had an aquarium before and I literally have no idea what I'm doing! Be nice! Thanks! CLSig
  3. So, a few weeks ago I rescued two guppies, an endler and an ADF from being tossed in someone's back yard because they didn't want to take care of them anymore (after less than a month). Well, the tank they came from was only about 8 gallons and it was divided - fish on one side and originally three ADFs on the other. I'm pretty sure the water had never been changed and the ammonia was so bad you could smell it. Fast forward a few weeks and I have sadly lost one of my guppies, I think the previous tank conditions as well as some bullying from the other guppy took its toll on him and he unfortunately just didn't make it. The remaining guppy and the endler get along pretty well - or at least I haven't seen any damage on either of them. So I am going to start replanting and rescaping the tank to "tailor" it more for the ADF and her future friends. I am hoping to get the plants to settle in and start growing and then I'll get two more ADFs to keep my solo girl company. As I get new plants and new scape in I'll update and then hopefully there will be pics of some new ADFs in the fall 🙂 when I first set the tank up - anubias have since died from anubias rot 😐 My lonely ADF 🙂 Endler Guppy RIP 😞
  4. I rescued a betta off of Kijiji today! I named him DarthVader, but Vader for short! The original owner said "I always forget to feed him, and he's such a pain" But the betta is super cute! It was free too, so I had to take it home. It came with a bowfront 3 gallon aquarium, gravel and decor. I have decided to keep the decor in the aquarium until I can get a light and plants for the aqaurium. I will be switching out the gravel shortly though. I have been wanting to setup a walstad aquarium for the LONGEST time. And after reading through most of diana walstads books I think I'm ready. I want to try and use plants that I already have (hygrophillia compact, salvania, pogostemon stellatus octopus) And then I will be ordering more plants shortly. I am just waiting to purchase that light. I wish I had a window to put it by because then I could use natural light. After getting the aquarium I replaced the gravel and did a 100% waterchange. Then added the substrate (1inch of soil, 1 inch of gravel). I have a temporary light, but its suppeer crap Also please dont tell hugo about the new betta, he cant think I am cheating on him.
  5. So I just rescued a betta off fb he came with and will be temporarily in a 1g until his 10 is ready but I just had a few questions regarding some of the fishes behavior he will purposely stick himself to the filter but he doesn’t flash so I don’t think it could be ick any ideas would be appreciated this is my first Betta and I want really expecting him even though he’s not the most complicated fish I own I know the least about him. also I put a pic and if you see anything physically wrong with him please let me know
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