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  1. Hello i was wondering if african dwarf frogs would do well with angelfish because im planning on getting some.my planted tank has 3 angelfish and a gourami.
  2. I know easy green is safe for shrimp amd snails, but is it safe to use in a tank with african dwarf frogs?
  3. I'm concerned about my ADFs. Right now I have flakes, freeze dried blood worms and Bug Bites. What kind of sinking food would be nourishing for my ADFs? I live on an island in Southeast Alaska and I don't have access to frozen food.
  4. Are African Dwarf Frogs known for jumping out of the water? Out of 5 I only see one in my aquarium, a SeaClear 29 gallon show tank with a rim all the way around the top. I have looked all around the aquarium itself and behind the cabinet and haven't seen any signs of the other 4.
  5. Going to get some African Dwarf frogs for some fry control. Do you guys QT? I know many don’t QT inverts but wasn’t sure on frogs.
  6. So I have 3 african dwarf frogs in my community tank. I believe 2 are female and 1 is male. The last few days I've noticed the male has mostly been up in my hornwort near or at the surface sometimes he will keep just his head above the surface. I just want to make sure this is normal. He doesn't seem like he's in distress. He's still swimming down and getting food. The tank is pretty heavily planted ammonia and nitrite are at 0 nitrates are at like 5. I feed a mix of flakes granules frozen food freeze dried foods. I have never seen the females do this the most they do is float around the surface for a couple minutes but he's up there for pretty long stretches. I'm assuming it's fine I just want to make sure I keep on top of it if there is an issue. Thanks
  7. I know they aren’t fish but I’m so excited about having tadpoles! These little ones are about a month old.
  8. I've heard African Dwarf Frogs don't handle vibration well. I'm moving a 3-day drive away - so a ton of vibration. My ADF is 7.5 years old. I don't WANT to give her up, but do you suppose it's in her best interest?
  9. Can you use the med trio in your main tank with an African dwarf frog in it?
  10. I have a male endler with a very flat belly, like he's loosing weight. He's eating well, so I'm guessing an intestinal parasite. I think it'd be proactive to treat all my endlers, but that includes gravid females, and an African Dwarf Frog. So, anybody seen the effects of ParaCleanse on pregnant livebearers and/or on frogs? TIA
  11. I have some African Dwarf frogs and have been on a support facebook group. There are a few things I need to run by the greater hive mind that is the internet. 1. Are plant fertilizers safe for ADFs? I would assume it is the same as shrimp and snails since they are sensitive to copper. But people in this group seem to be blindly following a single herpetologist member/admin and I haven't seen any evidence provided. 2. Unrelated, but I figured if you know about fertilizer you might also know about the other disputed, yet unresearched, airstones causing gas bubble disease. If you have any info I would love to hear it.
  12. My partner has been working very hard to raise African Dwarf Frog tadpoles and we’ve finally got a small batch that have developed arms and legs. They’re being moved to a bigger tank that can have hopefully more stable water parameters. anyway they’re just so cool and adorable. We are really excited and wanted to share!
  13. Is it safe for an African Dwarf Frog to eat baby ramshorn snails? My concern is the shells. (I recently added ramshorns to the frog's tank, and they've laid eggs. I'm wondering if I should scrape them out and drop them in a different tank.)
  14. So my ADF is now very bloated, for those who are familiar with my other posts it is the same frog who lost his front arms. (he has adapted to his new life style very well!)However now he is very bloated and is very lazy. I have called multiple exotic vets in my area and no one really seems to care for ADF. I have added some salts, nothing too much because I heard they can hurt the frog if too much is added. My other ADF sam isnt bloated that I notice, however she is swimming more then usual and goes up to the top of the tank more, I dont know if this is because Dean is sick and she senses it or what. Dean and sam are 4.5 years old and have been in great health up until the past couple of months. I know that they are nearing the end of their life cycle but I want to do everything I can. I heard that you can try to drain fluid with a needles and I am not comfortable doing this by myself. I dont know if this is relevant but he has also is swollen around the head too, only the tip of his nose isnt bloated. Is there anything I can do, I heard alot about dropsy and how it usually doesn't end well, is this what Dean has? And if so how long before he dies? Thanks so much and any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. Bobert and babarita male and female African dwarf frogs
  16. I realize I'm posting a lot of questions lately! This one is for my partner, who I've gotten into aquariums and wanted me to post this to the forum for any advice. We just got some African Dwarf Frogs, and the pH in the tank is 8 (our tap water pH is around 7.6, and the substrate is a buffering substrate, so it's boosting the pH higher). We read somewhere online that 8 is a bit too high for the dwarf frogs and could leave them susceptible to disease. Anyone have experience keeping them and have advice on how sensitive they are to high pH? I suspect we will be doing a lot of water changes anyway so that may help keep the pH down a little bit. Thanks in advance!
  17. My Betta is alone in a fully planted 10 gallon tank. I added a frog and he had disappeared by the next morning. The whole day he was there, my betta showed no interest in it. Will a betta eat an entire frog in one day?
  18. Can blood parrots co exist with dwarf frogs?
  19. Starting this thread to journal my tanks. Currently I have: 2.5 gallon, well planted with ember tetras and red cherry shrimp 6 gallon with African dwarf frogs, a mystery snail and ember tetras with some new plants 8 gallon planted column tank in progress, current home to 1 female betta 29 gallon community tank, growing number of plants with a male betta, black neon tetras, Otto cats, a bristlenose pleco and baby guppies.
  20. So I got bored and decided to do a video of some of the african dwarf frogs. Here you go! Enjoy. And yes, I am aware there is a small algae bloom in this tank. I relocated some of the plants and planted a few new plants. This has caused for the time being a small imbalance. I am sure it will clear up soon. You can also find it on TikTok here: https://www.tiktok.com/@ben_r_f/video/6922579820886985990?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1
  21. Hello! I have two african dwarf frogs and one of them is much skinnier then the other. I am around during feeding and he gets the same amount of food as the other frog and betta but is much smaller and skinnier then the others. There is no aggression in the tank in any way. Is something like API General Cure safe for frogs? Is there anything it could be that is leading to him being so skinny? Thanks!
  22. Hello all. I've had african dwarf frogs for a little over a year. Love them. There seems to be very little known about them. I had 4 in a 5.5. Gallon tank. I researched the likelihood of breeding and everything I read seemed that even if they did breed, the chances of actually rearing any tadpoles was nil. Whatever I did, I did right because these guys breed nearly every night. I soon had 10. I moved them into the next size up I could fit on the dresser and they are now in a 10 gallon tank. Careful with the bioload, I did water changes weekly of 25%. I started doing 50% every two weeks and they seemed to really flourish. I developed insuforia which I have read to understand means a good healthy tank. And it's been that way about a year. (I now live feed my skirts the tadpoles I inevitably get every week.) So: 10 frogs. 10 gallon tank. Heater between 73 and 75. Filtered with the topfin filter that came with the tank with two carbon filters in it. Three large live plants. Ph is 7.0/7.2 (apI test kit - can't decide which color is closest) ammonia is 0ppm nitrite is 0ppm nitrate is 40 ppm. Last water change was 5 days ago. This is the reading I just did. I recently noticed two of my frogs, males, were shedding in sections rather than the whole "suit". Which prompted the water change. They eventually lost the pieces and seem fine. Everyone is healthy and active. Until today. Pip, my oldest male, my absolute favorite of course, has always been very laid back and generally hides out in a log all day. I found him this afternoon, in the breeder net*. In! Ive no idea how he pulled it off. I have never had an issue with any of my guys trying to jump out either. Thank god he did, as I could see he appears to have a fungus. He had a streak down the center of his back and some on the side of his face and a little on his back "knee". I usually put a sprinkle of Paraguard after they breed in hopes of not contracting anything from the infertile eggs. Has always worked. Didn't do it this last water change. So he is now in QT in a methylene blue bath with two tiny chunks of salt. But I am now struck as to how he even got a fungus. Tank is clean. Readings are correct. They are fed with pellets, frozen blood worms and live daphnia. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how he got a fungus? **I am using a breeding net at the moment to get 3 frogs for a friend's tank.
  23. Been wanting to breed ADF for a while now but not sure where to start. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. I understand that aloe vera, copper and glutaraldehyde which are toxic to amphibians. IF used in moderation and only if or when nitrate levels are low, is there a safe liquid fertilizer for amphibians such as African Dwarf Frogs?
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