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Found 4 results

  1. A lot of you have been a huge help in a post I made previously this week. Without getting too much into it, I will link here if you need all the info. The short story is I have a 55g community tank that was having a few issues, but I suspected my betta had fin rot and decided to medicate with Jungle Fungus Clear. This is the second dosing of the medication...you add the tabs, wait 4 days do 25% water change then add second dose. Today is day 7, and tomorrow I was planning on doing the water change and putting carbon in to start pulling the meds out. Well tonight I went to feed and shut down the lights, at first I thought my betta was dead, thankfully not the case but in the corner of the tank by the filter intake is a huge chunk of his tail. Is this normal while treating for fin rot? I am totally freaked out now, and then I noticed by his front fins he has some red (which was not there before treatment) What can I do at this point? I am devastated and want to help him if I still can. Other inhabitants of the tank: 5 white cloud minnows, 1 pleco, 1 oto, a lot of assassin snails.
  2. Hello! I am seeking help for what could be going on with my betta fish? I noticed it last night (2/25/2022) when i fed him, he ate a little then he darted around and swam to the bottom. Today (2/26/2022) when checking him he again was at the bottom, i did a water test, everything is normal, the tank temp is normal too. he came up briefly and received a few pellets before darting down to the bottom again. later on he was sitting kind of bent so i nudged him and he swam up to the top then quickly sunk back to the bottom again. last tank cleaning was 2/20/2022 and i planned to clean the tank again tomorrow (2/26/2022). all help welcomed, i am attaching pictures of how he is sitting at the bottom. TIA!!! edit to add: nudged him again and he come closer to the front of tank, i noticed this on him (circled in purple) also sorry for photo quality, my camera was struggling to focus.
  3. Aurora (my male veiltail) is sick. The water is good, the temperature is fine, I don’t know what’s wrong. He rarely eats his food, and you all know that he goes crazy about pellets normally. He rests in the bottom of the tank, only moving to get air or go to a different spot to rest. His stomach is bloated. What should I do??? Anyone who sees this, if you could reply ASAP then I would be so grateful.
  4. Hi, The water parameters are as follows: Nitrate: 20 Nitrite: 0 GH: 150 (usual) Chlorine: 0 KH: 80 (usual) pH 7.8/8.0 (usual) Temp: 72 - I just realized this and am raising the temperature to 80 This is my brother's fish who I knew had been struggling for a month or two, but I just saw recently how badly he's doing. His tail is usually a half-moon shape, so I think that he's had some serious fin rot. Can someone help diagnose and advise? His coloration is quite faded from when we got him, especially on his tail and near his head. The heater was displaying an incorrect temperature, so I just realized he's been a little chilly for a while and I'm raising the temperature now. I think this guy is going to need a bit more than warm waters to recover, however. Is there a recommended course of action? Many thanks for any advice!
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