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Found 3 results

  1. Right now I have a 20 gallon long tank with a single betta. I plan on making it into a community tank, but am still not too sure what tank mates I should get for my betta. Tank details : I have relatively low kh, high gh (150 - 300 ppm, usually about 200), ph of around 6.8 - 7.0, and the tanks at 78° with a sponge filter and fluval stratum. I was researching panda corys but am worried about my high gh and my non - sand substrate. Which tank mates should I try that will work with my water parameters and betta fish? Also which plants should I have for said tank mates?
  2. Are there any unique ways I can give my betta sources of enrichment? He doesn’t really interact with his environment other than swimming along the glass walls and I can’t help but feel like I’m doing something wrong. He has a coconut hide and a terra cotta tunnel but in the 2 months I’ve had him I haven’t seen him use either. My initial plan was to have 2-3 hides and an abundance of plants but I’m struggling to get my plants to grow and stay healthy. Also how much and how often do I feed my betta fish certain foods? I got him frozen bloodworms, freeze dried bloodworms, fluval bug bites, and ocean nutrition pellets. I give him 10 pellets every day but he still seems hungry as he swims to the front of the tank when I walk by, and is constantly looking for snails thinking they’re food. Once a week I give him the frozen and freeze dried bloodworms and some fluval bug bites, I’d say about 5 or so “pieces” of each. How much should I be feeding those foods and how often? Thanks
  3. Hi, Sorry I don't have a photo, but I noticed a small tiny worm inching along my betta tonight. It was maybe a milimeter or 2mm in length, very small. Didn't look to me like an anchor worm. It also did not look like a flathead worm, but it was very tiny. It was moving around my betta's body, on top of his scales, near his head and gills. My fish has been showing some signs of distress lately, including lethargy and tears in the fins. He is also approx. 2.5 years old. Can someone help me identify if this should be a cause for concern? Additionally, I have API Fungus Cure, Tetra Fungus Guard, and Tetra Lifeguard all-in-one treatment. Please advise if any of these chemicals might be helpful to use. Thank you!
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