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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! Is it normal for an airstone to make a lot of noise as the air escapes? I bought two air stones and put in a sponge filter and another straight in the water. The one directly in the water makes noise for every air bubble. The one in the sponge filter is quiet.
  2. You mentioned that an airstone can be used to quiet a sponge filter. Since the air filter has only one end for an air hose, where do you put it?
  3. Hi team, In have a 4ft tank running a straight 25mm pipe into the sump. Problem is its gurgling day and night. My wife is on the verge of putting her foot down over this tank. Any suggestions??
  4. Does anyone have a fix to have the bubbles that come out of a Zeiss Buble Filter to be smaller or more fine and dispersed? I love the idea of using the Ziess unit, I just don't love the noise that the larger bubbles make when the air exits the top of the unit. Has anyone addressed this, or is it just me being annoyed by the sound?
  5. Hello, My son's aquarium had a hang on back filter that was so loud we could hear it 20 feet away. It vibrated a lot. We switched to the Breza AP-50 from the Aquarium coop. It was okay for about a week and since has been so incredibly loud and the adjustment really doesn't function any longer. Ideas? Is there a pump that is quieter? What is the quietist pump? I have the pump in a box now with anti vibration pads and sound absorbing pads. It still vibrates and wakes my son up. Hoping for a solution so we don't have a loud aquarium. It is a 29 gallon tank. Thanks for any ideas.
  6. For those who have eheim 2217, is 40db too loud or is it normal? Also are FX 6 quieter than this? I have a 75 gallon tank in my room and looking for the quietest filter.
  7. Hey everyone! I just got the Finnex power filter pure-7 from the aquarium co op website. The filter seems to be working just fine, however it's quite loud. I've narrowed it down to the filter cover vibrating because when I take it off the noise goes away. Any suggestions to reduce the vibration?
  8. The noise from the air going into the brine shrimp hatcheries is really getting on my nerves. I’m drawing blanks on how to quiet them down short of putting them into a cabinet. I’m to the point of only running them a few times a week so that I can enjoy being in the fish room, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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