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Eheim 2217 noisy?


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This is just a data point.  I have one of the original Eheim 2213s made in Germany that runs at about 34db at a medium frequency hum in a room with an ambient of 30db (all of the other aquarium equipment turned off).  It is virtually silent, but can rattle if all of the air is not out of the impeller (quiet enough that I can hear the water moving through the hoses).  I originally bought this pump for a 40 gal tank in my bedroom because it was so quiet.  The Fluval 406 next to it is also the same.  Note that the most annoying rattles will not be picked up so a video may help if it is making a grinding/rattling sound.  Now a days both of my canister filters are down out by the air pumps.

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1 hour ago, JL316 said:

Gotcha.  The rattling has been getting worse this past year.  I’ve cleaned and replaced the impeller with no improvement.  Was wondering if I should replace the filter with a different one.  

The impeller is the only moving part in the filter, so I would lean toward trapped air or something clogging the tubes.  A video with the rattle sound would really help.  It really takes effort to get all the air bubbles out of these filters.  You may also want to make sure all of the rubber feet are still installed (PN 7271950) and try holding it off the floor to make sure that it is not a vibration issue.

I also recommend keeping these filters in a plastic container since the Eheim can leak at the joints and ball valves if you do not already do so.  You can catch leaks before they mess up the floor or fish tank stand.  For example, my filters are under the 65 gal tank on the left in the grey container.20201129-20201129_215556.jpg.ece048aa38f55aaaa5f50f9a3e1ae071.jpg

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