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  1. I’m planning of using anubias barteri with the easy planter in my flowerhorn tank. Following the direction from Cory’s video, I will be planting the anubias with the pot. But I was wary if the rhizome would not properly grow because it is stuck with the pot and the wool. Would it be possible for the anubias barteri grow to a big plant or would the growth be inhibited because the rhizome is stuck within the pot? Or do I need to remove the anubias from the pot and the wool in order to facilitate the growth of the rhizome? Thanks for your help!
  2. Gotcha. The rattling has been getting worse this past year. I’ve cleaned and replaced the impeller with no improvement. Was wondering if I should replace the filter with a different one.
  3. For those who have eheim 2217, is 40db too loud or is it normal? Also are FX 6 quieter than this? I have a 75 gallon tank in my room and looking for the quietest filter.
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