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Found 5 results

  1. I have my goldfish barrel clocking in at approximately 100 gallons. It does fine with no filtration as it's heavily planted with water lilies. Currently it has a solar-powered air stone, which runs 8-10 hours a day. I was thinking of trying to build some mechanical filtration with more flow than sponge filter could provide. Does anyone have a recommendation for a submersible solar pump? I wouldn't need the typical turnover rate people look for in a filter, so I'm thinking I could go with a smaller pump/panel.
  2. So I got the nano circulation pump off of the website. Does anyone know how long I should have it on per day in my 20 gallon? Heavily stocked with mollies, platys, corys, kuhlis, and even a pair of GBR. I also have heavily stocked plants (pogos) some Amazon swords, and water sprite, but a majority POGOs. Anyone have any reccomendations?
  3. I'd like to get a pump to help with water changes. I will still use buckets to hold the water, but this will at least speed it up, save my back, and keep my plants in the substrate vs dumping the buckets into the tank. Pythons are nice, but with my tank location (basement) and distance to the sink...not an option. Rim is 4 feet off the floor. So lift needs to be 5-6 feet at least to have decent flow rate. Amazon has some $20-30 ones, but maybe there is a tried and true option you'd recommend.
  4. Hello, My son's aquarium had a hang on back filter that was so loud we could hear it 20 feet away. It vibrated a lot. We switched to the Breza AP-50 from the Aquarium coop. It was okay for about a week and since has been so incredibly loud and the adjustment really doesn't function any longer. Ideas? Is there a pump that is quieter? What is the quietist pump? I have the pump in a box now with anti vibration pads and sound absorbing pads. It still vibrates and wakes my son up. Hoping for a solution so we don't have a loud aquarium. It is a 29 gallon tank. Thanks for any ideas.
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