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Found 6 results

  1. I want the opinions of as many people as possible on this one. If you are starting a new project, how important is it that you buy a new tank? Or, do you save a few bucks and buy a used tank? Is a used tank only as good as its glass, and you replace the silicone? The first responders, please simply post your comments as: 1. Buy a new tank. 2. Buy a used tank. 3. Buy a used tank, but replace the silicone 'Like' the comments to vote for your choice. Or, leave your own comment if you have something specific to share. Thanks, Community, for your input!
  2. Hi, there are some white spots on my aquarium glass as well as some of the rocks in my aquarium. I think that they might be limpets but I’ve never seen them before so I wanted to make sure they weren’t something else. The fish all look healthy and have no spots or issues. Tank: 55 G planted aquarium housing 20 neon tetras, 8 spotted blue eyed rainbow fish, 7 kuhli loaches, 1 honey gourami, 3 nerite snails. Ammonia = 0 ppm Nitrate = 20 ppm Nitrite = 0 ppm Hardness = 150 ppm (GH) Chlorine = 0 ppm Alkalinity = 100 ppm (KH) pH = 7.2 Temperature = 23 C (~74 F)
  3. So many things to consider! We are moving in the next couple of weeks to a new home. This would be a great time to upgrade the Rosaline Barbs and the Rosy Barbs to a bigger tank. (The 55 is looking to small). I hate spending money on the combo from the box store with the press board stand. The acrylic is a stretch for cost but would be lighter and perhaps stronger. But then the stand would break the budget for sure unless we can diy it and have it look nice in the living room. Any ideas or advice anyone can give? I would appreciate it so much.
  4. I purchased a secondhand 40 Breeder for a really good deal. It had a taped on background so I didn't notice until I got home that it had a corner crack. I talked to the seller and got my money back but I still want to salvage the tank somehow. I have a rectangle of glass that is wider than the crack and as high as the back panel that I was planning to silicone over it and then run a bead of silicone along the crack on the outside of the aquarium. When I water tested it was barely weeping through the crack but would still rather be safe than sorry. I know in an ideal world I would replace the whole back panel or just use it for a terrarium. Is this a fool's errand or should it work? I have used squares of glass and silicone to cover bulkhead holes to great success but just want to do this right.
  5. Established, 2 yr old planted 36 gal glass freshwater tank with EcoComplete substrate and Fluval plant light. Couple of large sword plants and several pogo octopus plants. Stocked with 1 large Angel, 6 Cories , 4 otocinclus. Bought same size acrylic tank and need to switch everything over, eventually. I have brand new EcoComplete but can I or should I still use some of the old substrate ? Should I put the old under or over the new ? My plan is to get the new tank going and get a bit of algae built up before moving the Otos over. They are thriving and I don’t want to lose them. Or would there be enough for them eat on the plants themselves to sustain them if I move them sooner? Any advice on making this type of switch would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all !
  6. I wanted to set up a pretty tank. I know! I know! But don't judge me! 😄😄😄 I bought some "sea glass". I read the online description. It sounded fine: It's very pretty...exactly what I wanted: I got it home and just happened to read the lid before filling my tank: Grrrrrrr! Any idea why it's not ok for a tank??? Alesha (akconklin)
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