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  1. The aquarium obsession has become a thing. We started our first 10 gallon in April and after a lot of learn as you go , we finally got it settled and stable. Today we will be starting to put together a 36 gallon bowfront tank. We decided to go full on rock featured aqua scape with this one. We have been searching for the perfect rocks to build a unique rock centerpiece and I finally found them several days ago. As much as I wanted to just get something together and going and get the tank built, ugghh.. LOL Nope, learn from your mistakes the first time, get this one going right from the beginning. We got the right silicone and took the time to get a nice base built and now 48 hours later we are ready to build the tank today. Rocks are solid and silicone is cured. So excited. 🙂 It's gonna be a busy tank day, as we are changing up our 10 gallon a bit to. We have also been preparing some nice driftwood pieces and will be transitioning the 10 gallon to a more all driftwood/ planted setup. Photos to come along...
  2. Established, 2 yr old planted 36 gal glass freshwater tank with EcoComplete substrate and Fluval plant light. Couple of large sword plants and several pogo octopus plants. Stocked with 1 large Angel, 6 Cories , 4 otocinclus. Bought same size acrylic tank and need to switch everything over, eventually. I have brand new EcoComplete but can I or should I still use some of the old substrate ? Should I put the old under or over the new ? My plan is to get the new tank going and get a bit of algae built up before moving the Otos over. They are thriving and I don’t want to lose them. Or would there be enough for them eat on the plants themselves to sustain them if I move them sooner? Any advice on making this type of switch would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all !
  3. Hi, I am Mark in NJ. First time fish keeper. I have a planted tank that is in the cycling process now. 36 Gallon Bow front. I want a calm community tank with variety of colorful fish and type of fish that don't get too big. I don't want breeding. And I am in love with Angel fish - so that is my 1 centerpiece that I must have. Other than that - colorful and peaceful and different shapes and colors is what I am looking for. My daughter really likes glo fish tetras, so I want to work 6 of them into this tank as well. Would like to know if this stocking list would work (in terms of getting along - note: I've created sections with rocks and drift wood to block sight lines): 1 Angel 1 Honey gourami 6 Glofish Tetras 1 Apisto Cockatoo Thanks, Mark PS: Here is a pic of my aquascaped tank with no fish yet.
  4. Hey everyone! We got our daughter an aquarium for Christmas - 36 bow front. She loves animals an we figured this would be a nice addition. We've learned so much this past month! I had no idea you had to cycle a tank. It's been great learning and teaching her about the nitrogen cycle. We are getting close to being cycled - still have some nitrites, but nitrates are coming up. Can't wait. We want a community tank and are thinking about adding zebra danios first (not set in stone). I've really gotten into it and can't wait to get my own tank. I've also really started getting in to the plant side of it, which is funny because I don't really know anything about plants! We haven't decided what fish we are going to add, but we have a list of possible. Fish on our list (in no particular order) Zebra danios She loves guppies, mollys and platties - I told her we probably won't be able to get all three, I think they all are live bearers and produce a lot of off spring?? Harlequin rasboa Some kind of tetra - Cardinal maybe?? I've read neons are not best for newbies And some kind of coy cats I'll take any tips or advice you have.
  5. How would you change this 36 gal tank into a planted tank? The Rocks and mangrove will stay in place. The artificial plants will have to go. I am a beginner withe live plants in an aquarium. I dont know why the image fliped.
  6. This tank plus my pea puffer desk tank have got to be it for new tanks for awhile! I'm going...a little overboard here with new tank planning. Thanks, COVID! But I'm seeing a nice 36g bowfront on sale at PetSmart right now with a nice cabinet stand (has a crappy lid but I can swap it out for glass + better lighting) and I think it would be perfect for a main (smallish) living room peaceful community tank. I currently have 3 somewhat unhappy pygmy cories that need more friends, so I'm thinking of moving them over. I love the look of endlers and would definitely like a school of those. I'm planning on using a nice, somewhat hefty sponge filter and heavily planting, of course. I think I'd also like to try a bamboo shrimp. So, what else should I put in there to play nice with my peacenics? Gold platys would look cool with endlers, as would harlequin or lambchop rasboras. But I'd love to make room for some nerite and mystery snails, too. This will also be my first experience with livebearers so I'm a little scared of getting overwhelmed with two species of them (but I guess I could always give extra to my carnivores!) Should I just start with endlers, corys, bamboo shrimp and snails for awhile and then add another fish later? And what about substrate? I'm a little afraid of using sand and having it get compacted, needing to add MTS and having them starve out my prettier pet snails. Any opinions on "planted" aquarium substrate?
  7. Hello all first I'm new to the forums. I have 36 gallon bow front aquarium with Angel Fish, Bushey nose super red plecos, two nerite snails and hopefully Tetras soon. I want to try my hand at live plants. I use a Fluval 2.0 light. Any suggestions on a couple different types of plants that I can try and would that light be good for them? Thanks!
  8. It all started September of 2019 when some sixth graders at the school I work for decided to get me a betta for my birthday. Fast forward a year and I have two tanks in my office (20 long and 40 breeder) and 4 at home (two 20's, 36 bowfront and a 75). Here are the current contents: 20 long - It's currently cycling. It was broken down a month ago. It will house my 9 pseudomugil gertrudae and 3 peacock gudgeons which are currently in a 10 gallon. It is dirted and I am still adding plants here and there. The "floating" plants are what I will be carpeting with. 10 gallon who will be getting upgraded soon to the 20 long. It's a tad bare now because I moved some plants over to the 20 long. 40 breeder - This is also dirted and has DIY CO2. It currently has 6 albino corydoras, a Siamese algae eater, an albino bristlenose pleco and a pair of Bolivian rams with a lot of various plants, rocks and driftwood. I have 7 celebes rainbowfish currently in quarantine that will be going in there. 20 #1 - This is another dirted tank that has 5 (soon to be a dozen) pseudomugil luminatus and a female apistogramma cacatuoides (the male died about a month ago). Also has various plants and a DIY CO2. 20 #2 - This one will be rescaped. It currently has 6 white clouds and an apistogramma agasizzii. It sits next to 20 #1 and will share the DIY CO2. No picture because it's ugly! lol 36 bowfront - This one is not dirted but has root tabs for the plants and a DIY CO2. Fish-wise it has 10 black harlequin rasboras, a dozen habrosus corydoras, 5 kuhli loaches, a Siamese algae eater, a bristlenose pleco, a female apistogramma borellii and a female apistogramma breitbinden (they are besties) and some cherry shrimp who love to hang out on the sponge filter. Some of the background plants died, but there are some "saplings" that you can't see behind the spiderwood. 75 - It's currently empty while I finish scaping it. Currently it has four pieces of driftwood and three swords and it also dirted. It will be room temperature because I want to put native fish in there. Mountain redbelly daces and some sort of darter are what I'm thinking at the moment. I also have a 2.5 gallon that has a few golden wonder killifish fry in it. Both parents died recently.
  9. The hood that came with my 36g bf has a light in it but it's not as bright ad I'd like it. I have an extra finnex light that will fit but I'm not sure if it should go towards the front or the back. Thoughts? Also I hate this hood but I can't find a replacement that fits.
  10. Hey, I setup a 36 gallon and I want like a bigger feature type fish for it. Something like an electric blue acara or blood parrot. I want a school of rummy nose tetra in the aquarium and so I dont want fish that will eat them (why I don't want the electric blue acara) also something that is peacful as it is a communtiy aquarium. I am already putting two angelfish in it.
  11. Hello, How many espei rasboras or glowlight tetras can I fit into a 36 gallon bowfront?
  12. I have a 29 tall tank with coop plants in it and I just acquired a 36 bowfront. I want to move my plants to the new tank. The 29 was planted in March 2020 so i have good growth on all the plants just wondering if their are any tips you could give on making the transfer. I have Jungle Val, Pogo Octopus, A dwarf lily, and a amazon sword plant. I am also thinking about changing substrate, i currently have basic PetSmart black stones, should I try a planted tank substrate this time? Thank you, Travis
  13. Hi everyone! Like the title says, I'm from Hawaii. I'm getting back into the hobby, planning a fancy goldfish tank. So obviously, I don't have any fish yet, save for some guppies in ponds outside, but I'll add a picture of my cats, who I'm sure are looking forward to the new arrivals. I've ordered some plants from the Co-Op so I'll have plenty of time to aquascape while the fish are in quarantine. I've anyone has tips for breaking up the line of sight in a tall tank (it's a 36g bowfront, which is 30in tall) let me know! Fun fact: my grandpa used to keep saltwater fish, there was one manini I was fond of (sadly, I don't remember the tank or the fish, who was named Charlie Boy). I'll try to see if anyone has a photo of the aquarium.
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