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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, there are some white spots on my aquarium glass as well as some of the rocks in my aquarium. I think that they might be limpets but I’ve never seen them before so I wanted to make sure they weren’t something else. The fish all look healthy and have no spots or issues. Tank: 55 G planted aquarium housing 20 neon tetras, 8 spotted blue eyed rainbow fish, 7 kuhli loaches, 1 honey gourami, 3 nerite snails. Ammonia = 0 ppm Nitrate = 20 ppm Nitrite = 0 ppm Hardness = 150 ppm (GH) Chlorine = 0 ppm Alkalinity = 100 ppm (KH) pH = 7.2 Temperature = 23 C (~74 F)
  2. Those appeared about a week ago. They seem like some kind of a slug if you look at them from above, but l caught one eating algae from the glass so I got a picture of it. Looks like a baby snail, it moves and eats like a snail, but its shell is clam-like? What is this thing? Snails I keep/have seen in my tank before are malaysian trumpet snails and pond snails. P.S. sorry for the bad GIF quality, that's the best I could make to upload here.
  3. I have been trying to film an Oryzias Latipes egg hatching for about a week or so now. I removed the eggs from some moss in my tank with a pipette and placed them in a deli cup with tap water and whatever water was in the pipette. The first few days I only saw a few things darting around in the drop of water on the slide with the egg. After a week I noticed all sorts of things alive and moving, some even attached themselves to the egg. I'm no expert on what any of these things are, but I imagine that the small things are paramecium. I can recognize that there are vorticella and a nematode, but I have no idea what the grabby big mouth worm thing is. Any insights? I have been unsuccessful so far in filming the moment of hatching. I found myself watching all the little things that I never knew were there more intently and with more curiosity than watching the egg itself. Just thought I would share.
  4. I have a 5.5 gallon shrimp tank with freshwater limpets that I HATE. They constantly cover the glass and look awful. I had been told that they boom and bust and that if I ride it out they won’t be as bad. Well it’s been a year and they’ve been crazy forever. Doesn’t matter if I starve the tank or feed a ton the population stays at the same insane level. I’ve tried manual removal, I’ve tried feeding the shrimp in a dish and removing after an hour to make sure there’s no leftover food for them. Nothing works. I’m at the point where I might try to remove all of the shrimp and heat the tank super high to kill them? Anyone had limpets and gotten rid of them successfully?
  5. Hi. I noticed these blobs crawling around the glass today and have no idea what they are. Lol. Are they good? Bad? Tasty for the fish? Any help would be great. Here's the best pics I could get.
  6. We have many of these tiny, snail-like organisms in our tank (2mm max). Are they ferrissia? Should we be concerned? What should we do? Close-up video (w/ child commentary)
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