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  1. Perhaps you missed the part where I mentioned that I already have an outlet timer. If I did not have one, I would indeed be interested in a “programmable outlet” (such as the one offered by Aquarium-Coop). I am not under the impression one can control the specific light spectrums of a non-programmable light from that sort of device. Therefore, I am interested in guidance specific to limitations of a non-programmable light paired with an outlet device. Your thread seems to focus on the programming I could not control even if I wanted to. For myself and on behalf of those that would only be purchasing an outlet device, what methodology do you use (and what variables play into) determining an appropriate on/off cycle?
  2. I think I understand some of the benefits of using light siestas and have seen a lot of the programming complexity people get into. I have a Finnex Stingray for my 10 gallon as well as an outlet timer. What methodology do you use (and what variables play into) determining an appropriate on/off cycle?
  3. I agree it looks like a limpet. I remember discovering them in my tank - they are really neat! Close-up video (w/ child commentary)
  4. I am quite interested in what others would say to your proposal because I have considered something similar (but not necessarily for profit). I have quite a bit of driftwood, rocks, etc which is great until I start considering what it would be like come vacuum time. Also, I was considering the small number of nano fish and am concerned about them getting/discovering the food come feeding time (before it reaches the bottom). I need a feeding regiment that is easy enough to pass on to someone come vacation time. It appears as though The Wet Spot has some Sterbais as well as Aqua Huna.
  5. Roko - I like your grouping suggestion. What are you thoughts on trading the cory cats for Kuhli loaches? Do I need to be concerned about the space type competition between them and the apistos?
  6. Nataku - Thank you for the kind words and your suggestions. I couldn't help but be amazed that you figured out the two other fish I have in my tank that I didn't mention. I have a farlowella (the kids named "Sticky") as well as a spectracanthicus punctatissimus – (L030 | L016 | L315). Do you have any thoughts on red scarlet endlers vs chili rasboras?
  7. Since the picture below, my 55 no longer has my angelfish. The plants have grown some and I have several amano shrimp. I am considering the following: Hillstream loach Black kuhli loaches Many varieties of endlers Galaxy rasboras Brilliant rasboras Chili rasboras Bamboo shrimp Otocinclus honorable mentions: Red white clouds (maybe long-fin) Select Apistogramma I am interested in anyone thoughts. What groupings/varieties would you suggest? Should I just put some of everything in? What problems could I be asking for? What other suggestions should I consider (I really want to keep the amanos)? Some options will eat fry vs those that wont...
  8. Getting good pictures of an aquarium can be difficult for many reasons and not everyone has the budget or the know-how. Many are limited to using their cellphones. What problems have you faced and what tick(s) have you discovered to overcome those difficulties?
  9. We have many of these tiny, snail-like organisms in our tank (2mm max). Are they ferrissia? Should we be concerned? What should we do? Close-up video (w/ child commentary)
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