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Found 5 results

  1. I purchased a secondhand 40 Breeder for a really good deal. It had a taped on background so I didn't notice until I got home that it had a corner crack. I talked to the seller and got my money back but I still want to salvage the tank somehow. I have a rectangle of glass that is wider than the crack and as high as the back panel that I was planning to silicone over it and then run a bead of silicone along the crack on the outside of the aquarium. When I water tested it was barely weeping through the crack but would still rather be safe than sorry. I know in an ideal world I would replace the whole back panel or just use it for a terrarium. Is this a fool's errand or should it work? I have used squares of glass and silicone to cover bulkhead holes to great success but just want to do this right.
  2. I cracked a tank as I was drilling is there anyway to salvage it?
  3. We bought this 220 gallon tank used a while ago and just noticed that one of the rear bottom corners has a cracked rim. It's obvious someone tried to silicone it at some point. The tank has been sitting in our garage full of water for the past month and a half or so and hasn't leaked. We're having over friends to help us move it tomorrow and just noticed this. Is it just cosmetic or should we be seriously concerned about the crack? My husband thought maybe could run a metal strap around the bottom to help hold it together? Is it worth trying? I'd rather not have a 220 gallon disaster on my hands!
  4. i had a tank crack down the side it is a glass 35 on a stand dose anyone know were i can get a 35 gallon tank
  5. Before class I was in the process of moving my 10 gallon tank to a higher table right next to the stand it was on to make space for a 29 gallon. BUT in the process I managed to further crack the tank when there was just a tiny sliver on the top edge under the black trim. Luckily I had a spare 10 gallon and used it to redo my tank. Lots and lots of broken down aqua soil and almost a silt like substance. But in the panic of it all I managed to put the 10 gallon back onto the same stand it was on and forgot to place it onto its new stand. Do I have to completely redo the process and remove everything just to move it a few inches over onto a taller table? Anyways during class the explanation to my teacher of why I was busy was... complicated. Anyways here’s some pics of the new ten gallon.
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