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  1. As a Cichlid keeper I am always on the lookout for large rocks to furnish my aquarium, some that I've collected are over 70 lbs. (and are of course my fishes favorites) While in the lawn and garden section of my local menards I found these resin rocks designed to cover unsightly utilities. Man it would be WAY easier to use hollow rocks like this in my tanks. Has anyone used something like this before? What should I be looking out for in fish behavior/ water parameters to tell me that these are not aquarium safe? I bought a medium size one and will chuck it in a tank tonight.
  2. I’d love to add this little Stormtrooper to my Starwars scape but I’m hesitant! Has anyone had experience with this before? I have done some research and it’s hit or miss. Some say it would be an absolute tragedy and others say in small amounts, it’s hardly noticeable (if at all) in terms of changing water conditions. Thoughts?
  3. So I have a diy spray bar and my suction cups to hold it up both decided to not work anymore so I temporarily have it up with a zip tie. I’m looking at my hardware store for some kind of hook to use that would hang over the back of the tank. My question is is there any type of plastic I should steer clear of? I don’t want to get something and have it kill all my fish. I found this hook for over a door but for the material it just says plastic. Anyone know or use something for there spray bars that would work?
  4. I sprayed Goo Gone adhesive remover onto two terracotta pots to remove the labels. When I took the labels off, I felt the spray still on the pots. I washed the sprayed areas off and I didn’t feel it anymore. Could some of the spray be absorbed into the clay? I know that there are clay based aquarium substrates that absorb fertilizer. So is the same process possible in pots with other chemicals?
  5. So I just bought some of the Craftsmart Natural clay from Michaels to make DIY root tabs. I am mixing it with some organic potting mix, rolling into balls, and letting it air dry. I am probably going to bake it in the over for an hour as well. I am having a hard time finding any information online about it, other then the product stating that it is 100% natural and non toxic. Has anyone used this clay in their aquarium or know if it would be safe to use? 🤙🏻
  6. I like to invent using recycled materials, trash, broken things etc. I have many questions and google says yes and no cause people answer by repeating wrong answers. Is there a hit glue that is aquarium safe? Which 3d printer medium is best? Any pvc pipe or other pipes that certianly should not be used? I use apple juice containers from wart for filtration containers. sewer pvc pipe, broken dishes, drainage pipe (the cheap black stuff) old this and that, etc. about everything close to safe. My long term goal is to eat the plants that grow from the tanks and eat the non ornamental fish I produce. so don't need fish toxic or human toxic. I can not find a list. Fyi, doctor ordered me to bed rest for a recent back injury, so on my phone with fat fingers. Doing my best to correct auto spell and pain killers..
  7. I topped up the tank this afternoon with around 12 litres of water. When I placed the glass lids back on top, they almost fell in because the gap where the lid sits is now so much bigger. I then placed the plastic tops over that and they almost fell in as well. Yesterday these were perfectly flush, but now I measured 6mm gap between the middle of the lid and the front panel! I can push it back to where it was with a fair amount of force, but then it immediately flexes back as soon as I take my weight off it. Is this normal? Should I be asking for a replacement tank?
  8. I was thinking about putting in a metal or maybe plastic scale plane model in my aquarium and then growing moss or maybe Monte Carlo over it. Would that be in anyway harmful to the fish? And what are somethings to watch out for? I’ve heard koi and copper don’t mix so I was curious.
  9. Does anyone know a way to clean all those white marks from aquarium lights?I think they have actually lowered the light intensity by a lot.I saw a video about this but they used dish soap and im pretty sure thats not aquarium safe.
  10. Fish police like to say colored gravel will “leech toxins” into your tank, but I haven’t seen any actual evidence other than some anecdotes. Is there any truth to this?
  11. I know the rule is put your air pump above your tank, but I've never done that. It is below the electrical socket, however. Was doing a water exchange so turned everything off, including the air pump. I took a bit longer than usual (got interrupted) there was enough time for the water to slowly leak back down the air hose in the pump. Needless to say, I soon had a puddle of water leaking out of my air pump. BTW, an air pump isn't strong enough to push all that water back up the tube. Neither is a human blowing into the tube as hard a he can. Fortunately I had a backup air pump so I cleared the hose, hooked up the new one, and threw away the old one cause it finally croaked soon after. And, luckily, wifey wasn't home so she is none the wiser of the giant puddle of aquarium water I had on the floor! Seriously, though, lesson learned. Keep the air pump running since you're not draining the rank entirely. Or pinch off the hose or disconnect it. Ideally the pump should literally be above your tank so water can't somehow run down into it and possibly cause an electrical fire. Second dumbest was moving to a different apartment in my college days. Was carrying my 10 gallon down the stairs with fish still in it an turned into the stair rail and broke the side. Fortunately I tilted it quick enough to keep fish and enough water in the tank and dumped the whole thing in a cooler to keep them alive. Bought new aquarium the next day and moved all the gravel and remaining water to the new tank so I didn't have try and do a whole new cycle. And somehow the fish all survived despite all the stress. Worst water change ever!
  12. Hello all. I work at a quarry and we’ve processed some rock down into gravel and pea gravel. It has interesting colours in it and I’m wondering if I could use it I’m some future aquarium set ups. Can anyone shed light on how I can condition the gravel so it would be safe to use ?? Is boiling it enough ?? thanks everyone in advance for your input.
  13. Hi folks, hopefully this is a quick an easy question for more experienced aquarists. My house came with a bunch of leaky, broken ponds in the backyard. I've since dismantled them, but I'm left with a bunch of rock that was used to make up the various water features feeding the ponds. Some of them are visually interesting bits of rock and I was hoping to use them in a new aquarium I'm setting up for my wife. I've given all these pieces a good scrub in some clean water, and generally the water runs cleanly off them. If I really hit 'em with a scrub brush, they'll give off a bit of rusty tinge. They don't react to vinegar or anything like that and seem to otherwise meet the requirements for aquarium safe rock. Does anyone see any reason not to use this rock in an aquarium? A quick bit of research says the rust won't harm the fish, but I figured I'd throw the question to someone other than Google. Thanks all!
  14. I purchased the easy root tab from the co-op store. I thought I had buried them far down in the substrate but later I found that the cory's and guppies in my tank had found it and tore it shreds. The powder is everywhere in the tank and I took out most of the shell pieces. I know that the packaging says they are safe for fish, but are they safe for fish when they eat them? Are they safe for shrimp?
  15. I was doing a big water change today because I have been sick and was unable to change my crayfish's water for a couple extra days more than preferred when I was pouring the water in her filter bag must have had a hole in it or something and now there are a few carbon pieces on the bottom of her tank. will they hurt her if she trys to chew on them??? I use the Fluval carbon external filters
  16. I've been rescaping and replanting my 29 gallon. I bought two new pieces of wood to add in and have been bucket soaking them for the last 3 days. I was curious as I watched all the tannins leaching so I tested PH of the wood bucket water against my normal tap water. Tap water: 8.0ph Wood bucket water: 6.4-6.6ph My tank water runs about 7.8 after 3 weeks without any water change, so the difference is obviously nominal. So, my question is: do I need to be concerned putting these new wood pieces in my tank? I'm a bit concerned that the ph will be lowered too much and hurt my fish whom are well used to the much higher ph.
  17. After I boil a piece of driftwood; is it ok to use the tannin water in my aquarium?
  18. Is it ok to just leave potted plants in rock wool? For years I was told to remove the plants immediately and repot/plant in substrate...but now I noticed that Cory from Aquarium Coop leaves plants in rock wool when they are placed in his Easy Planters! I think rock wool is easy to work with and if the plants have been originally started in it, shouldn't it be just fine for permanent growth? Thanks All
  19. Picked up this 20g on craigslist the other day. The guy told me it was brand new and it passed the eye test while I was double parked when I went to pick it up. I guess I should've looked closer, it appears to be chipped on the corner. The chip doesn't reach the inside of the tank, though, it's only on the outside corner, like something bumped into it. Should I be worried about filling it with water? Maybe only fill it half way and let it sit overnight to see if it leaks?
  20. Like the title says are Bay leaves ok for shrimps? Also got a couple other questions like do i only re-feed my shrimps after they are done with the leaves? Do i need to change it? Or will they eat it all/degrade over time?
  21. Hello! One of my newest aquascaping ideas includes medium - large rocks from the ocean that I collected. Is it safe to put it in a freshwater aquarium? If so, does anyone do anything to the decor before adding? Thanks!
  22. I wanted to set up a pretty tank. I know! I know! But don't judge me! 😄😄😄 I bought some "sea glass". I read the online description. It sounded fine: It's very pretty...exactly what I wanted: I got it home and just happened to read the lid before filling my tank: Grrrrrrr! Any idea why it's not ok for a tank??? Alesha (akconklin)
  23. Safe for aquarium? Not safe? It was my understanding spiderwood is taken from azalea roots. If this is true, I'm wondering if cuttings from branches could be used as well. I ask because I had to prune back an old azalea this summer and I saved some of the oldest, driest cuttings, which have been sitting in my garage for a few months. I thought these--trimmed up, cleaned up and thinned out a bit--might look good in a blackwater, leaf-litter aquascape. Anyone have any experience in with this type of branch wood?
  24. Which are ok for aquarium decor? How about bisque (unglazed porcelain)? I've been looking for aquarium decor, but I want something a little different. How do I know what is tank safe?
  25. Planning to reseal my new 30 Breeder that I got 2nd hand. I normally get the GE Brand but Menards has just the DAP Brand. I think they are equitable but just want a 2nd opinion before I go through the process. There are no mold inhibitors and it appears to just be 100% Silicone same as the GE Brand.
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