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  1. Whenever there's time change I always have to go into my Chihiros app to 'reset' things.
  2. I have a very large garden in the summer and grow and preserve a lot of food. Also do a lot of volunteering in my community. That pretty much occupies most of my spare time, other than a bit of WoW (video games)
  3. How is the flow in your tank? I get BBA where there is stagnant water. Your nitrates are on the high side, but no direct correlation with BBA that I know of, unless others can chime in. Biggest thing is doing the maintenance to clean it off as people have suggested, then continuing to monitor and clean off during your weekly water changes.
  4. Starting up a 10g here soon and trying to decide if I try and grow Monte Carlo for the first time with or without CO2. I also want to try to grow some red plants like Alternanthera Reineckii Mini or Cryptocoryne Flamingo 2023. If I do those two things I'll be happy!
  5. If you're looking for a fast-grower to fill up that middle area, I would do something like hygrophila polysperma. Great beginner plant, grows fast (help eat up those nitrates!).
  6. You can now purchase Aquarium Co-op products in Canada at April's Aquarium. I don't know of any other retail partners in Canada (yet). https://yourlocalfishstore.com/shop/AQUARIUM-CO-OP-PREMIUM-PRODUCTS-c141635047
  7. 20% water change, plant trim and maintenance on my 6 gallon - red guppies and orange pumpkin shrimp. Also ATTACKING the BBA haha (cleaning off driftwood is a weekly chore it seems) Trying to decide on lighting and filter for my next tank - 45p (10 gallon) iwagumi. Fun to think about!
  8. I have similar tap water to you and have been using 50% tap and 50% RO water from the start to lower the KH and GH somewhat (I think my KH is actually around 130ppm). I also have similar plant to you and java moss and never had any issues. pH in my tank is around 7.4 with half aquasoil and half gravel.
  9. Mine's starting to get larger too, I will probably just prune the roots back to a manageable size. I'll also keep the overall plant from getting to large for the tank size.
  10. I've never been able to get mine to be red either. I'd have to turn my light up to max (currently at 50%) and would rather not deal with algae. My plants are doing fine they just aren't red.
  11. In addition to trying to manually remove it and getting fish or shrimp that might eat it, I would reduce your nitrate levels through regular water changes. 75 seems high to me and might cause algae issues. Also, even at 6 hours a light could be too bright (is it dimmable?) if there's not enough plants and also cause algae.
  12. In my limited experience, the more plants, the more they 'filter' the tank and help balance things. But it's really up to you, I like the look of a heavily planted tank, but also depends on the inhabitants and their needs.
  13. I wanted to provide an update. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and comments given our limited options here in Canada. I seemed to have the best luck with Chemiclean. Shortly after I tried this method the BGA was pretty much gone. This and persistent cleaning of the tank and regular maintenance/water changes. Since then I lost my female betta. Whether or not that was due to my BGA interventions I'm unsure. She got sick suddenly, perhaps bloated from overfeeding and had balance issues. I really don't know. Since then I had some brown algae/diatoms that I could not get rid of until I was encouraged to get shrimp. With the betta gone, in little less than a week (away on holidays), my Orange Sakura Shrimp did an amazing job of getting rid of all the algae, so much I have to be careful to give them enough food or they start to nibble at the plants. I also have been accidentally over fertilizing the tank. I was not measuring the dose correctly (NilocG Thrive C), needless to say the plants are super lush. A bit higher nitrates but I think I caught it in time. Everything seems to be coming in balance. Yesterday I added a few male Red Guppies. They're settling in nicely and I think I can start to relax and enjoy the tank. 🙂
  14. Just cleaned as much BGA as I could and did @Seattle_Aquarist's H2O2 method. Fingers crossed.
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