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  1. The marine land is nice, thick glass with a heavy lid. Its about the size of a standard 5G standing on its side, so its footprint is minimal, I don't know about the stagnant water in the back filter since i put an air pump in there from the start, you can always find those 10G tetra air pumps on amazon for around 5-6$, there is also enough room to hide your heater back there. There are some cons though, it being taller than wide its limited on side to side swimming space, the light it comes with is not great, i would recommend upgrading it to a finnex stingray clip on. The filter pump it comes with is still to powerful for my liking for a betta, even turned all the way down, it created a significant current flow, and with the tank being a taller tank it tended to create a downward spiral current in the tank. I cut a cube of sponge and cut a slot into it to place over it and that solved that problem, otherwise i would recommend finding a less powerful water pump, and of course there is no handle on the lid, so its not as easy to take it off if you need to, i use some stick on drawer knobs with a drop of superglue to use as handles for my custom lids, i've also noticed that you'll lose water in the back filter before seeing a the water level drop in the front, something to check on if you have a longer period between water changes. Other than that i do think its a great tank with a lot of potential if your willing to work on it a little.
  2. Ill do that, thanks! it is sad a lot work went into them but it is what it is.
  3. The space I've been renting for the past few months is finally going away, so I have an immediate need to off load most of my tanks. I much rather give them to people I know will appreciate them and the fish within, so before I start taking them to a fish store id like to give any of you in the area a chance to take them. Everything attached to said tanks will be include at no cost, just need to pick them up. Have x2 20Gs, x1 60G, all hardware will be included. An assortment of fish for adoption, including Celestial Ram, Bolivian Rams, bosemani rainbow fish, cherry barbs, bristlenose plecos, a few congo tetras, rummy nose tetras, Guppies, platys, a female apisto agasizzii, and 5 salt and pepper corys. NO CHARGE for anything, just want them to go to a good home. I'm in the San Diego area, if anyone is interested please let me know soon, i have limited time and will have to start taking the fish out soon.
  4. Been a while since I've been on the forum, just wanted to post some updates of the Fish office and where's its at today if anyone wants to check it out. The 60G is recovering from a filter failure while I was away on my vacation, thankfully my buddie was able to salvage some it. Lost a lot of the adult Guppies, but enough fry has survived to rebuild. The snail population has exploded though, still working on that. Plants are obviously still going strong, those Sword plants on either side continue to grow into bushes. The 195G is looking healthy, that java moss on the right is doing really well, I'm pulling most of it out every month with it soon regrowing right after. Still feels a little empty, I think I want to put a school of angels and a few more Congo tetras and rainbow fish in there. The Bolivian Rams are doing really well, had a surprise spawn in the tank, saved as many as I could, must of been 100 fry when I first noticed them, was able to fish out maybe 25 and left rest with the parents with the hope they could protect some of them, that didn't go to well, but the fry I was able to raise myself seem to be growing fine. (Sorry for the bad pictures). So out of the 4 Celestial rams I acquired I received 1 male and 3 females, after the male paired off with a female, I moved them over to there own tank (was breeding a pair of Apistos in there previously, hence the home made caves). They've spawned unsuccessfully once so far, I'm doing my best to condition them back to spawning health again. The Gardneri Killi's are also doing well, I've gotten 3 fry from them in the short amount of time I've had them. I know I could really get more fry if I set up a proper breeding tank for them, for now I'm just enjoying there company. That'll be a future endeavor. Lastly the "Easy Tank" is doing its thing. Was fighting a losing battle with algae until I put the water lettuce in. Really digging the look of the long roots of the floaters. so much so, I've added it to most of the tanks. A school of Rummynose and the 2 other female Rams are calling this one home. Little update on everything here, love to answer any questions or receive any constructive criticism from anyone that took the time to read this, especially any Ram or Gardneri breeding tips, fry care, best thing to do with all the extra plant growth, or snail removal/management (especially that one). Thanks
  5. You're right, I dont know why but i kept thinking multiple tanks on one shelf.
  6. I have a similar shelf that I use primarily for food and supply storage, but I do have a 4G nano tank on it. I know this isn't anything close to a 40G but that being said, it wasn't the frame that caused me concern but the particle board shelving. After a while I noticed the water line in the tank started sloping towards the center. I ended up doubling the boards and it solved the issue. I believe it will work without much issue, but i would either double up the shelves, or better yet, get a thicker solid board to place the tank on. Side note - Watched many tour videos of Master Breeder Dean's fish room and it appears he uses a lot of this type of shelving, but if you look closely, the boards he has on there are noticeably thick.
  7. Thanks everyone, it was the Pre filter, even though it was clean, it was enough to block the filter from priming correctly, seems to running now, just having trouble with the vinyl tubing now, its starting to kink in the heat over here.
  8. Anyone have any experience with the Marineland Magniflow 220 canister filters? worked well for a month, then noticed the outflow was greatly reduced, cleaned it out but now cant get it to restart properly, it wont prime properly, cant seem to shake all the air out, and out flow is still low. Could it be a position thing? Its sitting just below the tank, like it barely fits in-between the beams under there.
  9. Thanks Fish Folk, I will be on the look out with the Rams, I have seen them spawn, but no fry has come yet, that would be a good explanation as to why. I haven't seen much spawning behavior from the Killi's yet, might be to young still, though I don't know the age of them, biggest male might be an inch and a quarter. Goin to be moving the Apistos. over to the empty tank soon, don't have much as far as botanicals, but I've got caves covered. Appreciate the insight, thanks again!
  10. So, I recently got lucky with finding a few more fish id like to try breeding, but my water is quite hard, comes out of the tap around 400+ ppm., so I decided to go ahead and spend the money on a simple RO filter. I haven't installed the deionizing filter on it, but the water coming out of it is consistently reading 14-17 ppm., which I know is very low. I thought about mixing it with tap water to raise levels, but I was thinking it might be easier to raise the hardness levels by other means if necessary, wonder shells. neutral regulator, something like that. I have one 20G tank setup with just RO water, and I've been slowly using it for water changes in the other 2. According to ACP test strips, parameters in the RO only tank are: Nitrates-25 Nitrates-0 GH-17 KH-0 PH-6.4 So I know it will depend species to species, but I've never messed with RO filters before and I know there's a lot of admirable breeders on here, so I wanted to ask all of you, since I can only really find general info on water conditions for the fish I'm currently hoping to breed. The 3 species I'm currently keeping and hoping to spawn are Apisto. Agassizii ( just got a group and was lucky enough to have M/F pair up), Gardneri killifish, and a hybrid strain of Rams (electric blue/black ram, though I don't think that will change anything specific). I've had very low success with egg laying fish in the past, they'll try, but haven't had any amazing spawns from them and I'm pretty certain its has something to do with hardness of my water. Just hoping for some advice, tips, things to look out for, things of that nature. Thanks ahead of time for any help.
  11. The blossoms just keep coming, two weeks later, the original stem is now an amazon bush, and more stems are popping up all around. Interestingly enough I have a few growing out of the water now, and it seems the other big sword plant in the opposite corner is joining in.
  12. It looks like it would be ok, I remember once I had a 10G on a little end table like thing and it worked fine, though the day I broke that tank down and took it off, that thing literally folded up and fell apart, but id feel better about the blocks and 2x 10's. Just built one of these too, had to accommodate a 18" wide tank as well, but I was personally uncomfortable with the overhang. Home depot had smaller blocks, 8x8x6 I think, that I lined and stacked up, alternating the smaller blocks and the bigger 16x8x6 blocks as I went up, make the stand a total of 22" wide, I know its quite big, but I feel better not having that overhang myself, plus it looks cool to me.
  13. Wow, that sounds like an impressive plant.
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