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  1. So.. I've been trying to read all I can on this.. and have seen arguments between substrate and infection positions, with burger having great outcomes. Not a sign of any other fish in the tank in distress. I've had then for five months or so.. and they seen to be growing fine. What should I be treating with then? Both them and the rest of the community tank? This makes sense.. but I thought netting them twice in a day seemed super stressful on its own
  2. My false julii corys have lost their barbels and show signs of skin damage after being in a tank with what I thought was smooth enough small gravel. They are now in a hospital tank with sand. (Other then the obvious trauma, they seem fine. Active, and eating when presented with wafers or zucchini) I want to change my main tank aquascape to be sand on one half of the tank, and the other half to remain gravel to give them a better substrate (once they show signs of healing which I understand can take a while) 29 gallon tank. Planted, but no CO2. Other tankmates are 7 black skirt tetras, 8 leopard danios, one bn pleco, and two nerites. My question is.. is it more stressful to net and move the tankmates to work on the tank, and then move then back? Or is it more stressful to them to work on the tank with them in it? I would think the work would take several hours. Thanks in advance
  3. so, I have this algae all over the tank. Is it the beginning of BBA? there are no fuzzy clumps of it. rather, its is wispy filaments all over the place. ammonia\nitrites are 0. nitrates are 75. have been using tabs, easy green. no co2. stingray light on 6 hours a day. what to do to eliminate it \ control it? thanks
  4. I was just going to post these this morning! looks like we have the same issue. i have a 29g tank, with a stingray 24" lamp, but it doesn't have variable power. on 9 hours a day. been using tabs and easygreen. with 30$% water changes every few weeks. water chem is fine, nitrates bit higher than co-op recommendation of 50. more like 60-70 (seems in between the two tabs on the api master test kit chart).
  5. i have an airstone.. plus running air through the power head, and letting the HOB flow drop an inch into the tank... I'll try the freezing water bottle trick. thanks
  6. so, lots of air flow, and current. two over the back aquaclear\fluval 50s, and a oddyssey 250 power head. turning the powerhead off drops the temp a degree or so. the heater is set for a temp lower than the tank is. i rarely see the orange light on. how else to lower the temp?
  7. thanks.. I'll be a bit more patient then
  8. Added seven false julii corys to my 29g planted community tank about two months ago. As a group they are very active during feeding time.. but quickly settle back down to just sitting on the substrate. Not breathing heavily. Not glass surfing. Just chilling. Minimal exploring. Pretty much been this way since day one in this tank. In the bare bottom quarantine tank they were super chaotic for the two weeks. Is this typical behavior? 80F, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 50+ nitrate, 7.4ph. gravel and sand. Thanks in advance!
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