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  1. Sorry, I have replacent pads and ammonia remover bags, zeo- carb bags and clean the media out of my canister. Thank you for all your advice. After I do my water change I'm going to black it out for 7 days and pray. 😆 🤣 😂 but for real!
  2. Yes, reason for the short light time was to try to kill the algae. No reason for the morning light other to see my tank before I go to work in the morning. I will remove it and keep the lights off for the next week. Would you recommend that I wrap the tank with a blanket or something to keep natural light out? I have to do a water change this weekend and I have new media filters to change out so maybe that will help my levels. I have a set up to hold 20 gallons of water for 5 days and I treat it with Fritz complete to remove ammonia etc from my tap water. I have pump to pump it out into my tank and out of my tank which is great and makes water changes a breeze.
  3. I have one Otocinclus Catfish also but he doesn't touch that algae. I've actually rescheduled the first video but I will need to watch Bentley's for sure. in doing the balck out for 7 days I would if affect the fish and shrimp? I've worked hard to get these mommy's to bear eggs for me and right now it's a shrimp baby factory in my tank so of course I don't want to jeopardize anything with them. I've also already took a bunch of plant's out because it was spreading. And yes ita on my other taller plants. I'm currently thinking about taking more java fern out because its just everywhere within it. And my shrimp love to be in it so ive been holding out to do it. I will also look into raising the lights i did put them on about an 1" block but i waant sure ofbit was enough height.
  4. Yes, of course Yes, every two weeks I do about a 30%. Gh 60 Kh 120 Ph 7.5 N03 little high 80 I'm treating for that currently to bring it down. N02 0.5
  5. An hour in the morning then 6 hours starting at 330 pm to 9 pm
  6. Hello fellow hobbyists, I'm reaching out because my white flight is waving! 🏳 I have a 60 gallan breeder that has had black beard algae for the last 3 to 4 months and I can't get rid of it. I've tried hydrogen peroxide treatment, changing my lighting times and intensity, pulling out plants, clupping off pieces of my driftwood and NOTHING has worked. Tank has been up and going since August 22. *I use fluval light on a auto setting from another member "Bentley". *I use EZ green twice a week *I do 30% water change ebwry 2 weeks and have a canister filter Fluval #307 * I bought the filter about 2 months ago thinking more filtration would help. *I also treat with Leaf zone once a month *was using florish excel daily to see if that would kill it but no luck so far. *bought amino shrimp and they really don't go after it. I have all community friendly fish, a nirate snail and ramshorns. I also have cherry and skittle shrimp with lots of babies!! Also have baby fish here and there. Any help with that I'm doing wrong or need to try I'm all ears! I'm sick of that algae.
  7. After watching that video I can say this is not what I have in my tank. What I have looks more like a earth worn just smaller. I torn the tank completely down got all new and I'll be darned if they found their butts back in there. So my 10 gallon is going have them in there I guess. My 60 gallan doesn't have them but does have BLACK BEARD ALGEY....I just can't win.🥹😥😭
  8. I just bought the traps so we will see I get them this Wednesday. I took everything out of my tank so hopefully nothing transfer over I was setting up a new 60- gallon breeder. OMG!!! I'm gonna take it totally down and clean need to read up on what I can use. What a mess.
  9. Oh it did!! I bought a trap for them so we will see what happens. I think with me moving things around and cleaning the soil good like I was it messed up their happy life because I've never seen them in there. They must have stayed in the thick spol. Creeps me out!!
  10. I caught one and put it outside in the trash it was stuck to my tukey baster than the cup. OMG I'm freaking out!!!! 😮🙁😢
  11. I was moving some plants around in my 10 gallon planted cherry shrimp tank and this worm just came right out and scared the crap out of me. He's about a inch long I caught him with my tongs and he was slithering like a snake! I have little tiny tiny white ones but this is the first one I've seen that that dang big!
  12. Thank you everyone I love this group so helpful it makes this journey fun! ❤️
  13. Wow everyone thank you I was hoping it would be that easy. I'm going to take your advice and do more research but I'm very much leaning towards this direction. 😁
  14. Hello all, This is a question for the experts out there. I just bought a 60- gallon breeder and wanted to know if it's wise to use tap water for set up sicne it's such a large amount of water. I have a water filtration on my kitchen sink to remove lead etc Watts pure H20. Would this be more of a pain in the butt in the long run? I did a test and my and this was the results. GH is 30 ppm Kh 240 ppm PH 7.5 or 8 NO 2 -.05 ppm NO3 -20 ppm Again this is just out of the tap in my kitchen that has the filtration system. Any advice would be very much appreciated! -Cathy
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