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  1. Hey I like that idea! That sounds exactly what could be the kernel that starts a club down the line.
  2. Hi All, I used to sell a lot of fish/shrimp at my local fish club. Then a little over a year ago I move pretty far away and there's no local clubs where I am. I had some heavy losses during my move sadly, and I've been slowly rebuilding my tank setups and growing up fish again. I'm back to looking to sell again, but without a club and without a freshwater store to sell/trade them too I'm left with only online methods to try and sell locally. Which I kind of prefer, you get to meet other fish keepers face to face in your local area, and I love that. I'm using craigslist, which I used to use in the past. But that seems very heavy on the older generation "like myself" 😄. Facebook seemed to boom really well until I realized all my listings were taken down due to their No Live Animal policy. So my question is, to the Hobbies around the web, what's the new craigslist? I'm not interested in shipping; this is just some hobby income that pays for my fish food and a tank replacement now and again. It's more of participating in the local hobby and getting local people some cool aquarium pets on the cheap. Thank you for all your input/thoughts! P.S I have thought of starting a club, but I'm pretty busy with my day-job and house repairs. Maybe in 5-10 years if I retire is can be the new thing that keeps me busy then!
  3. Been awhile since I have been online so I wanted to put a final update on this, now over a year later. I still have the 20 gallon tank and the Pothos is bigger than ever, i've down size'd tanks, moved rooms, and move house in the interrum and it just survives everything. At the end of the day, the only thing to do was light root trimming every month or so. The root are so good at filling the tank, and so good at keeping the water quality clean. Since the plant just sucks all Nirate right out i never have to worry about over feeding with how seasoned the tank is. Long live planted tanks!
  4. That's an interesting idea. I've been working more or less with the plastic canvas. But when the roots are new and small they still can get very long and in all directions. Maybe that coule be a better Idea. a more solid "tube" like a wood log with 2 or 3 specifically directed openings. Might look alot cooler too.
  5. I ended up with a 10-gallon tank and was thinking about either attempting to breed nerite snails. But remembered enjoying having a scud culture back in the day for my betta's. I have some now, along with other small fish that would enjoy the treat. I'm trying to find out if maybe I could do both? General answers so far are "Scuds are found in a variety of environments" but trying to find out if the random scud culture I'd buy off e-bay might also reproduce in brackish water along site nerite's is avoiding me. Anyone try this before with success? Will "Freshwater Scuds" adapt and still reproduce in brackish water? Thanks for any input!
  6. Yea after my firs cut back they regrew in a week. 😕 Redirection it is! That could be interesting, like wrapping in some thin wire that then it'self become part of the decor of the tank as the roots come down to the bottom.
  7. Instant hydroponics system! Haha, love it. That's a solid plan B if I can't find a solution for inside the exiting tank. (I had a hang on back filter break and siphoned out a ton of water years ago, been paranoid about them ever since.) Thanks, it's gone full blown crazy. Me and the wife love it.(This is just a small 20 gallon tank with a Red Cherry Shrimp colony roughly 50ish in number.) I'm sure they love roaming all the roots too, but I'll defiantly check out that channel. Hadn't see that one yet.
  8. Plastic canvas looks promising. Cool Idea thanks! Yea I had thought of that, at first I just cut most of the roots off and they just grew back in a week. Seems rough on the roots long term, are yours still holding in the zip ties okay?
  9. Hello all, been mulling over how to tackle this project. From other fish keepers online I've seen examples of Pothos used as an out of water plant addition to freshwater aquariums. It's a fun project so I grabbed a Gold Coin Pothos from my local gardening store. A few wire wraps to hold it in place and bam! 2 aquariums with Pothos. Alls well until I notice the Pothos in the smaller tank which gets direct sunlight at a window grows enormously. Which frankly is Awesome! See photos. All Pothos plants came from the same bundle and were put in the same day. The downside is the roots are growing wild in the aquarium making cleaning more difficult and starting to block out the few other plants inside. I've tried to find root bags / pond bags. But they either seem to be designed to bio-degrade or be for larger plants/roots so the holes are quite large in the netting. Anyone got a product or home DIY idea to help contain them? Update 9/1/2022: I'm going to try to guide the roots, I love how big the plant is. And more plant mass = cleaner water (in theory) so I want it to just keep going nuts. I've made a tube with plastic canvas (Thanks @Flumpweesel) and zip ties, which after setting it up looks promising. Yes there was a sponge filter in there and I'm going to transition into a new one since it's literally caked full of roots! Lol Hopefully in the next few weeks the roots keep themselves mostly inside.
  10. I've seen lots of post's online about Soak wood X number of hours or Y number of Days before putting in tank, but it's all over the place. My tried and true method is, 5gal bucket in the garage. Toss the wood in an come back in a week. Water too brown? dump and refill, repeat until a future week has gone by, and an acceptable amount of "tea" is leached in the water. The wood will go in the tank when it's ready.
  11. Finally replaced the gravel in my shrimp tank with a nice black substrate. Really makes the green plants and Cherry shrimp pop.
  12. Have any Celestial Pearl Danio or pea Puffers? those are 2 small fish i've been thinking about for my next tank.
  13. A baby catfish/pleco would like that too!
  14. Hi All, have a Red Cherry shrimp tank that's been breeding for about a year now. I started feeding more a few months ago to keep up with the growing population and this generated a boom in Detritus Worms. I'm wondering, is there a reasonable way of catching them? I have some other fish in tanks that I'm sure would love to eat the extra population. Just something I've been pondering about, Happy fish keeping!
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