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  1. We had 1 talk when we kicked it off on our first meetup. The second one was more casual and we just hung out and sold Medaka and plants. We also did raffles. We hope to get another one going next year when it warms up!
  2. We met for sure. I was the one selling the water hyacinth. Anyways, hope I can get some fish off you next time!
  3. I am just finding out about this post! Did we meet at the bayarea medaka meetup? This is Will (IG:bayarea_medaka) This is way to cool!! you have to do a talk for us on the meetup next year!
  4. This is a funny post! I have spent 140 on 2 medaka fish from Japan just a week ago. It did arrive safe and I hope I can get them breeding. 😃
  5. Hi, I just got into Medaka about 1.5 years ago and I have fallen in love with these fishes. I have Platinums, Red Caps, Orange, and Tri colors. It has been very fun collecting these different strains.
  6. Short body is actually a new trend people like, I would try breeding them to see if you can get more short body from them.
  7. I just use plants also to keep the water clean. I do have a bigger fish load in my pond also, so a weekly water change also helps.
  8. I would like to know to. Can be a fun project!
  9. I use methylene blue also but separate the eggs from the mop or roots. I just use a cup and leave the eggs in there with the methylene blue solution and I get a good hatch out of it. Some people even performs a water changes for the cups holding the eggs to keep the water clean.
  10. I have not heard about any shows and contests yet here around the bayarea. If I hear anything I'll sure post here about it!
  11. Hi @Zenzo, Love you youtube channel and thank you for the welcome!
  12. Hello from San Francisco California! I am a amateur Medaka breeder and collector and also love Rainbow fish! Excited to join this forum to meet other other fish fans!
  13. Hi Everyone! I am from SF California and of course love aquariums! My favorite fishes are Rainbows, Medaka's and more medakas! Hope to talk to you all soon and share tips on how to make this hobby even better!
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